Who was Imam Zaman of Ali bin abi talib [ra]?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Shia use a Hadith out of Context. The hadith is ‘whoever dies without recognizing his Imam, dies the death of ignorance”. By using this Hadith they try to prove their 12th Imam who is in hiding and they ask Sunnis that who is their Imam and that they will die the death of ignorance if they don’t recognize the Imam etc.  However, we have refuted this silly claim of theirs numerous times. Check here and here.

Anyways, lets see who was the Imam of Ali (ra).

The Imam of Ali [ra] from his own sayings:

« اللّهمّ انّى اشهدك و كفى بك شهيدا انّى اشهد انّك انت ربّى وإنَّ رَسُولَكَ مُحَمَّدٌ – صلى الله عليه وسلم – نَبِيِّيْ؛ وإنَّ الدِّينَ الَّذِيْ شَرَعْتَ لَهُ دِيْنِيْ؛وَإنَّ الكِتابَ الذي أُنْزِلَ إلَيْهِ إمَامِيْ »

O Allah be witness and your witness is sufficient, O Allah I bear witness that you are my Lord and your apostle Muhammad (saw) is the Prophet and the religion that you gave him is my religion and the book that you revealed upon him, is my Imam.

صحيفه علويّه للمحلاتی ص360 چاپ تهران
مصباح المجتهد للطوسی ص300_بیروت؛
بحار الانوارج88 ص179

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8 responses to “Who was Imam Zaman of Ali bin abi talib [ra]?

  1. Can there be a more absurd, senseless and foolish question than this that you are asking a divinely appointed Imam of his time, who is your Imam , it means you have no faith in Rasool e Akram (saaws) who said for whomsoever I am Master, Ali ( a s) is his master . Deny however one can but the fact is whoever
    deny the wilayah of Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib , hates him or says any derogatory words about him and his progeny , his followers or supporters, is an apostate and destined to jahannum , however zohad wa taqvah one may have but denial
    of Ali (a s) true position for whom Rasool Allah (saaws) said ” Looking at the face of Ali is ibadah ” and there is a hadees of the mother of believer who asked her father ” I see that whenever you come and Ali is there , you constantly look at his face , to which Abu Bakr referred the same .”
    Alas greed, lust for power, position and lack of real faith in Islam brought about the events , what happened at Saqifah followed by the mazalims on the progeny of Rasool e Akram (saaws) which continued by the successors of the Usurpers , Bani Ummaiyyas, Bani Abbasids and their followers till today . What is happening in the Wahabi dominated Pakistan is a clear proof , killing of innocent muhibban e Ahlebayt (a)

    • Try to focus on the sayings of Ali (ra). Don’t you Shia ask Sunnis who is their Imam Zaman? and you quote a hadith out of context i.e.whoever dies with recognizing his Imam etc… So I answer Shiites using the sayings of Ali (ra).

  2. so whats the point? the4 quran was ONE of imam alis imaams, the rasool sawa was his imaam too, the quran is our imaam too but the quran tells us : ask those who KNOW, ask the ahlul thikr et al, thats on two levels for US, are there no other levels?

  3. Thanks Dear Parker, May Allah increase in your taufeeqat many more fold .The point is nothing to read more in this article and we are never in the habit of writing anything out of context. We write only the truth and absolute truth since we are the followers of the one who is Kulle Eemaan.

    • Im sorry brother zaheer but you arguements are pointless and absurd for many reasons, Firstly all the ahadith in ahlus sunnah litreture collected by our Muhadithin from isnads going back to umhatul momineen and the sahabah (ra) who narrated the fazail of ahle bait, and we adorned in our books those very narrators of teh said hadith ie the sahabah or umhatul momineen nazubillah you say apostesized yet you accept hadith narrated by them when it suits you. WHy dont you tru and find these ahadith in your own shia books, without sunni isnads? problem is you gusy dont have a clue nor know your own books, you have no authentic history or hadith copmpliation you rely heveily upon ahlus sunnah , its like aqeeda is like a pick and mix sweet selection for you from a sunni genral store.

      Not a single sunni muslim Denys the fazail which are great and many of ahle bait , yes to love whome is a pillar of our faith, yes it is narrated that to look upon Sayyiduna Ali (ra) is worship but who narrated thsi hadith Ummulmoneen aisha from her father, now if they both hated Ali (ra) as you claim they could have kept silent about such hadith , so basically beleief in such narration actually expells teh rafidhi lies. We all every sunni excluding nasibis and khawarij and we are not them , I am neither a wahabhi, all sunnis belive in the wilayah of hazrat maula Pak, our ulema have written vast litreture upon i teven before shias began to write theres. problem is this sayyiduna ali happily prayed behind sayyiduna abu bakr 5 times a day named hsi children after him etc etc he displayed much love for his Imam, whome he recongnised and our Ali is the Lion of Allah karrar ghayr e farar who fears none except Allah , who has no need of taqiyah. As for your claim on usurpation or takign caliphate for worlds gains, again read your own books, Sayyiduna abu bakr excepted the office of caliphate upon the asistance of the muhajreen and ansar who saw him a sthe best amongst them, and later all the momineen sahabah ekram acknowldged and formed ijma upon it, including sayyiduna Ali (ra). The fact is these men were far wealtheir before islam, they gained nothing in worldy gains which they needed caliphate for , proove your acusation what did they aquire? did they live in palaces ? NOOOO , did they aquire vast lands for there families ? NOOO, did they do it to destroy and finish Islam, ? abseloutely NOOOO, did they live liek kings ? certainly NOT , So what was the motive? behind this grand scheame as you say? proove and argue your case or shut your trap.

      Yet what did they really do is this, take good care of ahle bait unlike the betraying rafidha liars of kufa , Imam ali was there most trusted advisor and helper, spread islam to all corners of the world, liberate bait al muqaddus, made the Quran pak easily accesible to all corners of the world, built teh system to pave the way for some of teh greatest scientific discoveries ever known to man, by men born under this Islamic system, fight the apostacy wars and slay the the kaazab liars who claimed prophethood. Destroyed two of the greatest empires of kufr at the time ever known to man, being vastly outnumbered, if they really were enemie of Islam oh pathetic idiot fools why would they have defended the faith with everythign they had, they could have surrounded to the enemy forces without a fight and job done. Open your eyes fools.

      Peace be Upon the Followers of Guidence

      • i come from a sunni back-ground, fancy talk ZILLAY, truth mixed with half-truths mixed with untruths, the modus operandi of hypocrites, they protected ahlul bayt? besides quran the strong hadith says love, in action, the ahlul bayt, it says those who angers fatima (as) angers almighty allah, well she was angry mostly with 2 persons until she died, she was angry with others too thats why she asked that she be buried when none of those were around, the place of burial of rasool sawa his private property, his family ie his ahlul bayt and wives had first preference to the area but it was usurped to be used by non-kin of his, the body of his own grandson hassan (as) was prevented from being buried in his chamber and arrows were rained on his bier, more than twenty members of ahlul bayt were brutally killed and then mutilated their bodies, did it stop there? no it continues now even with their supporters t

      • Listen Takfiri Khariji, most of your posts have nothing to do with the topic. Please void repeating the same emotional fairy tales. Lets apply your takfiri mentality on Ali (Ra).

        Ali (ra) also angered Fatima (ra). This means he angered the Prophet (saw), whoever angers the Prophet (Saw) angers Allah (Swt) and whoeever angers Allah (swt) becomes Kafir. So is Ali (ra) Kafir according your Takfiri mentality??

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