Shia hadith : When Umayyads die, they become lizards

Mulla Baqir Majlisi says in his book Hulyatul Muttaqeen:

در روايت معتبره وارد شده است كه هريك از بنى اميه كه ميميرند، بصورت چلپاسه مسخ ميشوند و فرمود كه هرگاه چلپاسه را مى كشى غسل بكن

It is mentioned in reliable narrations that when anyone from the Bani Umayyad dies, he become a lizard. And the Imam also said that whenever you kill a lizard, than take a bath.

Hulyatul Mattaqeen, p. 521

By Kalaam
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Stupid Shia Narrations


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2 responses to “Shia hadith : When Umayyads die, they become lizards

  1. I never heard this in my life time but if you say so that whenever a Bani Ummayed , that is the Heroes of the Ahle Sunnah dies he she is converted into a lizaed . any way he is already dead so there is no question of killing him again , no doubt a lizard is a very dirty creature .As far as attributing such absurd saying to Imams who are direct decendents of the Rasool Maqbool (s)
    But many type of sunnis domt spare even The Rasool Maqbool (s) say he was just like us , not infallinle or in any way different . So it is obvious what regard they will have for his progeny and the history tells us that they tortured and killed His loving daughter . May Allah treat them as HE likes

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