Shia hadith: Kill Ant whether it troubles you or not

Mulla Majlisi says in his book Hulyatul Muttaqeen

درحديث معتبر منقول است كه باكى نيست بكشتن مورچه خواه آزارت بكند خواه نكند

It is mentioned in a reliable hadith that there is no problem if you kill an ant whether it troubles you or not.

Hulyatul Muttaqeen, 482

By Kalaam 
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4 responses to “Shia hadith: Kill Ant whether it troubles you or not

  1. I wonder your writer goes to Chandukhana and picks up all such wierd stories
    and attributes them to shia scholars . No doubt there are many imposters , fabricators and story tellers , you read them and come with the sympathies with Lizards, doves and now ants . Please stop these absurdities and discus something intelligent . WHY don’t you explain to me why your wazoo is different from the one instructed in the holy Qora’an ? Can you explain washing instead of masah on legs and at the same time on occasion your maulvies allow masah
    on the socks , even on the leather shoes . This I have seen with my own eyes and is not a heresay .

    • These are all Shia narrations and shia liars attributed these to Ahlulbayt (ra).

      • Mir Quayam Abbas

        You guys have created books of hadith and called them “sahih” when in fact no book other than the Holy Quran can be called sahih. All books created by humans are prone to errors and mistakes. So it is forbidden in Shia Islam to call any book as sahih except the Holy Quran. The above reference you have given to a Shia book of history may or may not be true. I am not going to check it. But remember this: we ourselves say that there could be many hadith that might have been changed during passing from one person to the other. So we don’t claim it to be accurate. So why the hell are you trying to prove that some hadith is wrong when we have not even claimed it is true in the first place??? Do Sunnis have nothing to do other than trying to find faults with the Shia??? “Kill ant…”!!! Lolz…

        Gimme a break.. Go find life… Find the reason of your creation and work on satisfying Allah. Islam is a very vast religion. Study higher intelligence topics like Tawheed, Taqwa, Irfan, Yaqeen, Haq. Then you will know what Islam is about. Not about “to kill an ant or not”!!! Are you a moron or an idiot?

        Don’t make the Shia look down on Sunnis with disrespect by doing such stupid acts. Show some intelligence, insight and knowledge. Earn our respect. We follow the Ahl-e-Bayt of Rasoolullah s.a.w. We follow Imam Ali about whom Rasoolullah has said “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its door”. So if you want Shias to respect Sunnis, I advise you to increase your knowledge.

        Rise above towards the heavens; don’t fall down towards the ants…

      • Just because you don’t call your books Sahih doesn’t mean that all your narrations are not Sahih. Don’t play this trick with us. This is the trick of the Shia nowadays that whenever something is quoted from their books they make this excuse.

        You then gave me some advises – I tell you this fits you and Shia. The twelver Shia sect is based on some stupid matters that occurred or supposedly took place in history. All your sect is based on finding faults in the companions and wives of the Prophet (saw). Now you are attacking me for finding faults in Shiism?

        You don’t follow the Prophet (saw) because he loved his wife and companions while you hate them. Ali never claimed to be divinely appointed Imam on earth. He never claimed he was appointed by Prophet (saw). These are Shia fabrications attributed to him. You are deluded.

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