The Sahaba and the Battle of Siffin [important info]

Article By Farid
Posted by 13S2010

Bismillah Alrahman alraheem,

The following are some important notes regarding Siffeen that I thought should be shared with forum members that are interested in the subject:

– The main sources for Siffeen were written by the following:

1) Abu Mikhnaf
2) Jabir Al-Ju’fi
3) Nasr bin Muzahim
4) Yahya bin Sulaiman Al-Ju’fi
5) Ibrahim bin Al-Hussain bin Daizeel

– The first three are Shia narrators. Each of them has been harshly condemned by Sunnis, and they have also been accused of fabricating narrations. The last two are Sunni scholars and are thiqa.

– Nasr bin Muzahim’s book is the only one that reached us.
– Abu Mikhnaf’s book has reached us through Al-Tabari’s narrations in his tareekh and quotes from Al-Nasr bin Muzahim.
– Nasr bin Muzahim’s book also recorded Jabir Al-Ju’fi’s book, or at least, most of it.

 – Ibrahim bin Al-Hussain bin Daizeel’s book has reached us through the narrations of very late scholars, however, it mainly revolves around the narrations of Yahya bin Sulaiman, who in turn, mainly focuses on narrating from Nasr bin Muzahim. In other words, his book isn’t very useful at all.

– It was said that Abdullah bin Ahmad bin Hanbal has a book on Siffeen. However, when I checked his biography, I find no mention of this. I do find that he had a book on Al-Jamal. It seems that he briefly spoke about Siffeen in that book, but nothing worth having it classified as a book on the subject.

– Nasr bin Muzahim’s book, which is, by far, the ultimate source book for Siffeen is unreliable according to the standards of both Sunnis and Shias. He received 99% of his narrations from Sa’ad bin Omar or Amr bin Shimr, both are unknown and weak according to Sunnis and Shias.

– In conclusion, there is no book that did a good job of collecting the events of Siffeen, and most of the details, perhaps 98% of what has been recorded about Siffeen is either baseless or false.

– The most authentic narrations that can be found about Siffeen come from two sources: (1) Musanaf Ibn Abi Shaiba and (2) Al-Sunnah by Al-Khallal. Both include short chapters about Siffeen. Each has around fifty narrations, which usually have nothing to do with the fighting.

– Important lessons that can be learned from those two books include: (1) Most of the people of Badr and the “tree” did not take part, (2) the two saw each other as Muslims and not kuffar and regretted their actions, that (3) the early scholars feared Allah and did not dare condemn the sahaba for fighting, and that (4) the fighting only lasted for three days, which implies that the deaths couldn’t have been tens of thousands.

Inshallah you all find this information beneficial and I suggest for those that are interested to review those two books that I mentioned at the end.

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