Kill sparrows because they love Abubakr and Umar

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Extreme hatred of Shiism towards the Muslim Ummah.  It is narrated in their books that sparrows should be killed because they are Sunni and they love Abubakr (رضی الله عنه) and Umar (رضی الله عنه). Shiism is the sect of hatred and violence.

Book: Anwar Numania page 211

“It is narrated that sparrow loves fulan (Abubakr) and fulan (Umar) and it is a Sunni. It should be killed in any way possible and executed and then eaten”.

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2 responses to “Kill sparrows because they love Abubakr and Umar

  1. so who are the two-faced ones? they, the shia say openly that there are lots of hadith in their collections which are not acceptable etc, but they dont call their collections sahih like we do then just overlook the unacceptable ones, do think salman rusdie and other anti-islamic forces get their filth from sucking their fingers? they got it from our own sunni sources

    • You Shia are the two-faced ones. When we expose you for your books and quote Shia Hadiths authenticated by Shia scholars you make an excuse “we don’t call our Hadiths Sahih”.

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