The myth of the Du’ah of “Ziyarat ‘Ashura”

The Dua is invented by the Shia and they attribute it to the Imams and even call it ‘Hadith Qudsi’ but the question is Is this Dua even authentic according to Shia standards?


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Article by Hani (aka TripolySunni)
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2 responses to “The myth of the Du’ah of “Ziyarat ‘Ashura”

  1. Duah’s and Ziara’at are the sacred recitations taught by the progeny of Rasool e Akram (saaws) are only next to Aayat e Qora’ani . It is a matter of Eemaan how a believer have faith in Allah, his Rasool (s) His book and his Ahlebayt (as)
    Those unfortunate who have no faith in them but admire only the zalemeen(l a) and munafeqeen have no bussiness to talk about these holy traits . You be happy with your own belief and admire your own heroes , leave us to our own
    immaculate and infallable Aimmah e Tahereen , their traditions, their culture , their Ibadaat and talk about them, praise them, mourn the attrocities they had to undergo . Your Aaqebat with your Heroes , our aaqebat with ours, you be on your own aqaed , let us be on our own , we will be on qayamat with them, you will be on the Seraat Bridge with them .Honest enough , don’t ever raise any of our issues. Allah’s Curse be on those who angered, hurt the progeny of Rasool
    (s) usurped their positions and properties and looted Islam’s baitul Maal.

    • What? Is this how you reply? Please stick to the topic and reply to it. This Dua is not Ahlulbayt’s Dua but some Shia liars and fabricators who attributed it to Ahlulbayt (ra).

      Also, don’t tell me the comic stories and fairy tales that you hear in your Husseinyas.

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