Infallible Imam chewing gum during fast

محمد بن يحيى، عن محمد بن الحسين، عن علي بن الحكم، عن العلاء بن رزين، عن محمد بن مسلم قال: قال أبوجعفر (ع): يا محمد إياك أن تمضغ علكا فإني مضغت اليوم علكا وأنا صائم فوجدت في نفسي منه شيئا.

It has been narrated from Muhammad bin Muslim that Imam Baqir said:

O Muhammad : Avoid chewing gum, for I chewed gum today while I was fasting, and I observed its effect on my self.

Al Kafi

Majlisi grades – Sahih

Mirat ul Ukul, Vol. 16, p. 296

This has a serious implication, the Imam didn’t know that this act is makrooh, only after performing it, he came to know that it is makrooh, and the infallible imam performed a makrooh act as well.

Article by Kalaam
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Scan of the narration:


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10 responses to “Infallible Imam chewing gum during fast

  1. Why do you bother what the immaculate, infallible Imams did when against
    the Rasool’s parting orders you don’t follow them , even don’t believe they cannot commit any wrong . Why don’t you confine yourself what Jahannumi act your 2nd Calif did on the door of the Rasool’s daughter,how your 1st illegal calif behaved in masjid with the only daughter of the Prophet of Islam . Don’t you people have any shame to bring such heresay unbelievable stories . There are innumerable books which are forged copies and a believer is suppose to believe in the content if the same fits with Qora’an and Intellect .
    Do you Jahil e muttlaq , unbelievers & Shia muslim (haters) who eulogise Moaviah and his fasiq o fajir son Yazeed (Allah’s La’an be on him and his followers) know that there are forged and fabricated copies of Qora’an circulating in the market and it is only a highly qualified person who can recognise from real to forged .Stop these blasphemies once for all

    • No need to get emotional. This is mentioned in your own books and the Narration is AUTHENTICATED by your own scholar. This narration proves that they were NOT infallible.

  2. wow!! we have the same anomalies among sunni sources but the shia say upfront that theres tons of nonsense hadith in all their works but they overlook it and do research for the whys and wherefores etc and they dont throw the whole works away but follow the sensible ones according to quran etc, we sunnis say “sahih” upfront but we too overlook the nonsense dont we?

    • So you Shia reject any Hadith that goes against your desire? What a religion. And don’t claim to be a Sunni, are you ashamed of your religion, what a shame.

      • JazakAllahu khairan wa katheeran brother islamistruth. keep up the good work keep up.. you may not have many comments here, bbut trust me millions are viewing your blog 🙂 Also if there is a way wherein i could post some Questions given to me by my shia friends, then it would be appreciated… like your facebook id or email id where i could post Questions easily ?

        if u need my facebook id do let me know please 🙂

      • wa iyyakum brother.

        Alhamdulellah that this blog is helping and reaching people.

        If you have any question then come here (the best place to ask Shia-Sunni questions). InshAllah, you will get your answers from knowledgeable brothers there.

  3. Islam is truth -> brother jazakAllahu khairan wa katheeran… keep up d good work brother.. keep it up 🙂 dont may not get many comments here but trust me millions are viewing your blog 🙂

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