Sheikh Ahmad Deedat exposing Shia

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

اسلام علیکم

See how a grand Shiite scholar lies upon Sheikh Ahmed Deedat (rah). If their top scholars are liars then what can we expect from their followers?

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3 responses to “Sheikh Ahmad Deedat exposing Shia

  1. wow!! you are guilty of exactly what you say this sheikh is, do a bit of proper research brother, perhaps he read a report which was inaccurate and responded to that report etc, i knew ahmed deedat personally, in addition he is family of family, he like me and others read several books that changed our lives in different ways
    want an example from our history that you know about but hide? somebody is reported to have said : the verse of stoning the adulterer is/was in the quran but i fear with the passage of time people will forget it, BUT ITS NOT IN THE QURAN!! please confirm for your readers that the person who reportedly said so was sayidina umr

  2. Shani

    Lol brother show mercy save him some dignity, to be honest I dont blame Shia for the way they are because the thing I have found with majority of Shia is they quote half verses and when you ask them what comes before or after this verse they become speechless.

    This is because they don’t do their own research and instead believe what they get told in majlis or what they get told when they are with their friends.

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