Hidden Secret Part I – Shia scholars say Fatimah is Goddess

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

اسلام علیکم

Hidden Secret Part I – Shia scholars and their followers worship Fatima (ra).

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6 responses to “Hidden Secret Part I – Shia scholars say Fatimah is Goddess

  1. abe parker

    so whats the big deal loving her ‘excessively’ without apportioning deity? yes some shia go overboard, but some of us sunnis go’:’underboard”, werent we all spiritual beings in jannah? until we were sent to spend some time here in physical bodies? isnt it true we are not all on same level in jannah? nor all the nabis nor rasuls? did prophet sawa not say fatima is from him and he is from her? isnt she the leader of the ladies of jannah? is his ahlul bayt not on special level as quran says? does Urania not say prophet want no reward from us except love and obedience for his closest ie fatima her sons and husband? with mubahila in quran didnt our creator instruct whom to accompany him? to represent all the ladies ie women plural in quran, did he not take only fatima? did he not say fatimas anger angers our creator? want more? in short isnt our salaah baatil if we dont send salawaat on his closest family named above? so why are you aggrieved when some folk love and obey prophet and prophets family abundantly? no we didnt kill the prophet as former folk did, but we killed all his loved ones, dont we say rather kill me but leave my children etc? would the prophet sawa be any different?

    • Shiism is a sect of Ghulats so it is common for them to say or listen to these Kufr statements and when Muslims make objections against them they simply say “whats the big deal” etc.

      • brother, youre not a good reader, i said some shia go overboard, but a personage no less than the late imam khomeini r.alay said bravely: there are many shia who are outside the fold of islam but dont boycott them, nor fight them nor push them over the precipice, rather keep the communication open and bring them back into the fold, what do we sunnis do? look worldwide, we kill each other etc, i said whats the big deal but i give motivations you cannot deny? not so?

      • ‘Imam’ Khomeini himself made Kufric statements in his books. He himself went ‘overboard’. Read his books and see what how he goes ‘overboad’. Also, ‘Imam’ Khomeini is not talking about people who do Ghulu (exaggerate) since he himself was a Ghali and 98% of Twelver Shiites are Ghulats.

      • salaams brother, im glad to see you do not even attempt to overturn my facts noted, nor observations made, so give me some examples of imam khomeinis kufr staements please

      • Ok here are the examples:

        “All atoms of creation submit before the 12 Imams” [Hukuma al Islamiyah pg52]

        Prophet (saw) failed in his message:
        “All prophets came for the purpose of laying down the foundation of justice in the world, but they failed to do so; even Prophet Muhammad, the last of the Prophets who came to reform mankind and to apply justice failed too. The person who will succeed in all this and in laying down the foundation of justice in the world at all levels, and redressing the wrong is the expected mahdi….” [Scan Image]

        Accusing the Prophet (saw) of Cowardice:
        From these evidences and large number of ahadith, we come to know that the Prophet (s) feared the people regarding the preaching of Imamate (of Ali). And if someone reads the books of history and reports, he will understand that the Prophet’s (fear) had a valid reason. But God had ordered him to convey it and He had promised his safety and he (i.e the Prophet) had conveyed it too and he struggled for it till his end, but the opposition party didn’t let him accomplish his job.
        Kashaful Asrar, p. 130 – 131

        and moree…

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