Number of Prophetic Ahadeeth in Shiite books?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم
اسلام علیکم

How many narrations of the Prophet (saw) are in the books of the Shiites, in their four main book of Hadith (کتب اربعه)?

There are 44,000 Ahadeeth in the four main books of the Shia out of which 1.5% (650) of them are prophetic. Even the narrations of Ali (ra) are few hundreds only and majority of narrations are from al-baqir (rah) and Jafar Sadiq (rah) (of course they are lies and fabrications).

Moreover,  only a smaller fraction of that 1.5% attributed to Prophet Muhammad (saw) can be considered authentic according to Shia hadith sciences.

SubhanAllah! Indeed we are the people of Sonnah since we have his Sonnah but shiites don’t.

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10 responses to “Number of Prophetic Ahadeeth in Shiite books?

  1. La haul wila qoowat , you have come to such low and have forgotten that Rasool e Akram (s) clearly emphasised that those who hated his wali and his progeny can not be Legitimate of their parents and you have the tamirity and call yourself muslim and still say lies and fabrications for these infallibles . Listen, Qora’an says for Ahlebayt (a s) Innamah yuridullah le yuzhabah ankumurrijsah Ahlebayt e Yu Takhharakum Tatheerah . Is this what you call yourself Sunnah, the fact is you people are a dirty paradox of Sunnah , a filthy nation which is in majority but utterly misguided , jahanuumi and followers of Criminals, Usurpers and Cheats for whom even your Ummul Momeneen used the word Nathal and Wajibul Qatl.
    The problem is you don’t read your own books . All narrations in all genunine Shia books are true like gospel truth and you people can never find a single fabrication or false hood . If some imposter have written something in enemity
    that is a different issue .
    Sunnah now means :
    False and fabricated collection of Hadeeses
    Multiplicity of 4 or more Fiqh , each saying others as batil and kaffir .
    Full of Innovations which Rasool (s) prohibited and warned against.
    Disrespect to Rasool’s parting orders ( hadees e Saqlain)
    Admiration of Terrorists, Killers Usurpers of properties of Ahlebayt(a)
    This is what Sunnism is today .

  2. zaheer, you are stooping to our sunni level of insults, please desist, there are better ways of addressing our faults

  3. hadith were unfortunately banned during reign of sayidinas abu bakr and umr for the wrong reasons and collections were burnt, after abu hurraira was removed from governing bahrain and his vast amassed riches were returned to the baitul maal by caliph umr, he went to sham where muawiyya gave him rope with vast recital of false hadith which even many sahaba and also one mother of believers bibi ayesha accused him of lying, i would rather have fewer hadith ascribed to prophet sawa which sound right and in concordance with quran, than thousands coming from sources like abu hurraira which are clearly conflicting with quran and sunnah, aslo, the hadith from imaams (as) from household of prophet sawa arte normally aascribed to him when they say: our grandfather said,,,, or,,,, imam said from our grandfather,,,,,we all know in time of imaams baqir and jafar as the rulers were less tyrannical than before or after so a chance were given for more open recital

    • 1. At the time of Sayyedna Abubakr Siddiq (ra) Quran was not compiled and you are talking about Ahadeeth.
      2. Amir al-Muminin Umar (ra) never beat Sayyedna Abu Huraira (ra). This is a shiite lie.
      3. Mother of believers Sayyeda Aisha Siddiqa (ra) never accused Sayyedna Abu Hurraira (ra) of lying. This is another Shiite lie.

      Read this Shia vs Sonnah debate about Abu Huraira vs Shia Narrator Ibrahim bin Hashim. All doubts about Abu Hurraira (ra) is refuted there and the Shia narrator is exposed. You will be shocked to know about your narrator Ibrahim bin Hashim who narrated thousands of Ahadeeth.

      Even most of that 650 Ahadeeth is not Authentic according to Shia Hadith Standards. What a religion. You don’t follow the Prophet (saw) himself (since you don’t have his Sonnah) and you talk about his Ahlulbayt. What an irony!

  4. You say all your own ahadees lies of shias and do you also says lies when abu horairah describes khilqat e Adam (a s ) but more interestingly Allah putting HIS massive one Leg in Jahannum to fill it up its Wastness ? Ma’az Allah how do you explain this ?

    • Go through that debate these doubts has been refuted. Also see the status of your own hadith narrator Ibrahim bin Hashim and compare him with the student of the Messenger of Allah (swt), Abu Huraira (ra). Be Honest.

  5. abbas

    hadiths from al baqir (peace be upon him) and as sadiq(peace be upon him) are more trustworthy that all the others in the books of sitta because these works of hadith as narrated from the lineage of prophet (as you know that the shia regard their 12 imams who are from the lineage of prophet through ali (a.s)and fatima(a.s))

    as far as infallibility is concerned the imams are made infallible by allah,
    and all our supplications that we have is from them who taught us about allah and the divine knowledge possesed by them is provided to them by allah indeed (and it is very easy to allah [al quran]).

    • The liars who fabricated your narrations and attributed them to Ahlulbayt were not from the lineage of the Prophet (saw). Was the liar Ibrahim bin Hashim who narrated thousands of narrations in your books from the Ahlulbayt? Anyways, you still failed to understand the post. It shows how you people have abandoned the narrations of the Prophet (saw) and followed the narrations fabricated by some liars in Kufa and Qum.

  6. irfan

    According to Sahih Bukhari our beloved Prophet (PBUHHP) said: “I am leaving behind two things; Quran and my Ahle-bait, and if you stick to them, you will not get perverted for both of them will join me at the river of Kausar in Jannah”. So, Even if those Ahadith be by Imam Muhammad Baqir a.s or Jafar Sadiq a.s, those holy men are among Ahle bait a.s, and even sunni brothers must know that Imam Abu Hanifah who was a prominent sunni jurisprudence remained student of Imam Jafar al sadiq.

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