Go to a club and pay a prostitute $100 for Muta?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Question: I once went to a nightclub when a whore asked me for $100, I paid her and she told me:”I’ll offer you all my body in Mot’ah (“enjoyment marriage”) according to the amount of money (you have givin). It (the “marriage”) lasted for the period of one day only, is it still considered a legal “Mot’ah” marriage?

Answer: In His praised names, 

If what she said was with the intention of marriage and with your approval then this is regarded “enjoyment marriage” (Mot’ah).

ScreenShot of Shia Mujtahid's Website

By Ebn Hussien (former Shiite and member of Islamic-Forum.net)


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6 responses to “Go to a club and pay a prostitute $100 for Muta?

  1. Yes you are so deviant you canno tidentify between what Allah has allowed what not ,You must be aware of the matter of Honey and Maghafeer. As for as your suggestion which very much fits to your wahabi salafi co-religionists , you can similerly do Nikah , pay the same hundred dollers , say Talaq, Talaq , Talaq and you are free .More conveniently go and do Misyar, your saudi friends are very fond of pay 100 Dollors .
    What a jahil qaum you are who dont think before opening your mouth

  2. Ahad

    It has been seen in the red light Areas or Dimmed Light Areas such as Napier Road and Heera Mandi shia Prostitutes along with an Imam Bargah. Also They have License to do so.

  3. Shani

    I bet imam khamenei is a part time [REMOVED BY ADMIN]

  4. Junaid Imtisal

    How is mutta possible with ahl e kitab any daleel from hadees and quran ??

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