Do Shia girls need the permission of their father for Mutah?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Sadiq AL ROHANI is among the major Marja’s of Qom. The following question was posted on his arabic Fatwa site (wich is a section SOLELY for pleasure marriage aka Mutah aka Rafidi Zina.)

QUESTION: Is there any Kirahah (dislike i.e. being Makrooh) of pleasure marriage (al-Mut’ah) with a VIRGIN GIRL whose father has givin his consent? And what is the ruling of engaging in pleasure marriage with a VIRGIN girl who

A) – Her father rejected it

B) – Her father has not been informed

C) – Her father and grandfather have passed away?

ANSWER: Bismihi jallat Asma’ih. Pleasure marriage (al-Mut’ah) with a VIRGING girl is PERMISSIBLE under ALL circumstances as long as the girl is mature no matter if the father is present or not or if he gives his permission or not. 

ScreenShot of the webpage:

by Ebn Hussein (former Shia and member of


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15 responses to “Do Shia girls need the permission of their father for Mutah?

  1. syed asrar

    its totally haram in islam,prohibted 4 muslims,so decide wat ur

    • Sarwat

      Rasool e Pak (PBUH) permitted it. He never instructed anything on his own, Allah always guided Rasool e Pak (PBUH), then Hazrat Umer stopped it, then Hazrat Ali reinstated it. Something that Allah permitted who are we to call it Haram.

  2. Ahad

    The most cheapest religion in the world is this who gives the permission of (Zinnah) or sex relationship for a shorter time.

    • Sarwat

      Please go talk to Rasool e Pak (if you can) who permitted it, then our Khalifa # 2 Hazrat Umer disallowed, then our Khalifa # 4 Hazrat Ali reinstated it. Surely, we are not as enlightened as Rasoolillah, as Allah used to talk to him and guide him.
      Dear Ahad do you doubt Rasool e Pak?

  3. hidayat

    Im agree muta is very right for short term

  4. mahdi

    What about the ‘jihad nikkah’s’ those selefi’s /wahabi’s do? 1 woman getting [REMOVED BY ADMIN] by 70 men. Haha

  5. imran hussain

    I am muslim not a shia

  6. awais

    muta is totally haram. . ask any shia father does he agree for her daughter if she do muta?. . it means every shia girl have sex with all shia men .hahahahaha


  8. nadeem

    this is not an islam itz other then islam because islam gives very high respected value to girl/women it is only zinah there is no place of it in shariah of islam so please dont spread this false message with the lable of islam…Mutta is totally haram by an authantic hadith like bukhari,muslim,abudawood etc.

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