Well known Shia scholar about the justice of Amir al-Muminin Omar (ra) during his caliphate

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Great and well-known shia scholar, Ayatolah Murtaza Mutahari, praised Amir al-Muminin Omar ibn al-Khatab (may Allah be pleased with him) for his  justice (adl) during his caliphate.

In his book (عدل الهی which means Divine Justice)  Murtaza Mutahari writes on page 221-222:

عمرو عاص از طرف عمر حاكم مصر بود ، روزی پسر عمرو عاص به صورت يكی‏ از رعايا سيلی زد ، ستمديده به نزد عمرو عاص رفته شكايت كرد ولی وی‏ ترتيب اثر نداد . اين مرد غيور حركت كرد به مدينه و نزد عمر آمد و عرض‏ حال داد . عمر ، عمر و عاص و پسرش را احضار و محاكمه نمود در اين‏ محاكمه يك جمله تاريخی ازعمر نقل شده است خطاب به عمر و عاص و پسرش گفت : متی استعبدتم الناس و قد ولدتهم امهاتهم احرارا ” از كی مردم را برده خويش گرفته‏ايد در حالی كه از مادران خويش آزاد متولد گرديده‏اند ” سپس دستور قصاص صادر نمود

عمر با پسر خودش نيز همينطور رفتار نمود ، وقتی ثابت گرديد پسرش‏ شراب خورده است حد الهی را درباره او اجرا نمود . اينها عدالتی بود كه رسول خدا ( صلی الله عليه و آله و سلم ) به مسلمين‏ آموخته بود و مسلمين هنوز آن را فراموش نكرده بودند ، و به عبارتی ديگر ، چرخی بود كه رسول خدا به حركت آورده بود و تا مدت زيادی كم و بيش به‏ همان شكل به حركت خود ادامه می‏داد

English Translation: Amr ibn al-as was the ruler of Egypt appointed by Umar. One day the son of Amr ibn al-as slapped a peasantry on his face so he went to Amr ibn al-as and complained to him but it was not effective. This brave man then moved to Madina and went to Umar and explained to him the situation he faced. Umar summoned Amr ibn al-as and his son and put them on trial. In this trail a historical statement is quoted from Umar: Addressing Amr ibn al-as and his son, he said: “Since when have you taken people as your slaves when they are born free from their mothers” and then issued the retribution order.

Umar also treated his own son in the same way . When it was proved that his son drunk alcohol he carried out the divine had.   These were the justices that the Messenger of Allah (salalahu alaihi wa alihi wasalam) taught  Muslims and Muslims still had not forgotten it, or in other words,  it was a wheel that the Messenger of Allah brought to move and for a great period more or less it would continue to move in the same way.

Scan of the Arabic version:

عدل الهی
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