Why I left Shiism and embraced correct Islam (AhlulSunnah)?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Iranian former shia Sayyed Saeed Rasooli Nejad explains why he left the sect of shia and came to real Islam, the Islam of Muhammad (salalahu alaihi wasalam), his Ahlulbayt and Sahaba. All praise be to Allah (subhanahu watalah), he guides whom he wills.

O Shias of the world wake up! I swear by Allah, that we the people of Sunnah are the true followers of Ahlulbayt (may Allah be pleased with them).


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19 responses to “Why I left Shiism and embraced correct Islam (AhlulSunnah)?

  1. Real Islam, the Islam of Muhammad (salalahu alaihi wasalam), his Ahlulbayt no doubt is the real / Asl-islam but the Sahabas you revere, particularly those unguided munafeqeen had no role in Islam , rather they tried their best to destabilise the growing Islam and left no efforts unused to torture and terrorise the progeny of the Rasool e Akram (saws)the moment He (s) closed his eyes .This is not the opinion of a Shia but is established history and is duly proved
    by innumerable Sunni ahadees coming out in large numbers to the fore. Many highly eminent Sunni research scholars after coming in contact with the reality reverted and I have earlier in these columns have given names some visible on Youtube.com .
    As far the Iranian, it is just a false and fabricated story which cannot have any relevance with the reality . I have already challenged without any answer so far to bring even one evidence when a Shia in his senses could have converted to the deen of Ashaab e Salasah who vere simply self seekers , greedy appoart- -tunist who superficially made a drama of embracing Islam, or why on the first
    threat to their life they fled as fast as they can and were found hopping on the
    hillocks , miles away like wild goats ( do I show it in Saheeh Bokhari by name)?

    • Ahlulbayt (ra) is free of Shiism – they were the people of Sunnah and did not belong to sects i.e shia, khawarij etc.

      The people whom you call ‘Monafiqin’ were the ones who spread Islam to far lands (that you shiites couldn’t do in your entire history and will never do it but infact you did the opposite you tried to stop the growing Islam and attacked the Muslim countries and tried to spread shiism).

      • was there “sunniism” in prophets sawa time? or in time of sahaba? of course not but its elements were there as were elements of followers of ahlul bayt as, your take on history is skewed, anyway so why dont we follow what ahlul bayt tells us after quran and prophet tells us he wants nothing from us except our love and obedience to his closest family? especially in his time he said ‘ali as was most learned after him, that his ahlul bayt are purified, that there will be 12 just imams after him etc etc

      • Everyone was the follower of Quran and Sonnah of the Prophet (salalahu alaihi wasalam). No one belonged to sects. The early sects appeared were Khawarij and Rawafiz today known as Shia. The term ‘AhlulSunnah’ or ‘The People of Sonnah’ was used by the Muslims in order to differentiate themselves from these deviant sects and to protect the Sonnah.

      • with respect moderator, youre even more **** than i thought, the ones fighting on the side of imam ali as were called shia ali, those among them who were misguided he fought against too, the khawarij, yes they were his shia but left him, so why do you skew the facts?

      • Yes but it was only political supporters not a SECT with totally different beliefs. The people who were fighting on the side of Ali (ra) among them were also the Companions (ra). The same companions who fought for the previous Khulafa al-rashideen. The same Sahaba who became Murtad (apostate) according to rafizi shiites. They didn’t believe in a different religion. The rafizi made it into a totally different sect and spread it in places (iraq) far from the capitals of Islam (Madina, Makkah places where Prophet (saw) lived and died).

  2. for 12 minutes he frets like a monkey but doesnt say why he changed away (if he really was a real follower of ahlul bayt as), tit for tat are not reasons, i can give more such reasons why i left sunni islam but thats tit for tat, sunni islam has similar excesses, or i could quote out of context as he does,

    • What a manner you have? Is this what you learned after ‘leaving Sunni Islam’ and became shia?

      • im sorry for my language, he frets like a ? perhaps a beautiful peacock? you tell me brother moderator, you know jumping up and down this way and that way, swinging from side to side, so after my apology can you answer my question please?

  3. Who left Sunni Islam? Mr. Parker never said he is converted to shia , a real sunni , that is one who follows the sunnah of Rasool e Akram (saws) can be a shia or sunni but if on e follows the sunnah what he learnt from Zalemeen and munafeqeen who burnt the house of Fatemah , who angered her so much that she never talked to them till she lived and such person for whom your mother
    of believer used the words Nathal and Wajibul qatl . Such were the heroes the followers of Ahle Sunnat awl Jama’at follow particularly those wahabis who are further misguided by Tamiyya and Wahab
    I wonder how on earth people can eulogise such characters who to save their lives always ran away from battle, even left their Rasool e Kareem injured, you call the Islam which you learnt from them and the likes and think yourself on the right path . If this is the right path , this is the real Islam, My 7 salams on it .HUM TO PANJATAN KAY GHULAM HAIN and curse their torturers , their tormentors and all those who in any way made the progeny of Rasool (s) angry . Ala La’anat Allah e ala qaumizzalemeen wa munafeqeen..

    • The first book that mentioned the fake story, the attack on Fatima (ra) and buring her house, is called ‘Ketab Sulaim bin Qais al-hilali'(Al-Saqeefah). This book is not reliable at all. Also, there is NOT a SINGLE SAHIH report about this fake incident. Even Grand Shia Scholars like Sayed Fadhlullah rejected this fake story and you can watch his videos on youtube.

      Start with this (you will also see the logical proofs of former shia Ahmad Kateb):

  4. once more, i was out of line, even though i didnt say hes a monkey, only that he fretted like one

  5. It has become easy to say that this is a false and fabricated hadees,is it also true that it is a false and fabricated hadees narrated by Janab e Aiyesha in Saheeh that Janab e Sayyedah Salam Allah Alaiha was angry with her father Abu Bakr and did not talk to him till she lived. And if it is true then why she was
    so angry , What had hurt her so much . Why she (saw) died so young .Then how she had such a deep wound . But if you admit that the event happened how yould you wash away the blame of the worst criminals from their shoulders and how a man with so much crime can be supposed to be entrusted to lead the Ummah . Reality do not depend on ahadees only cicumstancial evidences other realities are also taken under consideration ,.It also depends on the very important factor of Lineage , one should not forget and ignore before reaching a conclusion.

  6. by the way, although i didnt say he was a monkey but jumped around like one, i nevertheless apologised twice but you erased it with my follow-up comments

    • I understand. You are not the first shia to call people with long beard ‘monkeys’. Enemies of The Sonnah. Remember that the Prophet (saw) also had long beard and so was Ali (ra). Keep making fun of the Sonnah of the Prophet (saw).

  7. @ Zaheer Hussain and Abe Parker

    Instead of spamming, why don’t you guys come here:

  8. There are 3 final things .
    The man is an imposter , neither a shia , nor an Iranian .
    Rasool e Kareem (saaws ) for your information never left his beards too long .
    Always medium trimmed . But how would you know You only know that maaz Allah he was an ordinary man like all of us .

  9. Shani

    Yea hazrat Umar broke bibi Fatima ribs that’s why hazrat Ali spoke highly of him in nahj ul balagah sermon 226, read shark nahj ul balagah and you will see Ali maula was talking about Umar

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