Shia Book: Mushrikeen tortured Abu Bakr(ra) and Talha(ra)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

We have seen that somes shiites attack the great Sahabi Sayedna Abubakr Siddiq (ra) by claiming that he was not a Muslim or that he was a hypocrite (ayazubillah) and their silly argument is: “why there is no record of Mushrikeen torturing Abubakr”?

We say to these ignorant Shiites that it has been recorded in the books of AhlulSunnah but you don’t want to see it. Anyways, here is gift for them from their authentic book.

Shia grand sheikh Mufeed in his book “Al-Irshad p90 v1” quoted:

Nuafil bin Khuwaylad and he was the one of worst enemies of the messenger of Allah (saw) from the Mushrikeen. Quraish respected, venerated and obeyed him in all works. He was the one who took Abubakr and Talha (for the crime that they embraced Islam) and tied a rope around them and tortured them from a day till night until some (of his friends) requested and interceded for them.

Here is the scan:

The torture of Abubakr (ra) and Talha (ra)

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12 responses to “Shia Book: Mushrikeen tortured Abu Bakr(ra) and Talha(ra)

  1. abe parker

    so whats the big deal about them NOT being tortured? who said so? show us that so we can respond and scold them, but i think you built a wall yourself so you could break it down

  2. You may have what opinion you want but the attribute you give to Abu bakr just can not be true in the eyes of the historians and the narrators . You can call any one great but authentic Sunni ahadees confirm , narrated by even his daughter that Nabi e Akram’s beti Janab e Fatemah (saw) was angry with him, she demanded her gift/inheritence of Fadak which the usurper denied , he was so cruel that he demanded witness , imagine a hypocrite , in his greed for a piece of soil asks his own Nabi’s (saws) daughter witnesses for her claim, while he was very much aware of the Aya e Tatheer, and her simple words should have been taken as gospel truth , but what to say of returning her gift
    the evil man did not even had the minimum courtesy of offering her a seat , what kind of cruel uncivilised person he was and you call the great usurper a siddique ,next time you will call Osama bin Laden the greatest Terrorist from the accursed soil of Najed a Siddique and the son of an illegitimate a Farooq.
    As for as his story of being tortured for accepting Islam, no wonder , even if he faked accepting Islam , no one can gues whether it is superficial or from the core of the heart , so if some one tortured him , it was for their point of view of going astray from their ancestors religion , but from god’s perspective he was
    being penalised for faking Islam and being a confirmed Munafiq (hypocrite)
    I wish may Allah grant you some wisdom to distinguish between filth & Tahir.
    Please note that the authentic Sunni references can be found very easily in the two videos on you tube , abubakr and shijra e nasab of hazrat (sic) umar .

    • Again irrelevant comments –

      Stick to the topic

    • Shani

      You’re an absolute joke, you make no sense whatsoever. Why would Abu bakr take the punishment if he wasnt sincere?? Why didn’t he say ok I’m not Muslim and then went to prophet and say I never meant to say that, really I’m a Muslim

      • ALLAH’S LA’ANAT on those munafeqeen who ran away from battle field .
        Allah’s La’an on those who torched the Door of Prophet’s daughter
        Allah’s La’an on those who angered Fatemah Zehra (saa)
        Allah’s La’an on the lady who ordered arrows on the body of Nawas eRasool (s)
        Allah’s La’an on the Ladies who poisoned Rasool (s) to death.and earned the distinction of myrtyring a Rasool .

      • Dear Parker .As Salam & Thanks . you said ”your tone and manner of speaking is not befitting followers of ahlul bayt” True you are , i am worst and inferior than the dust from the Na’alain of the Ahlebayt athaar alaihissalam , but these with their blasphemies , hatred , insults , often cause me loose patience and I commit mistakes , after all I am an ordinary person and have emotions . Their Heroes killed , tortured and humiliated our Ahlebayt (a s) on whom our soul be sacrificed and their followers continue to spare no zulm on us , our community so we are not masoom , that sometimes we may loose our patience,
        but restassure neither we are zalim , nor munafiq or mushrik ,but those who are will duly earn the distinction .

      • ONE funny thing I forgot to reply , the author says , if he was not sincere why he should take the beatings , real joke ,but really he was building up his reputation and he was getting to get ready to take up the mantle of khilafat , even if comes by poisioning the Master , there are narragtions to this effect too.

  3. zaheer, your tone and manner of speaking is not befitting followers of ahlul bayt, dont forget, many of sahaba of ahlul bayt too, faltered

    • Don’t blame him. He learn these from the Ayatolahs in hussainyes. The entire shia sect is made out of hatred, revenge, insult, curse and emotions.

      An ex-shia brother rightly said ‘Quran is all about doing good deeds, praying, giving zakat etc but shiism is tabara & tawala etc’.

      SubhanAllah his statement is so true.

  4. moderator, perhaps your correspondents and you too should stick to real truth, not half truths and untruths, the topic is secondary

  5. your topic is like finding a quote fro ahlul bayt that says: allahu samad, then you say shia say allah is not samad, then you boast that shia are wrong according to their own texts, now thats rich and gross of you not so?


    After reading and thinking about the shia sunni differences ,I come up with the conclusion that Shias are truly distracted sect of islam.

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