Rafidi shia rabbi bets he will make Allah cry (nauzubillah)


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11 responses to “Rafidi shia rabbi bets he will make Allah cry (nauzubillah)

  1. One needs to be literate and at least should have some intelligence to understand
    what has been said in what context .Taking a bit from here and a bit from there and jumping like wild goat is a special cult of you infidals .
    What to say of these learned Aalim e deen , even and ordinary shia will not attribute eyes to shed tears for the Allah (swt) It has in fact been the privillage or the foolishness of your mightiest Narrator , abu horairah whose 3000 hadeeses were accepted out of 7000 which he narrated , and for which he was reprimanded by your mother of believer for telling fabricated hadees which she knew for sure her husband never said and for the same reasion was once beaten up by umar bin Khattab and it was so hard that he fell down bleeding from the mouth . For more details please refer to your book on abu horairah .His most famous absurdity is when he says ” Jahannum complained of wast emty space , to which Allah put one of his massive
    leg to fill it up . (Astaghferullah as if Allah had no idea of its actual requirement , was a faulty planner and could commit mistakes as well as will remain partly in Jahannum ,ma’az Allah , what a severe blasphemy or the height of foolish jehalat ) Its is also irony that much of your Fiqh is based on these narrations of the wise fellow .
    It is advised never dare to criticise our highly learned Aalim e deen , whose honesty, Ilm and taqwah even convinced your greatest Aalim , who says in a video ” that I have read them very thoroughly and am convinced that they have been highly educated, knowledgible , people of great piety , taqwah and perhazegaar . ( for details open Youtube , type in the title ” Maulana Ishaq,on Shia sunni unity ” and this a true statement , though from an Ahle Hadees Sunni Aalim . So the Truth can never hide .

  2. abe parker

    for a moderator youre not very intelligent, ok, so even if youve got everything in context etc, what is worse, his naivete? or his ignorance? or what you call kufr statement? or what the bro above quotes of your topnotch hadith narrator? if this sheikh is on kufr statements then abu hurraira is abu kufr not so?

  3. I do not defend any one’s kufr , I do agree with the kufr and infidelity of your kholafa e slasah, I agree with the kufr of moaviah (LA) , I agree with the Kufr
    of Yazeed (LA),I agree with the kufr of those wives who conspired against their husband, poisoned him, and came out of the house against his very strict instructions and also criminally waged a war against the undisputed and universally accepted Khalifa e waqt thus cancelling her status of the wife of a Nabi (s) and making herself an ordinary infidel women . I am not sure but there are ahadees of Ahle Sunnah which also blame her as the lady who administered poison when he was unconscious and very sick, so if the hadees is true,she is a killer too and the circumstantial evidences do point out to this
    fact, while a co-wife’s father with an act of Terrorism , first killed the unborn child and seriously injured her so that the only child of the Nabi Akram (saws) succumbed to her injuries by Kafir/munafiq Sahabi whom calling a sahabi is a serious mistake . Remember the hadees of the pond of Kauser narrated by abu horairah who says “Rasool Allah protested: Oh Allah , my Sahabi ?, my Sahabi and Allah said : Don’t you know what they did after you left?” May Allah put all the admirers of the munafeqeens clubbed them with them on the day of Qayamah.

  4. zaheer, many items in your last post is out of order and not in keeping with mainstream ahlul bayt

  5. My dear Parker , may I know what items , if any ,are out of order in keeping with the mainstream Ahlebayt Alaihissalat o Salam . I dare not , even in advertantly do any gustakhi in the huzoor of Ahlebayt (a s ) on whom
    my soul be sacrificed . Will you point out what wrong I said or did.

  6. salaams zaheer, i came from sunni islam to be a follower of ahlul bayt, i can assure you my life too is sacrificed for the holy progeny of our prophet sawa, the prophet sawa was clear that basic islam is acceptance of tauhid and risalat/nubuwwat, even with all the other items prescribed, if not fulfilled or not properly understood etc, it makes them at worse, very bad muslims, so to level kufr on all is to say the least just as bad as the kufr some in ahl sunnah accuse us of who are not good followers of ahlul bayt

  7. My dear Parker Wa Alaikum As salam wa Rehmat Allahe wa barkatoh. In a sense I am also a sunni if it means following the Sunnah of Rasool e Akram
    (saaws) But I can not follow every act what Aanhazrat (saws) did, for example
    as per Sunni ahadees e Saheeh I cannot marry a girl of 6 and consummate at 9 , neither I can marry 10 more after one .
    And above all , the parting advice , rather express orders were ” inni tarekum fi saqlain , kitab Allah wa itrati wa ahlebayti. And He (saws) added those who will keep tamassuk with BOTH, who will never separate from each other , will never go astray and shall meet me at the Hauz e Kausar . So we have to follow only them and not their enemies and torturers/usurpers . Find them out
    from history and reliable ahadees and do Nahi an al-munkar .
    ( sorry parker , I can’t address you as you write your name because in our urdu hindi language it will be derogatory as it will be read as ‘abay’ an abusive form of address but can you tell me what abe represents ?)

    • yes bro zaheer, my fathers side is indian muslim, mothers side catholic but deep into islam alhamdulillah, studied many different deens when young including hebrew biblical greek etc, “discarded” religion at early age to do own research, “became” recommitted to islam but found too many “gaps” and inconsistencies, slowly after islamic revolution in iran things fell into place, alhamdulillah whole family are followers of ahlul bayt now with many friends too seeing the light

  8. Ajaz haider

    He is the great scholor of the time may allah increases his courage to explains more and more

  9. Dear Ajaz Haider Salaams . Very great Scholar but this you will realise if you meet him personally , Insha Allah .

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