Rafidi shia folks watch out for killer eggs

Imamic institute for research and discoveries, discover lethal egg which is cause for many unknown diseases in the world. Watch the video!!..



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7 responses to “Rafidi shia folks watch out for killer eggs

  1. may your hatred diminish, may you be a bit more respectful, and more factual, …..

  2. Hub$u

    We SHIAS are the prayer of Bibi Fatima Zahra (s.a), the same Bibi (s.a) who was brutally killed by a group of HYPOCRITES.
    Try to read about the true Islam ie SHIAISM.
    Deep down in ur heart u must be knowing that u r wrong because this matam is the sunnat of our Beloved Prophet MUHAMMAD (saww), every Prophet right from Hazrat Adam (a.s) to Prophet MUHAMMAD (saww) did matam, n its been proven from ur own books dear, but still then u wont follow it, because u r not on the right path.
    It is but obvious that u will hate us (SHIAS), bcoz we are Bibi Fatimas(s.a) prayer, the same Bibi (s.a) whom u people dislike thats why u love those hypocrite who killed our beloved Bibi (s.a)

    • The Prophet (saw) said “Allah has cursed those who beat themselves on the face and on the chest”.

      This act is from the time of ignorance.

      It is also proven from the books of the Shia.

  3. abe parker

    salaams hub$u, in case ive missed it, could you give references of matam of prophet (sawa) you mention?

  4. islamistruth, i agree totally with you, but tell us too, is the curse the same if we the living
    abuse dead bodies?

  5. sorry, forgot to add: and which is worse?

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