How every shia is syed!!?? Lets see..

White tyre head from al-Nimar family fabricates papers like all other shia scholars to wear black tyre on his head and become sayyed. These is how khomeini, khameini, sistani, khoei and all top ranking rafidi shias scholars became sayyeds.

After shias scholars wear black tyres, ordinary shias are forced to pay tax (khumus) to them as well give away their daughters for mut’ah.



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10 responses to “How every shia is syed!!?? Lets see..

  1. even if you cannot be truthful, be free, be decent, your words carry so much hate, it will kill you here and in hereafter

    • Tano

      He is right. There are a few Sayed among Sunni . But looks like every Shia is sayed. About truthfulness. You, Shia who perverted the meaning of TAQIYA. for Shia men is halal to lie to non Shia, to still from non Shia, and to kill , as well.why not to be truthful about your faith and say: Dreadful Sunnis ! You killed Hussein and Hassan ! We want your blood in revenge.
      Ashira is all about that! So, do not talk about truthfulness and hate.

  2. I am not replying to their badtameezy but will give only the informative portion .
    Shias are the followers of Ahlebayt e Rasool (saws) and are mostly from the progeny of Fatemah Zehra (salam Allah Alaiha) which includes the children’s , grand children’s and great grand children’s of Aimma e Masoomen (a s) and their further progeny . So they are called Sayyeds . All others but whose silsila e nasab do not meet the Rasool e Akram (saws) are non Sayyeds . To them are also added all others who at any stage accepted the true Islam.
    Now as per Shia Islamic Fiqh there are certain restrictions , obligations for the Saiyyads , like Sadqah is not acceptable for them etc . So to keep this identity separate when the Ijtehad is granted after completion of certain level of the knowledge of deen they are entitled to wear the respective turban , Sayyeds in the colour of Black and non Sayyeds in White . There is no superiority or inferiority in this , that depends on knowledge , piety and skills , but Sayyeds do attract more respect because of the mere fact that they are the direct descendants of the Rasool Maqbool (saws) It will hardly be believable if someone claim to be a Sayyed and have no love for Ahlebayte or in other wards calls or claims to be a shia . This is to the best of my Knowledge and understanding but may be corrected if wrong in any way.

    • Thats wrong.

      Majority of the Sayyeds are Sunni. Moreover, being a progeny of BB Fatima (ra) does not make a person better in the sight of Allah.

      Allah (swt) says:
      “Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you.” [49:13]

  3. islamistruth, what part is wrong? he says many things, os course there are sunni sayyeds too, but tell us who and where are they? nowhere does he say if youre a sayyed then youre better etc,

  4. As salamu alaykum. . .brother plz mail me a list of ahle sunnah sayyed at

  5. Mazhar

    You are a retard…
    I am happy to see the teachings of Sunni religion and the kufr taught in your temples Xposed…:)
    And what is a SUNNI Sayyed?
    Sumthin’ 4m Mars…?

  6. syed zohaib

    I am sunni and my name is Syed zohaib nazar Imam and i am a “Syed” i aint texting frm mars lolx

  7. Hasan

    a thing which i want to add is if sunni know about their family tree (shajra) thats mean they are syed too but they are converted (Taqioo) to sunni.
    but shia know their family tree (shajra).

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