Hussain (ra) decided to negotiate with Yazid

When talking with the Shia about Karbala and ‘Ashura they often stick to the fictional stories that they heard in the Huseiniyyah, the reality of the matter based on the narrations from authentic sources is that he tried to remove Yazid from power and never thought that the people of Kufa would betray him, he even took his family since he thought they’d be safer in Kufa…

Now two quotes from the Shia sources themselves, one by al-Mufid and one by his student al-Shareef al-Murtada:

1- al-Mufid in al-Irshad 2/87:

لما رأى الحسين نزول العساكر مع عمر بن سعد بنينوى ومددهم لقتاله أنفذ إلى عمر بن سعد: ” اني أريد أن ألقاك فاجتمعا ليلا فتناجيا طويلا، ثم رجع عمر بن سعد إلى مكانه وكتب إلى عبد الله بن زياد: أما بعد: فإن الله قد أطفأ النائرة وجمع الكلمة وأصلح أمر الامة، هذا حسين قد أعطاني أن يرجع إلى المكان الذي أتى منه أو أن يسير إلى ثغر من الثغور فيكون رجلا من المسلمين، له ما لهم وعليه ما عليهم،أوأن يأتي أمير المؤمنين يزيد فيضع يده في يده، فيرى فيما بينه وبينه رأيه، وفي هذا لكم رضى وللامة صلاح.

When al-Husein saw the coming of the soldiers of ‘Umar bin Sa’ad and their reinforcements, he sent him a message saying: I want to meet you, and they met at night and negotiated for a long time, then ‘Umar bin Sa’ad went back and wrote to Ibn Ziad: Allah has put out the fire and has united the word of the Muslims and fixed the affair of the nation, al-Husein has given me three options: either we let him return to the place that he came from, or that he may head to make Jihad against the Kouffar in the distant lands like any other Muslim, or that he may go to Ameer al-Mumineen Yazid and place his hand in his hand and discuss with him the differences in opinion, with this you and the nation shall be pleased.

2 – al-Sharif al-Murtada in Tanzeeh al-Ambiyaa page 229:

ولما رأى أن لا سبيل له إلى العود ولا إلى دخول الكوفة، سلك طريق الشام سائرا نحو يزيد بن معاوية لعلمه عليه السلام بأنه على ما به أرق من ابن زياد وأصحابه، فسار عليه السلام حتى قدم عليه عمر بن سعد في العسكر العظيم، وكان من أمره ما قد ذكر وسطر، فكيف يقال إنه القى بيده إلى التهلكة؟ وقد روى أنه صلوات الله وسلامه عليه وآله قال لعمر بن سعد: اختاروا منى إما الرجوع إلى المكان الذي أقبلت منه، أو ان أضع يدي في يد يزيد ابن عمى ليرى في رأيه، وإما ان تسيروني إلى ثغر من ثغور المسلمين، فأكون رجلا من أهله لي ماله وعلي ما عليه. وان عمر كتب إلى عبيد الله بن زياد بما سئل فأبى عليه

When he (al-Husein) saw that he had no means of returning or entering al-Kufa, he took the road of al-Sham heading towards Yazid bin Mu’awiyah as he knew that he was much softer than Ibn Ziad and his men, he walked until ‘Umar bin Sa’ad met him with a great army, what happened then is known so how can some say that he cast himself with his own hand towards ruin? and it was narrated that he (as) said to ‘Umar bin Sa’ad: “Choose for me one of three: either I go back from where I came, or I put my hand in the hand of my cousin Yazid so that I may change his opinion, or that you lead me to one of the battle fields of Jihad so that I can be a like any man.” ‘Umar bin Sa’ad then wrote to Ibn Ziad and he refused it.


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  1. wow!! you really know spin, in recent times you should have been in the employ of saddam hussein etc,

  2. kst

    is this reference available online???

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