Shia Scholar humiliates himself in shia/sunni debate

Debate between a Shia Scholar Hassan Allahyari and Sayyed Khobaib Sadaat, a Sunni Scholar.

The Shia scholar doesn’t believe that Sahaba are Muslim including the best of them Sayyedna Abubakr Siddiq (ra) and Sayyedna Umar al-Farooq (ra). He tries to use a verse of Quran against these two personalities but it results in his humiliation.


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16 responses to “Shia Scholar humiliates himself in shia/sunni debate

  1. Why and how humiliation , was he not the same shameless person who asked to bring witness for the claim of gift to the Bibi Sayyedah , was he not aware that she is sanctified in truth by Allah and this man did not had the common courtesy to offer her even sit down , what a shameful Character of a leader.
    The 2nd is well known for his lineage which is unique but seems certain for 1st
    he set out to kill a preacher even if he was not aware of his merits, then he slapped his own sister so hard that she bled and tore off the document which ultimately his senior had conceded and then became the Pioneer of Islamic Terrorism with burning logs at the door of Rasool’s only daughter.
    And the 3rd less said the better , if such are the ruler ,the whole fleet is drowned that is why the ummul momeneen named him Apostate and wajibul Qatl . You people praise them day and night , better worship them as the God of Evil and Terrorism and Go with them where he is destined to go as my efforts failed to convince you to realise the TRUTH.

    • Shani

      I’ve read many of your posts and you my friend deliberately refuse to believe the truth that Sunni scholar just slapped that Shia scholar straight in the face and refuted him, yet you still believe he never got humiliated

      • YaHussainLabaikYa Hussain!

        but the main fact is he is on the straight path and yet you are not. You believe that Abu bakar (la) and Umar(LA) have nothing to be ashamed of. If that is so why did they threaten and then burn down the door of the house of the Prophet’s daughter? That very door that the prophet would stand for hours, until his daughter would not welcome them inside herself? if you are such good muslims and umar did nothing wrong then when the Prophet was ill and was giving his last words and will why did UMar get jealous and talk in a louder voice than the prophet but it has been clearly stated that when The prophet is in the room you cannot speak louder than them and still he did what did that say? Does he follow the Quran if he dis obeyed that? You dont know anything go and look in your sunni books and you will see that we are telling the truth! if you dont know jack then dont act like a know it all.

      • You are just another brainwashed Shia. You grew up hating and cursing the Companions of the Prophet (saw) and your hearts are sealed.

        Did Amir al-Muminin Omar (ra) burned down the house of Fatima (ra)? If you care for truth then read these links:

      • shia

        yea because he didn’t

  2. something is wrong here, if he is shia then hes a liar, ive met many many shia, some of them think many sahaba erred heavily and are critical of them, some even believe that some folk became murtadh after demise of prophet sawa, but then even we sunnis believe that no so? so if you persist with the above as if it is their general belief, then youre spreading fitna of the worst degree

    • Salam Alaikum,

      Read this Shia hadiht:
      Al-Kulayni says in Rawdhatul Kaafi Vol.8 pg. 235, and Majlisi in “Mirat” said it’s hasan or muwathaq:

      ‘People became apostates after the death of the Prophet (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam), except for three people: Miqdad ibn Aswad, Abu Dharr Ghifari and Salmaan Farsi.’

    • Indeed this is their general belief, there is no doubt about it, only thing is that they don’t preach it amongst Sunnis due to taqiyah.

  3. abe parker

    yes bro, you quote they quote etc ad infinitum, at least the shia say openly that all their collections are contaminated with diff types of hadith of varying levels of ok, they dont say like we do sahih sahih sahih and gloss over the many patently false ones, it may mearly mean AMONG those who didnt turn away there were these three etc, we use the same or worse reasoning elsewhere, be just and fair

  4. Scheherzade

    The above video is even portrays less of their kufr for the more is inside them.

  5. The Iron Fist

    Shiism is all about deception and infidelity. They can never be Muslims because they not only degrade the sahaba but they also reject Quran.

  6. Haq

    In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful.


    To my Shia brothers. I would like to say only few things:

    I am a part time preacher and student of Comparative religion, I preach to Christians and Jews and I am familiar with the Bible and the Qur’an as well.

    It’s natural that you won’t like what I say, but if you believe that you are “Muslims”, you have an obligation to listen to what I have to say.

    If the current Qur’an is, as you say, distorted, then by God, we have no authority! Neither the Sunni nor the Shia!

    Do you know, by God, what you are claiming is the Claim of the Christians? That the Qur’an is distorted? Then if your voice resonates with that of our arch enemy in faith, how can you be our brothers?

    How can you, go to a Christian and a Jew and say that: “look, this is the Qur’an, but it’s tampered by some drunk Caliphs and some Imam is going to come and fix it later, yet this Islam is the religion of truth”.

    Do you know that they will laugh at you?

    The Qur’an is the book, which is predicted in the Old testament of the Bible, and the Prophet to bring this book would be Muhammad. Also predicted in the NT of the Bible.

    I go talk to my Christian brothers and sisters in humanity, many of them embraced Islam just because they read the Qur’an, do you know that?

    Qur’an is guarded by mathematics. If you read some article you will come to understand what it means. These discoveries are only recent, that is to say, found in 1950 onwards. [I have myself done the whole research again with my wife, and found it to be true].

    I am very interested in proof. That supposedly some “drunk” Caliphs compiled the Qur’an.

    If Qur’an had a single error, or a verse changed, then it is not possible, wallah IT IS NOT, that it would be protected in the way I mentioned above. You also say that a full Surah is missing from the Qur’an? No. Not possible, since if you add a single word to this book of God, it will mathematically be denied. This is how strict the Qur’an is in being infallible.

    So the Quranic verse that Allah will protect his holy book from fallibility is the truth. A christian Preacher, who comes from Canada, converted to Muslim because he read the Qur’an, made his own research and he was amazed in the way Qur’an is preserved.

    He is neither a Sunni nor a Shia.

    So Wallah, please stop what you are doing, lest you fall short of your goals. The simple straight forward message from Allah is, believe in Allah and his messengers.

    This type of dispute can be solved very easily. It is the same with Christians: they claim that Jesus was God. You ask them, did he claim to be God? Wallah there isn’t a single place in the Bible where Jesus says that he is God!

    Apply the same thing to Ali and the whole Imam theology.

    Are you not aware that Islam spread out of Arabia because of The first three Caliphs? Specially noted was Umer?

    My point is, if Quran was fallible, it would not have appealed to Christians. The law of Allah is eternal. The message comes to the prophet, not the Caliphs or the Imams.

    Muhammed(SAW) is the seal of the prophet with the last and FINAL revelation Qur’an.

    Unfortunately, Muslims as a whole are not trained in Comparative religion, if you had only known, what you my Shia brothers are doing, have been attempted and done before and split that religion in question very badly.

    Because we stay divided, Christian missionary are making inroads into our homes! If you say that Qur’an is fallible, a missionary will take advantage of that, which they do!

    Can’t you see? This decision is caused by the Satan! When you come to Hajj in your white clothing, do you know the message and moral of that?

    Do you know what you chat at the kaba?

    The white linen means that we are all Muslims, not taking consideration of our race and where we come from and whether we are rich or poor. This is the sign of unity.

    We chant, “am ready to obey Your orders, O Allah”

    Those orders is the Qur’an, now how can God charge me if I did wrong, if that same Quran is fallible? If it is fallible Wallah, I won’t remain a Muslim anymore, it is better that I be an agnostic!

    The bottom line is, my brothers, we are being divided. Qur’an is not fallible, it’s one of the Impossible things in this Universe. If you do not have trust on the first three Caliphs, for whom Islam has expanded and reached and lighted the homes of many in the world, then I don’t know how to trust this religion named Islam.

    Do not be biased, think. We don’t think, we Muslims are some idiots who have made our religions into pity cults.

    Let us say, La ilaha Illallahu Muhamadur rasulullah, and stay firm on the Guidance that is the Qur’an and the pure Hadith.

    Point of note:

    1. Quran isn’t fallible, recent research proves that, done by Christian converts.

    2. If it were, then we Muslims have no authority over anything. Cause according to Shia brothers, it is tampered with, which is actually the claim of the Christians. Also the sort of tampering alleged is common with the Bible, I don’t understand how you can be Muslims while you relate the Quran, which has been given to Muhammed(SAW) and has been seen by Muhammed(SAW) that it is correct >in his lifetime< with the Bible, which is a book of total corruption!

    3. The whole concept that the verses of Qur'an needs it's ambiguous verses to be explained by someone and that has to be Imam falls face first on the ground. Cause for example, ALLAH says in the Quran 21:31
    [Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were a closed-up mass (ratqan), then We clove them asunder (fataqna)? And We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?]
    This verse was VERY ambiguous prior to 1960's before the big bang theiry and the fact that life comes from water was discovered. We don't need an Imam to tell us what it means now.

    3.1 The Quran self explains about the ambiguous nature of the Quran:
    We will show them Our Signs in the universe, and in their ownselves, until it becomes manifest to them that this (the Quran) is the truth. Is it not sufficient in regard to your Lord that He is a Witness over all things? [41:53]

    Means that Allah will reveal those signs(meaning verses and some sort of indication, commonly used in the Bible also), we don't need anyone else to do it for us.

    4. According to you, the Quran is fallible, so every Muslims has a right to deny it and ofcourse non muslims too. So how can this book be the Guidance God promised onto us? 1500 years have passed since Muhammad(SAW), if this book is false, then I demand a proper apology from Allah himself, because his guidance turns out to be a lie made by man. Or is the claim that Quran is tampered with a claim made by you? The facts show that it is the latter. Then will you not seek the truth?

    So brothers, please stop and think what you are doing, research on the topic rather being led by some Imams or anyone for that matter.

    Let us stand us united on the creed of all Muslims.

    I want to finish off with this verse:

    Quran 017.081 And say: "Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish."


    • Awadh

      Very true and very informative……..Jazaka Allah khair. May I also add something…..Allah says in the Qur’an: “O people of the books (Jews & Christians) do not go to extreme in your religion and say nothing on Allah except the truth….” Jews and Christians both went to extreme ends. The first denied Jesus and the second made him God or son of God. Is that love for Jesus? Jesus himself wouldn’t accept that. The same with shia’s. They too have gone to extreme giving their imams the attributes of God. The imams are innocent of shia beliefs. In the last day they will stay far away from the shias because of their kufr and will deny that they claimed to have those attributes of God. Just like Jesus will deny the claim of Christians: Holy Qur’an 5:116 And when Allah saith: O Jesus, son of Mary! Didst thou say unto mankind: Take me and my mother for two gods beside Allah? he saith: Be glorified! It was not mine to utter that to which I had no right. If I used to say it, then Thou knewest it. Thou knowest what is in my mind, and I know not what is in Thy Mind. Lo! Thou, only Thou, art the Knower of Things Hidden? The shia think that to give those attributes of Allah to the imams is to show that they love them. Is that love? Do you call that love? That is shirk and when Allah will ask the imams if they claimed to people that they have those attributes of Allah, they will deny just like Jesus would deny.

  7. Bismillahi rahmani arrahim

    I have been taught by different shia teachers, subhanAllah they have stupid tricks called TAQIYYA which means hiding the truth and pretending not to know. shia are more dangerous believe me extremely dangerous. sometimes they can fed you with convincing proof, I know. surprisingly in our own kutub sitta. please compare or scale their their deeds (sahaba) which one will carry the others please be just. even though they do not believe in our kutting sitta then why do you make reference therein. this defines their kind of hatred towards the sahaba . a Shiite man told my renowned uncle scholar that he dreamt of seeing abubakar saddik, asking him what wrong have he done him in receiving such insults . because they have a way of cursing. sahaba at a fixed rosary in a way if making dua .they said the true quran is more with imamu mahdi coming. also does it mean that ABDUL QADIR JILANI, SHK IBRAHIM INYASS ,SHK. TIJHANI ,IMAMU MAKIN, SHAFI I , AHMED, ANY HANIFA …BIG AND GREAT SUFFIS have been wasting time reading the false quran, hey are you sane ? do you know ABDUL QADIR JILANI? DO you know what they use to see , their karama, status , above all their knowledge? meanwhile the quran you claim to be false is the same qurab which we use for that’s ,asrar and it works. there’s a number of cases where Allaah turned some into ugly creatures while they try to mess with it. in Nigeria a child was born with the quran in his hands , is it not the same quran.?Parents:
    A Poor Couple lived in a Small Village
    in India.
    They had only 1 Son.
    They gave him the Best Education.
    Son Graduated as an Engineer
    in the nearby City.
    Eventually He got Married to a Rich Girl.
    Initially, They Lived with His Parents
    in the Village.
    Soon the Wife got Tired of Village Life &
    Persuaded Her Husband to Move to the City
    Leaving His Old Parents in the Village.
    As Time went, the Husband saw
    an Ad in the Newspaper about a
    Job Vacancy in Jeddah.
    He was Successful & Lived in Jeddah
    for 20 Years with His Wife.
    Regularly, He used to Send Money
    to His Parents.
    Eventually with Time, He Stopped & Forgot about
    His Parents whether
    They ever Existed.
    Every Year He would Perform Hajj &
    Immediately after each Hajj,
    He used to see Someone telling Him
    in a Dream that his Hajj is not Accepted.
    One Day, He Related this Story to a
    ‘Pious Aalim’ who Advised Him
    to go Back to India to Visit His Parents.
    The Man Flew to India & Reached
    the Boundary of His Village.
    Everything was Changed over there.
    He could not Find His House.
    So He asked to the Head of the Village
    about the Whereabouts of His Parents.
    The Head of the Village directed Him
    to a House & said:
    “In this House, Lives an Old Blind Lady
    who Lost Her Husband a Few Months Ago. She
    has a Son who Migrated to
    Saudi Arabia 20 Years back &
    Never came Back again.
    What an Unfortunate Man.”
    Son enters that Home &
    Finds His Mother on the Bed.
    He Tip-Toed as He did not want to
    Wake Her up.
    He hears His Mother Whispering or Mumbling
    He gets Closer to Hear His Mothers Voice.
    This is what His Mother was Saying:
    “Ya Allah ! I am now Very Old & Blind.
    My Husband just Died.
    There is no Mahram to Lower Me
    in My Grave when I Die.
    So please Send My Son to Fullfill
    My Last Wish”.
    This is the Ending of a Story
    where the DUA of a Mother is Accepted.
    A Human Body can Bear only
    45 Del (units) of Pain.
    But at the Time of Giving Birth,
    A Mother feels upto 57 Del (units) of Pain.
    This is similar to 20 Bones
    getting Fractured, all at the Same Time. Innalillahi
    wainna ilaihi rajiun
    This is just to tell U the extent,
    to which a Mother Loves Her Child.
    So, Love Ur Mom till the End of Ur Life.
    The Lady with whom U Fight
    almost Everyday, Suffered so much Pain
    just to give U a Beautiful Life.
    How many People will U Forward this to ?
    I do not Mind, if I get this Message again.
    I Passed it because I Love My MOTHER.
    Pass it if you love your mother too.(Qoute)

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