Study on the authenticity of Hadith al-Thaqalayn in the books of the Shia

A complete Takhreej of the Hadith of the “two weighty things” in arabic and a study of its authenticity from the books of the Shia by brother Taqi al-Deen al-Sunni in which he proves that this Hadith is not Mutawatir in the books of the Shia, download from: here


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3 responses to “Study on the authenticity of Hadith al-Thaqalayn in the books of the Shia

  1. Not only it is motawatir in the sacred books of shia but could be found in the old original books of Ahle Sunnah and it is a proof of its authenticity that the recent publications of those very books have stealthily deleted it or simply substituted the word “itrati” with “sunnah” which obviously is a complete misfit in the context. It was done because Hadees e Saqlain, Ayat e Tatheer , Mubahela , Ghadeer e Khum and the events of the last moments of the life of the Prophet of Allah and the absence of the prominent sahabas from the burial are such documents of evidences that completely negates the legitimacy of any other school of thoughts in Islam except the followers of Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a s).
    A very high number of very highly qualified, eminent, respected and recognised clerics from other fiqh accepting the divine faith from the illusionary legacy of khulafa e salasah and their hasbana kitab Allah theory is a matter of great satisfaction for us.
    Alhamdolillah the fiqh Jafariah is on the right track and on the sirat e mustaqeem , seratal lazeenah , anamtah alaihim, ghairil maghzoobe alaihim walad-zzoaleen.We fully know on whom Allah sent the nemaat,how can we forget the heavenly dresses for the Eid e Hasnain,Pomegranate for the Lady Fatemah (saa) and the Iftar for the feast,Lady Fizzah invited but had nothing to offer and we fully know on whom is the curse of Allah,can the fellows who is having the burning logs on the door of the house of the daughter of Rasool e Islam be spared of this gunah e azeem.
    Alhamdilillah rabbil Aalemeen. Ala La’anat Allahe ala Qaumizzalemeen wa kaafereen O Munafeqeen.

  2. Amir

    Shia belief
    rasulullah pbuh said he left 2 guidance for his ummah, kitabullah & ahlulbayt (imam)

    Sunni belief
    rasulullah pbuh said he left kitabullah and in regards to ahlulbayt, he only warned us about how we should treat them.

    We see how some people go to both extreme, hate or worship ahlulbayt ra.

    Sunni understanding of thaqalayn is still true whereas shia understanding is not, because:
    1. shia believe the true kitabullah is with imam, so they dont have the first guide now.
    2. the imam is hiding, so they dont have the second guide now.

    Sunni still has kitabullah, but where are shia’s both guidance now?

    How can ummah be guided if none of those guidance available. Did rasulullah pbuh lied when he said that? of course not, its just shia made up their own understanding which is completely goes against what rasulullah pbuh said.

    • rehaan

      Amir, i feel pity for your tiny brain because the way you have interpreted it,is laughable. First, Shia follow Quran as much as sunni do, there is no difference except for the differences in translations at some points because Arabic is kinda language which can be said to have redundancy in grammar. Second, Shia doesn’t say that Book lies with Imam and imam is hiding, you are absolutely wrong as much as ur mischievous sahabas were. Ahlulbyt means the progeny of Prophet saww. It includes his daughter and 12 imams. Their guidance is compulsory, the way imams have contributed so far is worth of not mentioning oseudo-ashabas anymore.

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