Hussein is greater than Allah

This time a shirazi (a sect within 12er cult) shia says Hussein is greater than Allah the great and then we have a tyre-head ayatullat explaining how hussein bestowed his favour upon Allah. Among those favours is that heaven and earth continue to exist, human and jinn continue to exist, people are guided, people pray, fast and do other forms of worship to Allah because of Hussein. Inshort Allah would have lost the heavens and earth and what inbetween them if it wasn’t for hussein.

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One response to “Hussein is greater than Allah

  1. The haters of Prophet of Islam, his immaculate progeny and the followers of accursed dushmanan e Islam who were impersonating as muslim converts while were purely munafiqs, will newer understand though the respectable shia Aalim well explained the words used by the mourner matami .The words have been clearly taken out of context otherwise who will believe that what he means that Husain (a s ) has exceeded in greatness to the almighty Creator . It is simply to find faults in your deceased minds and hatred towards Ahlebayt and love for those munafeqeen who were impersonating as muslims and were always planning against Islam to cash later and whenever found any threat to their life fled like in Ohad jumping like goats from one hillock to other, running and taking breath only 5 kilometres away returning only after three days when it was known that the Rasool eAkram (saws) is well alive , fully taken care of by Maula Ali (a s) after they fled taking him as dead.
    One proof of the fitnah and shaitanat of the accursed community is the beginning of the video in which the great grand Ayatollah have been shown in ugly caricature.while they are so reverend and true followers of the Rasool e Akram (saws) and no equal to him in any sense but their insult is the insult to our Rasool (s) like the blasphemous Cartoonist did . Both are La’anati and Jahannumi.

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