Who are the gods of 12er shias (rafidah)

Sheikh Abu Muntasir al-Baluchi exposes shirki practices of majosi regime of Iran. Just watch and see who are the gods of 12er shias.

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One response to “Who are the gods of 12er shias (rafidah)

  1. How dare you talk like this , come I will tell you what is your concept of God.
    Your God is the one who ones sits on his throne,the takht creeks due to sheer weight of your God, His buttocks hang on both side of the Takht and he created Adam in his own Image 60 ft long approximately and he did not had fair idea how much space will be required , it was too wast so jahannam complained of its wast emptiness so God put one of his massive legs to fill the empty space .This and more absurd concept of God is there in your so called Saheeh books.
    Our Allah is almighty. beyond imagination, creater of every thing which exists and is neither begot nor any one begot of him , has created his signs, who are the progeny of his last Rasool (s) sinless and emasculate , those who love them respect them follow them will get salvation, those who hate them, find faults in them and their followers are destined to jahannam Insha Allah .

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