Sunni vs Shia debate on Hadeeth, shia sheikh gets owned

Many shias talk about referring to “history books” yet using deception, they’d say “Al Bukhari” referring to Tareekh Al Bukhari, making you think its Saheeh Al Bukhari that they are talking about.

Then theyd quote Al Tabari history book etc, although he said in the intro that he collects everything, with the chain, leaving verification up to the researcher who’d use the chain to study the authenticity.

However, they never had any (real) sciences of authenticity, nor do they give care for it. This is why usually their “sheikhs” dont have the Qur’aan memorized, nor hadeeths, and just reply on philosophies. They’d just quote hadeeths randomly, and if they are convenient, they’d just say “Saheeh” !

The debate took nearly a month, so these are only clips regarding a certain subject.

Sheikh Uthman Al Khamees – Sunni from Kuwait
Sheikh Muhammad Al Moosawi – Shia head of Raabitat ahl al bait organization in London

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