Shirk infested majos of Iran

Majosi gang of Iran, Khamenei, Ahmadinajad and their hired hussaniyat chimps work day and night to fight Tawheed and spread shirk. Their ultimate goal behind this is to revive back the so called glorious majosi empire which was destroyed by Islam at the hands of Sahaba. They already completed half of the job by spreading hate towards those who brought monotheist religion in the majosi land and extinguished its fire.

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One response to “Shirk infested majos of Iran

  1. Many times we have replied to these actions of our which has been highly exaggerated but I will site only two examples from your own books . Prophet of Islam we try to follow and copy and that is our concept of sunnat . Prophet (s)wept, cried when his uncle was lying martyred,and wept bitterly when his son died , after he buried his uncle Janab e Hamza (a), at the side of the grave and and when later he used to pass by payed salam or when he used to visit the graveyard he used to recite “As Salam alaika Ya Ahlal Quboor
    Janab e Ayesha , your Ummul Momeneen beat her chest and cheeks , plucked her hairs and loudly cried when Rasool e Akram (saws) departed , If both committed shirk -bida’a (ma’az Allah) then it is a sunnat for us to do the same what they did, and all those who consider this prohibited and shirk are kaffir o mushrik and Jahannumi and non followers of their Prophet on whom they raised their voice, objected to his counsel,criticised and refused to comply his orders and ran away from battle field once even when he was gravely injured and was rumoured to be dead and some prominent sahaba ran to distant hillocks and were hopping from one hillock to other like goats .La haul wall quowat.

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