Online Sunni/Shia forum debate is over..

Finally the debate about most significant narrator [Defending abu huraira(ra)] is over.
i believe you all gained a lot from this discussion.

u can see this debate here on our forum:

You can ask questions here related to the debate:


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11 responses to “Online Sunni/Shia forum debate is over..

  1. Firoz Patel

    it says account suspend…what happen

  2. scheherzade

    may i say that shiia always make an excuse to leave the debate.

  3. faisal

    shia maslak ka founder kon tha?? kia k.c k pas anwser hai?

  4. Samy

    Yes Shia Malak was founded by Prophet Muhammad. pbuh. At the declaration of Ghadeer e khum. Where he declared Hazrat Ali to be the Mola of all those whose Mola was prophet. “Man kuntoo Mola fa haza aliyun mola”.

  5. sara

    hi guys,
    does anyone know some books that record debates between the sunni and shia schools of thoughts? specifically ones where sunnis win the debate by the end of the book?
    im a new convert to Islam, and ive read the shia debate books that shia wins at the end.. id like to read ones where the sunni wins so i can see and reason from both sides..
    thanks in advance 🙂

    • Salam Alaikum,

      Shia debate books are based on lies that never took place in reality and they can not provide any evidence for it. They claim they debated Sunni scholars and recorded the debate but the truth is such debates never took place. Of course they win in their own invented fake debates 😀

      Reality of Shia debate books:

      Peshawar nights:

      refutation of Peshawar nights:

      Reality of Murajiat:

      and refutation of Murajiat:

      It should be a wake up call for Shias. They should ask themselves why their scholars resort to lies and make up fake debate books? Why can’t they win in real debates like the ones broadcasted live on Mustaqilah tv?

      • Sarah

        Thank u for ur reply and for the links.
        One thing I can’t get straight is that the so called evidence used by Shias in these books are Sunni sahih ahadeeth. Only the ones that Sunni scholars are aware of and believe in. Like in sahih bukhari and Muslim. So they’re not stating ahadeeth out of their own Shia books. I even looked up some of them to see if they exist in sahih bukhari and Muslim and they are there! So I’m really confused, and would like clearance on this subject. And if you know any books where the Sunnis win a debate against the Shia, please give me their names so I read them. And thanks again 🙂

      • Salam Alaikum wr wb,

        You didn’t understand what I said. I didn’t talk about ‘evidence’ used by Shia in those books rather I wrote in response to your comment about the reality of these fake debates. Did the debates really take place or not? Not. Therefore these books are based on lies meaning these debates never took place but these shameful Shia scholars lied. So when they can lie about these fake debates then do you expect them not to lie about Sunni narrations?

        As far the evidences used in these books then check the links I provided you will see whether they really use Sahih Ahadeeth or do they use fabricated and weak Ahadeeth? After reading those links you will see these books are filled with fabricated and weak narrations.

        Check this example of their lie:

        The author of Peshawar Nights blatantly lies. He claims that certain narrations are in Sahih Bukhari and Muslim but such narrations do not exist either Sahih Bukhari or Muslim.

    • haider shah

      the simple way to differentiate b/w lie and truth,history(saha satta) should read in the light of quran but we always read quran in the light of history(saha satta).
      this is the only difference b/w the muslims.

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