Shia ayatullah reciting Quran

This is not the first time [click here] !!

They quote us our hadiths from bukhari, muslim, abi dawood, ibn majah etc..!! but shia ayatullah’s: who even don’t know basics of Quran, even basics of reciting Quran [i.e. the first level of quran]; then how can they quote hadiths from our souces! Do they really think, they are better than our scholars? wallahi the most knowledgeable shia ayatullah’s are top-class ignorant than any body else!!


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3 responses to “Shia ayatullah reciting Quran

  1. Shia is all truth because Qora’an revealed in the household of the Prophet(s) among his Ahlebayt comprising of his daughter. her husband and her sons,
    in most important revelations like mubahela and tatheer the conspirating ladies and najis sahabah relatives were conspicously excluded and absent, so the shia , muhibban e Ahlebayt recieved Qora’an from these divine souurses not through the cramming of blind hafizjees who cannot distinguish between
    the sounds closer to z and pronounce d .like the sound of suwad and zuwad when they use , instead of reciting ” ghairilmaghdzoobe alaihim waladzzoallin”
    they will plainly pronounce it “gairilmagdoobe alaihim waladdoallin”. This is the purity of their pronounciation.but how they would know because their heroes were either conspirating at saqifa or mobbing at the death bed of the Prophet of Allah , accusing him having lost his senses (ma’az Allah) or running away from the battle field,leaving , Rasool e kareem badly injured . When this was the charecter of their Heroes one can make out what will be their aqeedah and what will be their ummah where the four imams making their fiqh abuse each other as kafir and one of their off shoot wahabis are all togather different who call everone else bidati, mushrik and infidal . May Allah show them serat e mustaqeem and keep away from the path of those who were usurper, terrorist and embezzeller and on whom is Allah’s curse (maghzoob) .
    And listen carefully you dumbs, what your own molvi sahab, the most eminent one says ” I have read them thoroughly, there have been great ulemahs among them, very learned , very pious, great tahajjud guzars, so immenent you cannot bring the example of even one from among ours ” (maulana Ishaq
    in the Video linked as follows .

    Maulana Ishaq (Ahle-Sunnat) Muslim Unity Part 1 of 2 (Urdu) Shia Kafir .

  2. Zulfiqar Ali Hussaini

    U r right!

  3. Wah Maulana Ishaq Sahab Qibla , You have , though a wahabi Sunni , put to shame all your sunni bhais by declaring every belief and act of shia as correct ,amounts to condemning sunni belief . You have truely justified the cursing of criminals and have approved all acts of shias . This is the thing that the truth always prevail.

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