Tahreef by shia narrators, to show himself in limelight

عنه، قال: أخبرني أبو القاسم جعفر بن محمد عن محمد بن يعقوب عن الحسين بن محمد عن معلى بن محمد قال: خرج علي أبو جعفر عليه السلام حدثان موت أبيه فنظرت إلى قده لأصف قامته لأصحابنا فقعد ثم قال: يا معلى إن الله احتج في الإمامة بمثل ما احتج به في النبوة فقال: (وآتيناه الحكم صبيًا).

Rough translation: (Al-Mufeed), Abu Al-Qasim Ja’afar bin Mohammed told us, from Mohammed bin Yaqoub from Al-Hussain bin Mohammed from Mu’alla bin Mohammed, who said: Abu Ja’afar came after the death of his father, and I looked at him closely so that I could describe his looks to our companions, then he said, “Oh Mu’alla, Allah has used the Imamah as evidence in the same way he did with alnubuwa.” He said, “and We gave him Wisdom even as a youth! (19:12)”

Then, this in Al-Kafi:

الحسين بن محمد، عن معلى بن محمد، عن علي بن أسباط قال: رأيت أبا جعفر عليه السلام وقد خرج علي فأخذت النظر إليه وجعلت أنظر إلى رأسه ورجليه، لاصف قامته لاصحابنا بمصر، فبينا أنا كذلك حتى قعد، فقال: يا علي إن الله احتج في الامامة بمثل ما احتج به في النبوة فقال: ” وآتيناه الحكم صبيا قال: ” ولما بلغ أشده “. ” وبلغ أربعين سنة ” فقد يجوز أن يؤتى الحكم صبيا ويجوز أن يعطاها وهو ابن أربعين سنة.

Rough translation: Al-Hussain bin Mohammed from Mu’alla bin Mohammed from Ali bin Asbaat said: I saw Abu Ja’far and he came out so I looked towards him and at his head and feet, so that I could describe how he looked to our companions in Egypt, and while I was doing that, he said, “Oh Ali, Allah has used the Imamah as evidence in the same way he did with alnubuwa.” He said, “and We gave him Wisdom even as a youth! (19:12)” and he said, “At length, when he reaches the age of full strength and attains forty years (46:15)”, so it is possible for him to give wisdom to youth and wisdom to one who is forty years old.”

Comment: It seems that some of the early Shias used to try to get into the limelight by narrating the hadith of the Imams. As you can see, the hadiths are almost identical. In the second hadith, the narrated is Ali bin Asbaat, who narrated it to Mu’alla bin Mohammed. In the first hadith, Mu’alla chooses to attribute the story to himself.


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9 responses to “Tahreef by shia narrators, to show himself in limelight

  1. So what is ailing you in this , you non ma’arafatis , you admireres of Abu Sufyan, Moaviah, Yazeed Maloun all la’anatullah and the evil kholafa e salasah in whom the first is specialised in usurping, the second father of Terrorism and the third cheating and embezzlement of public wealth who were followed by umayyids and abbasid kholafas , all false and fasid , dushmanan e Mohammad (saaws), Dushmanan e Islam, toturers of Ahlebayt and their followers .MAY ALLAH BE NEVER RAZI WITH YOU . iNSHA ALLAH

    • Khorasan

      Ahle-bait (ra) is free frm the shias. They were the people of Sunnah.

      Nice Adab!

      What else can expect from a follower of a sect which encourages hatred, revenge, voilence and blood.

  2. You say Ahlebayt (a s ) is free from shia , yes they are free from the shar of Shias who day and night send salawat on them, celebrate their birth, mourn their martyrdom . Yes they repeated all sunnat e Rasool (saaws) .
    One can expect from the followers of Ahlebayt (a s ) only khair while from the admirers of the Heroes one can expect Terror ,Violence and blood which they showed with their own Nabi (saaws) , his daughter and his progeny . This is the character of the majority , what else one can expect .?
    Khorasan I would advise you to watch the following 2 movies on Youtube,check the reference care fully and then come back :
    1. {edited} Can you handle the Truth .
    2. Who killed Prophet Mohammad .
    Both have references from authentic ahadees e Ahle Sunnah. .

  3. Khorasan. in this post I take only one of the four attributes you put on Shias.
    I just put some questions , answer from the narrators of Ahle Sunnah .
    1.Who set out with open sword to kill the Prophet of Islam,idolator of 28 years?
    2.Who gave a hard slap to his own humshirah,who fell down bleeding ?
    3.Who hit his most trusted narrator till bled on cheating & false reporting?
    4.Who torched the house of Fatema (s) killing her son and fatal wounds.
    5.Who hit Ummul momeneen , who was also his daughter, on disbelief & misbehavior ,who also fell bleeding .
    Blood , blood everywhere , the character of the truely guided (Sic). Remember that narrator has the maximum ahadees on which your Fiqh is founded .

    • Salam Alaikum,

      1. It is unbelievable that you can’t understand this simple thing. If a non-Muslim person commits all type of sins including idolatry but one day he embraces Islam then all his past sins are forgiven by Allah.
      2. Same as point 1.
      3. Which lie are you talking about?
      4. Biggest fabrication in history. It can not be proved from Authentic sources. Do you know famous Shia Marja Sayed Hussain Fazlullah rejected this fake incident.
      5. Which lie are you talking about?

  4. I do wonder on such wishful thinking , name even one shia person (not laymen) who have converted from Shia . Please exclude suffering from insanity
    or exceptional cases due to some other motives . During these series of posts I must have give dozens such imminent , well known Aalim e Ahle Sunnah like Allahmah Dr. Tejani, Sheikh Jehad , Obaidullah Aazmi and Allahmah Rashidul Khairi (Rehmat Allah) , the list is endless . Alhamdolillah it is only one way traffic. The word insanity I used above reminds me of the blasphemous act of
    calling ma’az Allah Rasool e Kareen with such name which no muslim could repeat . Lastly by the way the reference of the name of a website which is on the internet for years and have no deragatory reference for any one only references of Saheeh books quotation , the editing out from comments is an obvious reaction of Fleeing backwards from the field , a well known tradition ,

  5. Who is contesting,you are absolutely right when you say many shia scholars who embraced real Islam, I say each and every shia is on Real Islam or in other words ASL-ISLAM . All those who believe in hadees e saqlain , who follow both Qora’an and Ahlebayt (a s) are on real Islam , those who follow such fasiq who said ‘ husbana kitab Allah are the deviant .

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