Understand shia game against layman sunni’s

Here’s a rule which you should work by, always i.e. in your entire life you noticed these 5 points by shia’s against layman sunni’s for converting them to shiaism:

  • When someone tries to Convince you of something by insulting others (By insulting the companions and wives of the Prophet SAWS maybe? and saying we sunni’s [ahle-sunnah] are all followers of Yazid and Nawasib and Wahhabies when we criticize Shiism?)
  • When sometimes tries to win your heart by putting others people down (By attacking Bukhari and Muslim and other excellent books when your own shia books are forged and tampered with? The only way to prove that you are right is to prove that others are wrong, that’s the Shia policy)
  • when someone uses emotional arguments (Shias are masters of this one, They Killed al-Zahraa!!! the Daughter of the Prophet SAW!!! And they broke her Rib!! and Killed her child!!!! ect…)
  • when someone wants to show you that he is right (Especially when they keep saying that they are the only ones following Ahlul-bayt, Actually this rule makes no sense I doubt you’d meet a person who wants to show you he’s Wrong and not right)
  • when the information is from unreliable sources, hearsay and opinions (Especially when you quote Shia books and tell the ignorant layman Sunnies that they are Sunni books, Half of your religion is taken from the dreams and visions of your scholars)

Then you should straight away put a doubt in what ever the person is saying. ( I add you will NEVER be a Shia if you follow those rules above)

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