Book “Maqtal al-Hussein” “مقتل الحسين” by Abu al-Mikhnaf al-Azdi “أبو المخنف الأزدي”

The lying Shias will often use the book called “Maqtal al-Hussein” “مقتل الحسين” by Abu al-Mikhnaf al-Azdi “أبو المخنف الأزدي” and claim that this is a Sunni book and that it can be used as a Hujjah against the Muslims. What they do not know is that all the scholars of knowldge deemed Abu al-Mikhnaf as an extremely weak narrator and he in turn narrates from liars and unknown men.

So one of the brothers may Allah reward him has started a complete study of this book and is commenting on each narration one by one, so far he’s weakened half the book and incha-Allah he’ll finish studying the rest of this pathetic book in the next few weeks:
Studying the Narrations of Maqtal al-Hussein

If you want to read the original book the Shias have it in their own online library here:
Maqtal al-Hussein from the Shia Library


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2 responses to “Book “Maqtal al-Hussein” “مقتل الحسين” by Abu al-Mikhnaf al-Azdi “أبو المخنف الأزدي”

  1. You are all nothing more than “nasibis” who wish to follow the Islam imposed from above by the Umayyad and Abbasid dynsties! All what you are claiming about Abu Mikhnaf is just bigotry and not much else.

  2. Rizwan Zaidi

    And why should I believe you? Give me the names of the people and their qualifications who say that Abu Makhnaf was a weak narrator. Is he the only narrator of the events that unfolded on 10th of Muharram in Karabala in 61H? Are you trying to deny the biggest tragedy in the history of mankind where a six month old was also not spared and shot with an arrow while his father, Imam Hussain A.S, was holding him in his arms and asking the Yazidi L.A’s army to give some water for the infant. Are you trying to deny the fact that a few dacades after the death of Prophet P.B.U.H, his progeny (his Ahle Bayt) were all brutally murdered at the behest of Yazid L.A.
    This life is very short, brother. Think of the life hereafter. We all have to be accountable for all our actions and deeds. Try and analyze Karbala without all the prejudices, all the misconceptions. Imam Hussain A.S was the grandson of Holy Prophet P.B.U.H. Why are you so reluctant to be on the side Prophet’s grandson? Why do you insist on defending those who martyred everyone from the Ahle Bayt. Are you prepared to face the Prophet P.B.U.H on the day of judgement and not be able to make a claim that you denounced his grandson’s murderer? Ponder on it.

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