Jannah for corrupt aqeeda in shiaism

Lets see first the hadith dedicated to يونس بن عبد الرحمن  [“Yunus ibn ‘Abdul-Rahman”] i.e. imam promised him jannah in his lifetime!

NOTE: they heard about ashra-mubashra of ahle-sunnah i.e. 10 sahaba[ra] to whom prophet muhammad[pbuh] promised jannah in their lifetime. & the same thing is copied by shia’s but let see what type of fabrication they did!!

Here is shia source from Rijal toosi [died 460AH] which says “Yunus ibn ‘Abdul-Rahman” got jannah:

link: www.yasoob.com/books/htm1/m020/23/no2322.html

اختيار معرفة الرجال للطوسي (460 هـ) الجزء 2 صفحة 779

911 – علي بن محمد القتيبي قال: حدثني الفضل بن شاذان قال: حدثني محمد بن الحسن الواسطي وجعفر بن عيسى ومحمد بن يونس أن الرضا ع ضمن ليونس الجنة ثلاث مرات .

اختيار معرفة الرجال للطوسي (460 هـ) الجزء 2 صفحة 779

912 – علي بن محمد القتيبي . عن الفضل قال: حدثني جعفر بن عيسى اليقطيني ومحمد بن الحسن جميعا أن أبا جعفر ع ضمن ليونس بن عبد الرحمن الجنة على نفسه وآبائه ع .

اختيار معرفة الرجال للطوسي (460 هـ) الجزء 2 صفحة 784

936 – محمد بن مسعود قال: حدثني محمد بن نصير قال: حدثني محمد ابن عيسى قال: أخبرني يونس أن أبا الحسن ع ضمن لي الجنة من النار

Now you have noticed that the Shia Imam said that “Yunus ibn ‘Abdul-Rahman” is from those whom imam promised heaven!!

Didn’t the Imam know that this man “Yunus ibn ‘Abdul-Rahman” believed in Jabr and Tajseem (Physical Attributes to Allah) according to the Sahih Shia Hadiths?

First of all this man called Yunus was from Qum as stated in Rijal al-Kesshi (2/779) and he was supposedly from the Shia of al-Reda:

حدثني علي بن محمد القتيبي، قال: حدثني الفضل بن شاذان قال: حدثني عبد العزيز بن المهتدي، وكان خير قمي رأيته

‘Ali bin Muhammad al-Qutaybi said: al-Fadl bin Shazan said: ‘Abdul-‘Aziz bin al-Muhtadi told me: “And he(Yunus) was the best Qummi I ever met”

And it is well known that the Shia of Qum all of them believed in al-Jabr wal Tajseem as stated by one of the biggest Shia scholars al-Sharif al-Murtada (d. 436 AH) who says in his Rasael (3/310):

القميين كلهم من غير استثناء لأحد منهم إلا أبا جعفر بن بابويه بالأمس كانوا مشبهة مجبرة وكتبهم وتصانيفهم تشهد بذلك وتنطق به فليت شعري أي رواية تخلص وتسلم من أن يكون في أصلها وفرعها واقف أو غال أو قمي مشبه مجبر

All the people of Qum without exceptions except ibn Babuweih believed in Jabr and Tashbeeh and their books and works all bear witness to this

Comment: This is another point to note ALL THE PEOPLE OF QUM believed in this!!

The biggest Shia scholar of Hadith al-Khoei admits this fact in his Mu’ujam al-Rijal (21/226) #13863:

ثم إن هناك روايتين صحيحتين دلتا على انحراف يونس وسوء عقيدته .
الاولى : ما تقدم في ترجمة عبدالله بن جندب ، من قول أبي الحسن عليه
السلام : هو ( يونس مولى آل يقطين ) والله أولى بأن يعبد الله على حرف ماله ،
ولعبد الله بن جندب ، إن عبدالله بن جندب من المخبتين .
الثانية : ما رواه الصدوق ، عن محمد بن الحسن بن أحمد بن الوليد ، قال :
حدثنا محمد بن الحسن الصفار ، عن العباس بن معروف ، عن علي بن مهزيار ،
قال : كتبت إلى أبي جعفر محمد بن علي بن موسى الرضا عليهم السلام : جعلت
فداك ، أصلي خلف من يقول بالجسم ، ومن يقول بقول يونس يعني ابن
عبدالرحمان ، فكتب عليه السلام : لا تصلوا خلفهم ، ولا تعطوهم من الزكاة ،
وابرأوا منهم برئ الله منهم

There are two Sahih narrations that show the deviance of Yunus and his corrupt ‘Aqeedah…

Then he goes on to state the two narrations about Yunus’s belief in Tajseem and Jabr and how the Imams warned from praying behind him, then al-Khoei says:

على أنهما لو سلّمنا صدورهما لا لعلّة فهما لا تنافيان الوثاقة التي هي الملاك في حجيّة الرواية.

“And even if we accept this he still remains a trustworthy narrator.”

So now a man of corrupt ‘Aqeedah who believes in Jabr and Tajseem is from the Ten promised heaven!! :O

Complete article for other 9 names can be seen here: http://www.alrad.net/hiwar/olama/21.htm

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One response to “Jannah for corrupt aqeeda in shiaism

  1. There just cannot be a corrupt aqeedah in shia the true Islam because all shia
    aqaed are derived from either Rasool Maqbool (saaws) through their immaculate Infallible progeny or the holy book. We don’t believe in all those ahadees written 200 years after the Rasool Akram (saaws) demise and contain in the saheeh ahadees dominantly narrated by the former beggar abu horairah whom omar gave such a slap for dishonesty, embezzlement, breach of trust that he fell bleeding and Aisha cursed him for telling lies and fabricating stories, but surprisingly many of the ahadees on high merits of Ahlebayt (a s) have come from the narrations of ahle sunnat. Even in praise of wilayah of Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib(a s ) and other Ahlebayt (a s ) the books are full of truth and attributes Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala abundantly showered on Mohammad (saaws) and his Aal.
    More surprising is the fact that evil, blasphemy, greed a deceit, breach of trust,
    conspiracies, perpetration of violence and terrorism has not gone unreported
    against those who were at the helm of the affairs and later became the revered
    heroes because of misrepresentations, misguidance, and fear of intimidation
    and often under greed of handsome position and wealth. We enormously thank Allah (swt) that he prevented these same false narrators otherwise they could have also said that in the hadees e saqlain, khulafa e salasah and the wives were also included, or under the kisa e yamani , the lady mother of believers was also in, and the event of asking the pen and being booted out never happened.This could have justly proved that all the wives were also immaculate Taherah, which definitely they were not . The event of Necklace , conspiracy of Honey -Maghafeer , coming out of the house as a Nabi’s widow and later event of Jung e Jamal and its aftermath are all graphically described by them . As such there should not be slightest doubt in distinguishing between the right and wrong, between the truth and false and between the Kufr and Eeman . If a thorough study is conducted and some research undertaken, every thing becomes crystal clear , that is what happened to many Ahle Sunnat Ulemah of very high stature like Allamah Rashid ul Khairi, Allamah Tejani,Allamah Khalilullah Azmi ,the list is endless. Why the greatest Sunni Soofi Sheikh ul Aulia Hazrat Chishti (r a) said Haqqah ki bina La Ilah Ast Husain and you have the cheeks to call his killers ,the killers of Nawasa e Rasool e Akram (saaws) , razi Allah anho, La haul wala qoowat. What more proof is required to your ignorance and to open the eyes of the grossly misguided Ummah , may Allah (swt) give them taufeeq to come out from the deep disgrace for being by the side of Munafiqs & Zalemeen and make their aaqebat bright by their last minute realisation & repentance .

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