Did uthman[ra] murdered by sahaba[ra]

As we see this claim is raised by shia ar-rafida lots of times, to show that 3rd khalifa uthman[ra] was evil person [nauzubillah]!!

Shia says:

Uthaman was from ummaiya, relative of muawiyah. & ummaiya was top-class enemy of banu hashim! so death of uthman shows he was very disliked by sahaba, i.e. why sahaba murdered him!!

^^ Ahh.. when i see shia ar-rafida using these type of jahalat; wallahi i fell very frustrated! i.e. whom i am teaching these truth from my book?? These cult is pure jahil filled with endless lies.

Ofcourse what these shia do: they combine WEAK reports with those SAHIH reports which has no relevence & try to show as a whole article as authentic; or they use half-quoted hadiths & texts!!

Now lets see what shia’s arguments are & inshallah try to refute this + show you SAHIH hadith from banu hashim i.e. non other than ALI IBN ABI TALIB[ra]’s words after he listened the news of murder of uthman[ra].

Now lets start with shia arguments in quotes & mine in non-quotes:

Those of who are not aware that hadrat Uthman was also killed by the companions (sahabah) of the Holy Prophet (s)..need to gaze upon the following:

No, the Sahaba did not take part in this crime.

Al-Zubair described them as mod from Egypt, Ayesha said it was tribal dispute [at-tabari (4/461-462)]. Ibn Saad described them as scum of the society [Tabaqat (3/71)]. They were corruptive rebels (Khawarij mufsidoon), misguided transgressors as described by Ibn Taimiyya. [Minhaj al-Sunnah 96/297)].

وأما عثمان رضي الله عنه فخلافته صحيحة [ ص: 530 ] بالإجماع ، وقتل مظلوما ، وقتلته فسقة ؛ لأن موجبات القتل مضبوطة ، ولم يجر منه رضي الله عنه ما يقتضيه ، ولم يشارك في قتله أحد من الصحابة ، وإنما قتله همج ورعاع من غوغاء القبائل وسفلة الأطراف والأرذال ، تحزبوا وقصدوه من مصر ، فعجزت الصحابة الحاضرون عن دفعهم ، فحصروه حتى قتلوه رضي الله عنه .

Imam Al-Nawawi none of the sahaba took part in the killing of Uthman (ra) and that he was unjustly killed by mob who came from Egypt in his Sharh Muslim.

Ibn Hajar Asqalani in the biography of H.Uthman states:

وجاء من طرق كثيرة شهيرة صحيحة عن عثمان لما أن أحصروه أنتشد الصحابة في أشياء

“It has been narrated with different renowned and Sahih chains that when they besieged Uthman, he beseeched the Sahabah for various things”

Isaba, Volume 4 page 378 Translation No. 5452

وجاء من طرق كثيرة شهيرة صحيحة عن عثمان لما أن حصروه انتشد الصحابة في أشياء منها تجهيزه جيش العسرة ومنها مبايعة النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم عنه تحت الشجرة لما أرسله إلى مكة ومنها شراؤه بئر رومة وغير

No where it says that sahaba took part in the Killing or were plotting to kill him. All I understand from the above is that when the rebels besieged him, he (ra) sough help from the companions of prophet (saw) and reminded them his position and good deeds and that the charges leveled against him by the rebels were false.

We read in Kanz al Ummal, Volume 13 page 82:

“When the Egyptian forces landed at Jahafa and began to talk ill of Uthman, he got to know about it and climbed on the pulpit and said, “O Sahaba of Prophet Muhammad (s), May Allah curse you for bad mouthing me. You advertised my shortcomings and concealed my virtues. You have also provoked people against me.

Kanz al Ummal, Volume 13 page 82 Tradition 36293

The hadith is weak due to broken chain of narrators.

انفرد المؤلف بتخريجه ، وفي المتن ما ينكر ؛ لأن قوله ( فاقرؤوا على أي حرف شئتم ) لا يستقيم مع الواقع ؛ لأن عثمان بن عفان  وحَّد الأمة في أول خلافته على مصحفه الذي كتبه ووزعه على الأمصار واستقر الأمر على ذلك .
إسناده منقطع ؛ لأن إسماعيل بن أبي خالد لم يلق عثمان ولا عليّاً ، وعليّ بن مسهر له غرائب بعد أن أضرّ ، وعثمان بن هشام لم أجد له ترجمة . ”

Abdulrehman bin Udays al-Balwi’s role in killing Uthman

Imam Ibn Atheer records the biography of this Sahabi in the following manner:

Abdulrahman bin Udays bin Amro bin Ubaid bin Kalab bin Dahman bin Ghanam bin Hamim bin Duhal bin Hani bin Bali. This is his lineage, Ibn Manda and Abu Naeem, he is a Balawi, he had companionship, he witnessed Bayat al-Ridwan, he gave baya during it, and he was the commander of the army which marched from Egypt to besige Uthman bin Afan when he was murdered.

Asad al-Ghaba, Volume 3 page 309

Imam Ibn Sa’ad records about the massive role of this Sahabi against Uthman:

كان المصريون الذين حصروا عثمان ستمائة رأسهم عبد الرحمن بن عديس البلوي وكنانة بن بشر بن عتاب الكندي وعمروبن الحمق الخزاعي

“The Egyptians who attacked Uthman were 600 and were lead by Abdulrehman ibn Udays Al-Balawi and Amro ibn Hamiq Al-Khuzai”

Tabaqat Ibn Saad, Volume 3 page 71

Imam Ibn Abdul Barr records in ‘Al-Istiab’ Volume 2 page 411:

عبد الرحمن بن عديس البلوي مصري شهد الحديبية ۔۔۔ ممن بايع تحت الشجرة رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال‏:‏ أبو عمر هو كان الأمير على الجيش القادمين من مصر إلى المدينة الذين حصروا عثمان وقتلوه

Abdulrehman ibn Udays Al-Balawi witnessed Hudaybia and was one of those that gave allegiance under the tree. Abu Umar said: ‘He was the head of the army that attacked Uthman and killed him’.

Al-Istiab, Volume 2 page 411

Imam Ibn Hajar Asqalani records:

وقال بن البرقي والبغوي وغيرهما كان ممن بايع تحت الشجرة ۔۔۔ وقال بن يونس بايع تحت الشجرة ۔۔۔ وقال بن يونس بايع تحت الشجرة وشهد فتح مصر واختط بها وكان من الفرسان ثم كان رئيس الخيل التي سارت من مصر إلى عثمان في الفتنة

“Ibn Al-Barqi, Al-Baghawi and others said that he was of those who gave Baya (allegiance) under the tree… Ibn Yunus said that he was of those who gave baya under the tree, witnessed the victory of Egypt and participared in it and were among the knights and then he became the General of the Army that attacked Uthman.”

al-Isaba, Volume 4 page 281 Translation No. 5167

We learn in ‘Al Bidayah wa al Nihaya’ Volume 7 page 179 Dhikr Maqatil Uthman:

“After killing Uthman, his murderers tried to remove his head, the women began to shout and beat their faces, two wives of Uthman namely Naila and Um al-Baneen and his daughters were amongst them. Ibn Udays said: ‘Leave Uthman’. Thus, they left him and they looted whatever was there in the house.”

As for Abdulrahman bin Udays and the narration that he gave allegiance under the tree, was only reported through ibn Luhai’a.

Lets see what hadeeths scholars said about ibn Luhai’a:

-Shaikh Al-Albani : The chain is weak because of Ibn Luhai’a’s bad memory. (Silsilat Sahih, hadeeths No. 1039)

-Shaikh Tariq bin Awadhallah: He is absolutely weak (Al-Nakd albana li hadeeths Asma – pg 41-59)

-Sheikh Abdulrahman al-Dimiqshi said: As for Abdulrahman bin Udays al-Balawi that he was among those who gave allegiance under the tree, then this is Ibn Luhai’a narration who used to mix up rather commit extreme excess in shiaism. (Al-mizan al-itidal 2/103, Tahdeeb al-Tahdeeb 2/43, al-Kamal fi dhu’afaa al-rijaal 2/450, al-kashf al-hadeeths 1/160)

Now as for as the other part that Abdulrahman bin Udays was the amir of the army set out from Egypt and that he killed Uthman (ra) as mentioned in Istiab. Then no one said it was him who killed Uthman. (al-Istiab 1445, Jarh wa Tadeel 5/248, Tareeq al-Islam 3/319, al-A’alam 3:316, Tabseer al-muntabah 3/10029.)

^^ So above hadiths are rejected because of weak narrator in a single blow. 

Also it came in al-Ikmal of Ibn Makula (6/150): It was reported by al-Daraqutni: Regarding Abdulrahman bin Udays al-Balawi and his brother Abdullah: He (al-Daraqutni) said: Abdulrahman was among was among those who marched towards Uthman bin Affan (ra) from Egypt. I (Ibn Makula) say: We are not aware of such incident reported by al-Daraqutni and for argument sake if it was reported (that Abdulrahman ibn Udays marched towards Uthman), then we must know the sanad upon which al-Daraqutni relied. And if it was al-Waqadi, then he is rejected. Moreover it is not necessary that all those who marched from Egypt wished to kill him. But majority of them only wished to remove him.

It was related to me by Muhammad (al-Waqidi) — Abi Bakr b. Ismail — his father -Amir b. Sa’d: The first man who dared to insult Uthman was Jabalah b. Amr al-Sa’idi. Once while he was sitting among his kinsmen holding a rope in his hand, ‘Uthman passed by him or greeted them as he was passing by, and they greeted him in return. Then Jabalah said, “Why do you answer a man who did such-and-such a thing?” Jabalah then approached Uthman and said, “By God, I will throw this rope around your neck unless you abandon your personal entourage” “What entourage,” asked Uthman? “By God, I do not choose favorites among the people.” (Jabalah) answered, “Marwan, and Muawiyah, and ‘Abdallah b. Amir b. Kurayz, and Abdullah b. Sa’d-all of these you have favored. Among them are men who are condemned in the Qur’an, men whose blood the Messenger of God has declared lawful.” Uthman departed and the people have continued to talk spitefully about him to this day. [History of al-Tabari, Volume 15 page 182]

Ibn Katheer records in Al-Bidayah Wal Nihayah:
“On Friday, Uthman was standing on a pulpit and in his hands he was carrying the staff of Holy Prophet [s] on which He [s] used to lean whilst standing in the same way that after Him [s], Abu Bakr and Umar used to lean whilst standing. A man amongst those people came to Uthman and abused him and brought him down from the pulpit and on that day people felt greedy for him, as Waqidi stated that Usama bin Zaid narrated from Yahyah bin Abdulrehman bin Haatib from his father: ‘I was watching Uthman as he preached leaning on the Prophet’s staff- the staff on which (the Prophet), Abu Bakr, and Umar used to lean while they preached, suddenly Jahjha stated to Uthman: ‘O Nathal! Get down off this pulpit! Seizing the staff, Jahjah broke it over his right knee. A wood splinter pierced (the knee), and the wound remained open for so long that it became infected with gangrene, and I saw it swarming with maggots. Uthman descended from the pulpit and was taken away. He ordered the staff to be repaired, and it was bound together with a strip of iron. From that day until he was besieged and killed, Uthman went out only one or two times.
Ibn Jareer stated that Ahmed bin Ibrahim narrated from Abdullah bin Urais who narrated from Ubaidullah bin Umar from Naf’e that Jahjha Ghaffari grabbed the staff Uthman was carrying and broke it by putting it on his knee and he got cancer at that place.” [Al-Bidayah Wal Nihayah (Arabic), Vol 7 page 197]
All the above narration contain al-Waqidi who is consider either weak, liar or fabricator by hadeeths scholars. Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Qannas said: Al-Waqidi, he is: Mohammed bin Umar bin Waqid al-Waqidi al-Aslami. Hadeeths scholars agreed upon his rejection (Matrook al-hadeeths)
Amro bin al-Hamiq al-Khazai’s role in killing Uthman
About Amro bin al-Hamiq, Imam Ibn Hajar Asqalani records:

“Amro Ibn Al Hamiq, Ibn Kahil and they also call him Ibn Kahin, Ibn Habeeb Al Khuzai, a Sahabi who lived in Kufa then in Egypt, he was killed during the caliphate of Muawiya”

Taqreeb al Tahdeeb, page 420 Translation No. 5017

Ibn Saad records:

Abu Jaffar al-Qarei said: ‘The Egyptians who surrounded Uthman were 600, their leader was Abdulrahman bin Udays al-Balawi, Kanana bin Bashar bin Etab, Amro bin al-Hamiq al-Khuzai…”

Tabaqat Ibn Saad, Volume 3 page 71

Ibn Katheer testifies as follows in his biography of this Sahabi:

وفيها‏:‏ كانت وفاة عمرو بن الحمق بن الكاهن الخزاعي، أسلم قبل الفتح وهاجر‏.‏ وقيل‏:‏ إنه إنما أسلم عام حجة الوداع‏.‏ وورد في حديث أن رسول الله دعا له أن يمتعه الله بشبابه، فبقي ثمانين سنة لا يُرى في لحيته شعرة بيضاء‏.‏ ومع هذا كان أحد الأربعة الذين دخلوا على عثمان

The death of Amro bin al-Hamiq bin al-Kahin Khazai: He accepted Islam before victory of Mecca and performed the migration, and some say that he accepted Islam in the year of Hajjatul Wida. And in a hadith, it is narrated that the Holy Prophet [s] prayed for him that ‘May Allah grants you the prime of life’. Thus he lived upto 80 years and there was not a single grey hair in his beard. He was one of four people who had entered the house of Uthman.

Al-Bidayah Wal Nihayah, Volume 8 page 48

Moreover, Ibn Katheer records the method through which Amro bin al-Hamiq killed Uthman:

“Ibn Asakir has narrated from Aun Ibn Kanana that Kanana bin Bashar hit a iron rod on Uthman’s forehead and on his head thus he fell on his side and after he fell, Sodan bin Hamran Maradi hit him with a sword and killed him. Amro bin Al-Hamiq jumped on him and sat on his chest, at that time he was taking his final breaths, thus he hit him nine times with a spear. Narrators says that three attempts were missed while six of them hit him at the time when he was lying dead in front of me”

Al-Bidayah wal-Nihayah (Arabc), Volume 7 page 208

Ibn Habban in his book of authentic narrators namely Al-Thuqat, Volume 2 page 256 testifies:

“700 men marched from Egypt lead by Abdulrahman bin Udays al-Balawi, Amro bin al-Hamq al-Khuzai, Kanana bin Bashar bin Etab al-Kandi and Sawudan bin Himran al-Muradi”

Al-Thuqat, Volume 2 page 256

All the above narration contain al-Waqidi [info given below] who is consider either weak, liar or fabricator by hadeeths scholars. Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Qannas said: Al-Waqidi, he is: Mohammed bin Umar bin Waqid al-Waqidi al-Aslami. Hadeeths scholars agreed upon his rejection (Matrook al-hadeeths)

Lets see further regarding Amro bin al-hamiq al-Kahin al-Khuzai aas a sahabi!?? There is a dispute regarding his acceptance of Islam, some said he accepted after treaty of Hudaibiya while others said during Hajjatul Wuda’a. No narration came that he entered upon Uthman (ra) except for those (narration) which came through al-Waqidi and al-Kalbi al-sabaee who was a liar and ibn abi Mukhnaf a rafidi.

Introduction to Al-Waqidi:
Name- Muhammed bin Umar bin Waqid al-Waqidi
Born- 130 hijri
Category- 9- Sigaar Atba’a Al-Tabaeen
His position with regard to Ibn Hajar- Rejected even though he has vast knowledge
His position with regards to Imam Dhahabi- Bukhari and others said: He is rejected.

وقال البخاري الواقدي مدني سكن بغداد متروك الحديث تركه أحمد بن المبارك وابن نمير وإسماعيل بن زكريا وقال في موضع آخر كذبه أحمد
Amirul Mu’minin in Hadeeths Imam Bukhari said Waqidi’s narrations are rejected, Ahmed bin Mubarak and Ibn Nameer and Ismael bin Zakariya all rejected him. And in other place he said Ahmed considered him a liar. (See Tahdeeb al-Tahdeeb)

وقال معاوية بن صالح قال لي أحمد بن حنبل الواقدي كذاب
Muawiya bin Saleh said Ahmed Bin Hanbal said to me Al-Waqidi is a liar. (See Tahdeeb al-Tahdeeb)

قال البخاري فى التاريخ الكبير جـ1ص178 محمد بن عمر الواقدي مدنى قاضى بغداد عن معمر ومالك، سكتوا عنه، تركه احمد
Also Al-Bukhari said in Tarik al-Kabeer (vol.1 page 178) Muhammed bin Umar Al-Waqidi Madani Qadhi Bagdad Muammar and Malik kept silent on him (phrase used to show weakness of a person in narration), Ahmed Abandon him.

حدثنا عبد الرحمن نا احمد بن سلمة النيسابوري نا إسحاق بن منصور قال قال احمد بن حنبل: كان الواقدي يقلب الاحاديث يلقى حديث ابن اخى الزهري على معمر ونحو هذا
ابن أبي حاتم (المتوفى : 327هـ) فى الجرح والتعديل جـ 8 ص 2
Ibn Hatim in his Jarh Wa Ta’deel wrote: Abdulrahman narrated from Ahmed bin Salma al-Nisabori from Ishaq bin Mansoor who said, Ahmed Bin Hanbal said, Al-Waqidi used to twist ahadeeths, attribute ahadeeths of his nephew Al-Zahri to Muam’mar and likewise.

وابن نمير، مات سنة سبع ومائتين أو بعدها بقليل. وقال ايضاً فى كتابة الضعفاء الصغير ص 1.9 محمد بن عمر الواقدي قاضي بغداد عن مالك ومعمر متروك الحديث مات سنة تسع ومائتين أو بعدها بقليل
Ibn Nameer mentioned him in his book Al-Dhuafa al-Sigaar page 109 (Book on weak narrators), said he was rejected.

قال الشافعي فيما أسنده البيهقي كتب الواقدي كلها كذب (الضعفاء ص 146)
Al-Shafi’i as attributed by Al-Baihaqi said, Book of Al-Waqidi is all lies. (Al-Dhuafa page 146)

وقال عبد الرحمن: حدثنا يونس بن عبد الأعلى قال: قال لي الشافعي: كتب الواقدي كذب. (الجرح والتعديل: 8 / الترجمة 92).
And Abdulrahman said: Yunus narrated from Abd Al-A’lla said: Al-Shafi’i told me, books of Al-Waqidi is books of lies. (Al-Jarh Wa Ta’deel : 8/ tarjuma 92)

وقال النووي في [شرح المهذب في كتاب الغسل ] منه الواقدي ضعيف باتفاقهم (9 / 366 – 368).
Al-Nawawi said Al-Waqidi is weak by consensus. (Sharh Al-Muha’dhab 9/366-368)

Al-Nisai said in Al-Dhuafa al-Kadhaboon al-Ma’rofoon (weak and well-known liars), said Al-Waqidi was among the four who fabricate narration on Prophet.

و قال الذهبى فى الميزان : استقر الإجماع على وهن الواقدى .
Al-Dhahabi said in Mizan: Consensus settled upon his weakness.

قال الذهبي ـ رحمه الله ـ في “السير”(9/454ـ462): ” أحد أوعية العلم على ضعفه المتفق عليه.
Imam Dhahabi said in Al-Sayeer (9/454-462)… agreed upon his weakness.

ثم قال: وذكره البخاري, فقال: سكتوا عنه, تركه أحمد وابن نُمير.
And then he mentioned that Al-Bukhari that he said, they kept silent on him (sign of his weakness), Ahmed Abandoned him.

وقال مسلمٌ وغيره: متروك الحديث.
And Muslim and others said: His narrations are rejected.

وقال النسائي: ليس بثقة.
Al-Nisai said: He is not thiqaa.

ثم قال الذهبي: وقال يونس بن عبد الأعلى: قال لي الشافعي: كتب الواقدي كذب.
And then Imam Dhabai mentioned: And Yunus bin Abd Al-A’lla said: Al-Shafi’i told me, book of Al-Waqidi contain lies.

و قال الدارقطنى : الضعف يتبين على حديثه .
Darqutni said: Weakness can be noticed in his narrations. (See Tahdeeb al-Tahdeeb)

و قال الجوزجانى : لم يكن مقنعا .
Al-Juwzani said: He never was convincing. (See Tahdeeb al-Tahdeeb)

Ibn Hajar Asqalani records the views Muhammad bin Umar al-Waqidi:

وقال إبراهيم الحربي عن مصعب الزبيري هو ثقة مأمون ۔۔۔ أبا عبيد يقول الواقدي ثقة

“Mus’ab al-Zubairi said: ‘He is thiqah and secure’… Aba Ubaid said: ‘al-Waqidi is thiqah’.
Tahdeeb al Tahdeeb, Volume 9 page 325 Translation No. 606

محمد بن عمر بن واقد الأسلمي الواقدي المدني القاضي نزيل بغداد متروك مع سعة علمه من التاسعة مات سنة سبع ومائتين وله ثمان وسبعون ق صفحة رقم:498
Ibn Hajar said Al-Waqidi is rejected (see Al-Taqreeb by Ibn Hajar)

و قال أبو زرعة الرازى ، و أبو بشر الدولابى ، و العقيلى : متروك الحديث
Abu Zar’a Al-Razi, Abu Bashir Al-Dulabi and Al-Aqeel said his ahadeeths are rejected.

و قال بندار : ما رأيت أكذب منه .
Bandar said: I haven’t seen a liar like him

و قال إسحاق بن راهويه : هو عندى ممن يضع .
Ishaq bin Rahawi said: I consider him a fabricator.

Imam Dhahabi:

وجمع، فأوعى، وخلط الغث بالسمين، والخرز بالدر الثمين، فأطرحوه لذلك، ومع هذا فلا يستغنى عنه في المغازي، وأيام الصحابة وأخبارهم

He gathered, contained and mixed the weak with strong, and the stones with the gems, so they ignored him for this reasonbut despite this, he can’t be ruled out from the reports of wars [Maghazi] and the lives of the Sahaba etc”

Siyar alam al-Nubla, Volume 9 page 454

What with the disease of half quoting things? Imam Dhahabi said earlier in the same quote that it was decided that al-Waqidi is weak, but he is required in military expeditions and in history and we mention his narrations without using it for argument,

وقد تقرر أن الواقدي ضعيف يحتاج إليه في الغزوات والتاريخ، ونورد آثاره من غير احتجاج،

See that? He is weak by consensus and we cannot use his narrations for arguments so how can you prove and charge murder case through his narrations?

Then Imam Dhahabi continues and says
أما في الفرائض فلا ينبغي أن يذكر
As for (narrations relating to) religious duties, he shouldn’t be mentioned.

And in the end Imam Dhahabi again says:

إذا انعقد الاجماع اليوم على أنه ليس بحجه، وأن حديثه في عداد الواهي
…But today agreement congeal that he cannot be taken for arguments, and his narrations are counted among the weak.

So why did shia hide this?

Ibn Sad, used to take from his teacher…and since Ibn Sad was CAREFUL in his narrations…he must have relied on him…

who is his teacher what meaningless sentence is this?

Let make sense and tell about Ibn Sa’ad and what did scholars said about him.

Ibn Sa’ad was writer of Al-Waqidi and for this reason some were careful narrating from him like Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal (rh). Ibn al-Mulaqan in al-Muqna’3 (2/668) said: ‘And Al-Tabaqat al-Kabeer by Ibn Sa’ad writer of Al-Waqidi is of many benefits and he is thiqaa but most of his narrations are from weak narrators, among them is his sheikh Muhammed bin Umar al-Waqidi, he cannot be refered to.’

وقال ابن الملقن في (المقنع) (2/668):
(والطبقات الكبير لابن سعد كاتب الواقدي حفيل كثير الفوائد، وهو ثقة، لكن أكثر الرواية فيه عن الضعفاء، منهم شيخه محمد بن عمر الواقدي، لا ينسبه).

^Another proof that waqidi was among the weak narrators.

Khatib Baghdadi records about Imam Ibn Sa’ad:

قلت ومحمد بن سعد عندنا من أهل العدالة ، وحديثه يدل على صدقه ، فإنه يتحرى في كثير من رواياته

I say: ‘Muhammad bin Sa’ad is amongst the just people according to us, his narrations are proof for being a truthful, he is careful in narrating many of his narrations’

Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 2 page 369

why are they hiding rest of the comment? Are they afraid it will expose the truth?

أخبرنا الحسن بن أبي بكر أخبرنا أحمد بن كامل القاضي قال: سمعت الحسين بن فهم يقول: كنت عند معصب الزبيري فمر بنا يحيى بن معين فقال له مصعب: يا أبا زكريا حدثنا محمد بن سعد الكاتب بكذا وكذا؛ وذكر حديثاً، فقال له يحيى: كذب.
قلت: ومحمد بن سعد عندنا من أهل العدالة وحديثه يدل على صدقه، فإنه يتحرى في كثير من رواياته؛ ولعل مصعباً الزبيري ذكر ليحيى عنه حديثاً من المناكير التي يرويها الواقدي فنسبه إلى الكذب.

Al-Hasan bin abi Bakr reported from Ahmed bin Kamal Al-Qadhi said: I heard Al-Hussein bin Faham saying: I was with Musab al-Zubair when Yahya bin Mu’een visited us, so Musab asked him: O Abu Zakariya, Muhammed bin Sa’ad the writer narrated so and so, and mentioned narrations. Yahya replied to him saying: He is a liar. I said: ‘Muhammad bin Sa’ad is amongst the just people according to us, his narrations are proof for being a truthful, he is careful in narrating many of his narrations, it may be that Musab Al-Zubair mentioned to Yahya from among the fabricated (Munkir) narrations that al-Waqidi narrates and thats why he attributed lie upon him.

See how your filthy master conceal the truth?

And why did Yahya bin Mu’een said Al-Waqidi was a liar?

قال يحيى بن معين: نظرنا في (15 م 5) حديث الواقدي فوجدنا حديثه عن المدنيين عن شيوخ مجهولين احاديث مناكير فقلنا يحتمل ان تكون تلك الاحاديث المناكير منه ويحتمل ان تكون منهم، ثم نظرنا إلى حديثه عن ابن ابى ذئب ومعمر فانه يضبط حديثهم فوجدناه قد حدث عنهما بالمناكير فعلمنا انه منه فتركنا حديثه.
Yahya bin Mu’een said: We looked at Al-Waqidi’s narrations and found his narrations from residents of Madina from unknown men, Munkir narrations, we said it is likely that this ‘munkir’ narrations are from him or from whom he narrated. Then we looked at his narration from ibn Ze’ab and Muam’mar and found that he narrated ‘Munakir’ from them. Then we realized that it (Munkir narrations) were from him (al-Waqidi).

Ibn Shabah al-Numayri in his ‘Tarikh Madinah’ Volume 4 page 1303:

حدثنا عفان قال : حدثنا أبو محصن قال : حدثنا حصين بن عبد الرحمن قال : حدثني جهيم قال : أنا شاهد ، دخل عليه عمرو بن بديل الخزاعي , والتجيبي يطعنه أحدهما بمشقص في أوداجه , وعلاه الآخر بالسيف فقتلوه

“Afan – Abu Muhsin – Husain bin Abdulrahman – Juhaim narrated: ‘I witnessed that Amro bin Badil al-Khazai and al-Tejibi entered on him (Uthman), one of them stabbed him with a blade and the other struck him with a sword and they killed him.”

Al-Numayri, can be known from, the following site:


narration is taken from a history book. no relevance, because it is not hujjah on us.

Ibn Shabah al-Numairi (d. 262 H) likewise recorded in Tarikh Madina, Volume 3 page 1110:

حدثنا موسى بن إسماعيل قال ، حدثنا يوسف بن الماجشون قال ، أخبرني عقبة بن مسلم المدني : أن آخر خرجة خرجها عثمان يوم جمعة وعليه حلة حبرة مصفرا رأسه ولحيته بورس ، قال : فما خلص إلى المنبر حتى ظن أن لن يخلص ، فلما استوى على المنبر حصبه الناس ، وقام رجل من بني غفار يقال له الجهجاه فقال : والله لنغربنك إلى جبل الدخان

Musa bin Ismail – Yusuf bin al-Majeshon – Utbah bin Muslim that the last time Uthman came out (from his house) was on Friday and he was wearing a nice dress and had dyed his hair and beard. When he reached the pulpit and stood on it, the people stoned him and a man from Bani Ghafar called Jahjah said to him: ‘By Allah, we will exile you to the mountain of Dukhan.’

Exile him, yes that’s what scholars said, some among sahaba did not like him and only wish to remove him from office. But one stoned doesnot mean all stoned him & nobody knows who that man was! Do you know prophet[pbuh] was also stoned by peoples!

So what is the problem? They were humans, can error. Why shia apply infallibly human concept here!!??

Some points to note [to know shia rafidi ignorence] from the above given references from ibn kathir’s al-bidayah wal nihayah:

1. ‘Al Bidayah wa al Nihaya’ Volume 7 page 179 Dhikr Maqatil Uthman:

“After killing Uthman, his murderers ————-

2. Ibn Katheer records in Al-Bidayah Wal Nihayah:

“On Friday, Uthman was standing on a pulpit and in his hands he was carrying the staff of Holy Prophet ————–

Al-Bidayah Wal Nihayah (Arabic), Vol 7 page 197

3. ———–He was one of four people who had entered the house of Uthman.

Al-Bidayah Wal Nihayah, Volume 8 page 48

4. Moreover, Ibn Katheer records the method through which Amro bin al-Hamiq killed Uthman:

“Ibn Asakir has narrated from Aun Ibn Kanana that Kanana —————–

Al-Bidayah wal-Nihayah (Arabc), Volume 7 page 208

All the above contains quotes from the Book Al-Bidayah wal-Nihayah by Ibn Katheer and this is true.

But shia ar-rafida always failed to realise or notice is that ibn Katheer rejected all these narrations in his same book Al-Bidayah wal-Nihayah.

وأما ما يذكره بعض الناس من أن بعض الصحابة أسلمه ورضي بقتله، فهذا لا يصح عن أحد من الصحابة أنه رضي بقتل عثمان رضي الله عنه، بل كلهم كرهه، ومقته، وسب من فعله، ولكن بعضهم كان يود لو خلع نفسه من الأمر، كعمار بن ياسر، ومحمد بن أبي بكر، وعمرو بن الحمق، وغيرهم‏.

With regard to what some people mention that some of the Sahaba gave away and were statisfied with his murder, then this is not true that any of the Sahaba accepted murder of Uthman may Allah be pleased with him, but all of them disliked it, detested and abused whoever did it, but some have wished that he (uthman) removed himself from the Office, like Amaar bin Yasir, Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr, and Amro ibn al-Hamiq, and others.

Shia argues that: why did not the sahaba help Uthman or why did they stood by and watch all this happen.

Again the answer is given in the same book Al-Bidayah wal-Nihayah under the heading – If someone were to say: How did murder of Uthman (ra) occurred in medina where group of Kibaar al-Sahaba (ra) lived? –

إن قال قائل‏:‏ كيف وقع قتل عثمان رضي الله عنه بالمدينة وفيها جماعة من كبار الصحابة رضي الله عنهم‏؟‏

فجوابه من وجوه‏:‏

‏(‏أحدها‏)‏‏:‏ أن كثيراً منهم بل أكثرهم أو كلهم لم يكن يظن أنه يبلغ الأمر إلى قتله، فإن أولئك الأحزاب لم يكونوا يحاولون قتله عيناً، بل طلبوا منه أحد أمور ثلاثة، إما أن يعزل نفسه، أو يسلم إليهم مروان بن الحكم، أو يقتلوه، فكانوا يرجون أن يسلم إلى الناس مروان، أو أن يعزل نفسه ويستريح من هذه الضائقة الشديدة‏.‏

وأما القتل فما كان يظن أحد أنه يقع، ولا أن هؤلاء يجترئون عليه إلى ما هذا حده، حتى وقع ما وقع الله والله أعلم‏.‏

‏(‏الثاني‏)‏‏:‏ أن الصحابة مانعوا دونه أشد الممانعة، ولكن لما وقع التضييق الشديد عزم عثمان على الناس أن يكفوا أيديهم ويغمدوا أسلحتهم ففعلوا، فتمكن أولئك مما أرادوا، ومع هذا ما ظن أحد من الناس أنه يقتل بالكلية‏.‏

‏(‏الثالث‏)‏‏:‏ أن هؤلاء الخوارج لما اغتنموا غيبة كثير من أهل المدينة في أيام الحج، ولم تقدم الجيوش من الآفاق للنصرة، بل لما اقترب مجيئهم، انتهزوا فرصتهم قبحهم الله، وصنعوا ما صنعوا من الأمر العظيم‏.‏

‏(‏الرابع‏)‏‏:‏ أن هؤلاء الخوارج كانوا قريباً من ألفي مقاتل من الأبطال، وربما لم يكن في أهل المدينة هذه العدة من المقاتلة، لأن الناس كانوا في الثغور وفي الأقاليم في كل جهة، ومع هذا كان كثير من الصحابة اعتزل هذه الفتنة ولزموا بيوتهم، ومن كان يحضر منهم المسجد لا يجيء إلا ومعه السيف، يضعه على حبوته إذا احتبى، والخوارج محدقون بدار عثمان رضي الله عنه، وربما لو أرادوا صرفهم عن الدار لما أمكنهم ذلك، ولكن كبار الصحابة قد بعثوا أولادهم إلى الدار يحاجفون عن عثمان رضي الله عنه، لكي تقدم الجيوش من الأمصار لنصرته، فما فجئ الناس إلا وقد ظفر أولئك بالدار من خارجها، وأحرقوا بابها وتسوروا عليه حتى قتلوه‏.‏

‏(‏ج/ص‏:‏ 7/221‏)‏

Lets see what shia rafidi ayatullah have said about Uthman[ra]’s murders:

يقول النوبختي ((وارتد قوم فرجعوا عن الإسلام ودعت بنو حنيفة إلى نبوّة مسيلمة وقد كان ادعى النبوة في حياة رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم فبعث أبو بكر إليهم الخيول عليها خالد بن الوليد بن المغيرة المخزومي فقاتلهم وقتل مسيلمة وقتل من قتل ورجع من رجع منهم إلى أبي بكر فسموا أهل الردة ولم يزل هؤلاء جميعاً على أمر واحد حتى نقموا على عثمان أموراً أحدثها وصاروا بين خاذل وقاتل إلا خاصة أهل بيته وقليلاً من غيرهم حتى قتل )) فرق الشيعة للنوبختي ص (4).

Al-Nawbakhti said: People apostatized and left Islam, and Bnu Hanifiya alleged prophethood of Musailama, who alleged prophethood at the time of Messenger of Allah (saw) so Abu Bakr send horses upon one of the horses was Khalid Bin Waleed Bin al-Mugheera and he killed them and killed Musailama…these people were then known as Ahlul Rid’da (People who apostatized), and they all remained unified upon this (apostasy) until they harbor malice against Uthman and were among the deserters and his killers…(Firaq al-Shia by Al-Nawbakhti page 4).

Last but not the least here are some authentic reports from ahle-sunnah books:

1. It is authentically reported that al-Hasan al-Basri (rh) – Who was eye witness of this crime – was asked: “Did any one from among Muhajirin or Ansar participate in killing Uthman?” He (rh) replied: “No, they were infidel from people of Egypt” (Khalifa bin Khayyat: al-Tareeq – p 174. All men in the chain are among the thiqaat).

2. Likewise it authentically reported from Qais bin Abi Hazam that no sahabi was among those who participated in the killing of Uthman. (Ibn Asaker in Tareekh – p 408)

3. وأرسل كبار الصحابة أبناءهم دون استشارة عثمان، رضي الله عنه، ومن هؤلاء الحسن بن على رضي الله عنهما، وعبد الله بن الزبير حيث تذكر بعض الروايات ان الحسن حُمل جريحًا من الدار كما جرح غير الحسن، عبد الله بن الزبير، بن حاطب، ومروان بن الحكم، كما كان معهم الحسين بن على وابن عمر رضي الله عنهم

Al Hassan bin Ali RA guarded the house of Uthman RA and was wounded and then carried away from the house.

source: الطبقات لابن سعد (8/128) بسند صحيح.

Al-Tabaqat for Ibn Sa’ad 8/128.

grading: SAHIH.

Hadith from banu hashim i.e. Ali ibn abi talib[ra] for uthman[ra]:

وروى الحاكم بإسناده عن قيس بن عباد قال : سمعت علياً رضي الله عنه الله عنه يوم الجمل يقول : اللهم إني أبرأ إليك من دم عثمان ولقد طاش عقلي يوم قتل عثمان ، وأنكرت نفسي وجاءوني للبيعة ، فقلت والله إني لأستحي من الله أن أبايع قوماً قتلوا رجلاً قال فيه رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم (( ألا استحيي ممن تستحيي منه الملائكة )) وإني لأستحيي من الله أن أبايع وعثمان قتيل على الأرض لم يدفن بعد فانصرفوا ، فما دفن رجع الناس فسألوني البيعة فقلت اللهم إني مشفق مما أقدم عليه ثم جاءت عزيمة فبايعت فلقد قالوا : يا أمير المؤمنين فكأنما صدع قلبي ، وقلت : اللهم خذ مني لعثمان حتى ترضى

al-Hakim narrated with its Isnad from Qays bin Ubad: I heard Ali may Allah be pleased with him say on the Day of Jamal: (( O Lord I seek refuge in you and I am innocent from the blood of Uthman, I had almost lost my mind the day he was murdered, I denied myself and they came to me offering a pledge of allegiance, I said to them: By God I feel shy from Allah that I would receive a pledge of allegiance from those who killed the Man that the Prophet PBUH described as: “Should I not feel shy of a man of whom the angels are shy?”, and I feel shy from Allah that I would receive allegiance while Uthman is murdered and still lying on the ground without burial. They left me and came back after he was buried asking me for the Baya’ah(Pledge of allegiance), I said: “O Lord I feel pity from what I am about to do” later came determination and I took the pledge when they said: “O chief of believers” I felt my heart acheand I said: “O Lord take from me and give to Uthman until you are pleased.” ))

-al-Mustadrak (3/95) and he said: SAHIH on the condition of Bukhari and Muslim, Imam al Dhahabi agreed with him.
-al-Bidayah wal Nihayah (7/202).
-al-Riyadh al-Nadirah (3/69,70).
-al-Sawa’eq al-Muhriqah p173.

Final wordings: As we know rafidi shia has no end of lies, so whenever they present you any report better ask them first for its authenticity by sunni ulema & second the clear visible references because shia have very bad habit of half-quoting the sunni hadiths.


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