Shia can learn & do magic


س145: هل يجوز تعلّم السحر والعمل به؟ وكذلك إحضار الأرواح والملائكة والجنّ؟
ج: علم السحر حرام شرعاً، وكذا تعلّمه، إلاّ إذا كان لغرض عقلائي مشروع. وأما إحضار الأرواح والملائكة والجنّ فعلى فرض صحته وصدقه يختلف باختلاف الموارد والوسائل والأغراض.

Question 145: Is it allowed to learn and practice magic? And also bringing of souls, Angels and genies (Jinn)?

Answer: Knowledge of magic is haram according to the Shari’a, and likewise learning it. Except if it was for the purpose of lawful reasoning. And as for bringing of souls, Angels and genies, then assuming its soundness and its truth differs with the difference of resources and means and the purposes.

س146: ما هو حكم توجّه المؤمنين الى بعض الذين يقومون بالمعالجة عن طريق تسخير الأرواح والجنّ مع تيقّنهم بأنهم لا يفعلون إلا الخير؟
ج: لا مانع من ذلك في نفسه إذا كان فيه العلاج حقيقة بالطرق المحلّلة شرعاً.

Question 146: What is the ruling upon believers going to some people who cure by bringing souls and genies with conviction that they are not doing except good?
Answer: No objection in itself if there was real cure through lawful means.

Comment: & wallah we don’t know what is lawful in the view of these shia rafida’s.!!

When the Satanic secret soceities infiltrated Christian Kingdoms a few hundred years ago, they started to play with words too. They would refer to some acts of sorcery as “science”, others used the terms “black magic and white magic” – “black magic” being “illegal”.

Of course the truth was that there was never really any difference between “black and white”, these terms were simply used to make the Christian population think that their Governments were against magic and sorcery while at the same time they themselves would practice it. Whenever someone objected they would reply “dont worry it’s not black magic”.

Notice Khameini here says that contacting Jinn and using magic is Haram to reassure the people that he is a Muslim and forbids such acts, but then says if the right “resources” are used then it’s ok!!!

So there’s a “halal” way of doing it and a “haram” way, a “haram” and “halal” way of doing exactly the SAME thing, just like the so called “black” and “white” magic – a “black” way and a “white” way (black meant wrong and white meant right).


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3 responses to “Shia can learn & do magic

  1. zahir

    well in the end one normal person just has to look at the muslim world today and he will be able to see the true muslims and where they reside, for once look at the reality of the muslims before judging others.

    Your hatred does only good for you as it gives you sense of purpose and the very people you spread propaganda about are the very people who today stand champions of the muslim world. However on the flipside rest of the muslims people have lost a direction. IN matter of fact are in decline in every aspect of life. The notion we are the majority and they are the minority today has become a joke of its own making.

    pity and what a shame when all is destroyed you still spread your beliefs with so much conviction. maybe their is something wrong. Well in the end all i say is rememeber what moses said…..get on the ark or u will perish.

    The last prophet also said keep hold of two things.

    al-ul-bayt (his family) and the quran.

    • Mazhar

      Well said
      Sunni kazzab are enemies of Islam

      • Sarah

        That’s just stupid what you just said didn’t make u any better or prove you are right. Grow up if you wanna really act like “the better people” show it in your akhlaa

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