80% of the Qur’an is forbidden to recite according to ayatullah khameini

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Q: What are the Qur’anic chapters not to be recited in the prayer? And if somebody recites them, what is the ruling of that prayer.

A: Reading the long chapters that time will be over if they are read is impermissible. Then, if one starts reading them absent-mindedly and notices that in the middle, one has to change to another chapter if there is enough time. Also, reciting the four chapters of ‘azā’im (those with obligatory prostrations) is not allowable and if somebody abscent-mindedly recite them and remembers before reaching the verse of prostration, he/she is obliged to switch to another chapter. The two chapters of Al-fīl and Iīāf are considered as a single chapter.
Therefore, reciting one of them is invalid and the two should be recited together in order along with the basmalah in the middle. The same rule applies to Al-ḍuḥa and al-Sharḥ chapters.

Reciting Chapter of ‘fīl’ without ‘Quraysh’ in Prayer

Q: If one recites the chapter of ‘fil’ without ‘Quraysh’ in prayer, is the prayer correct?

A: They are considered as one chapter. However, if one does so out of unblamable ignorance, it requires no repetition.

Comment: According to this fatwa you cannot recite any part of surat Al-Baqara, Aal-E-Imran, An-Nisa, Al-Maeda, Al-Anaam, Al-Araf, Al-Anfal, At-Tawba, Yunus, Hud, Yousuf, Ar-Rad, Ibrahim, Al-Hijr, An-Nahl, Al-Isra, Al-Kahf, Maryam, Ta-Ha, Anbiya, Al-Hajj, Al-Mumenoon, An-Noor, Al-Furqan, Ash-Shuara, An-Naml, Al-Qasas… and rest of the long chapters, which means more than 80% of the Qur’an is forbidden to recite.

Reciting one or two page from surat al-Baqara will not end the time limit for salat. And do these kuffars [shia ayatullah’s] have time limit for their salat? Their Zuhar and Asar time starts from 12 noon to sunset (as they combine prayers) and Maghrib, Isha from sunset to midnight. One can eaily recite surat al-Baqara in this time.

I believe this fatwah is just an attempt to desert shia rafidah from Book of Allah.

i.e. why this jahil khameini takes help while leading prayer bcoz he don’t know Quran at all [as 99% shia’s & their alims don’t know!!]


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3 responses to “80% of the Qur’an is forbidden to recite according to ayatullah khameini

  1. Ghalib

    I beg your pardon, but there is a ruling (for them) that the during Namaz the whole of the Surah must be recited, for which there might be chanve of not having time for reciting the entire Surah before time runs out. However, if you do have time you can recite them no objection. If you are talking about combining prayers, please see Sahih Muslim Kitab of Salat, hadeeth no. 1516. And consult a good Sheikh with knowledge of the hadiths. And i would also like to advise you not to call anybody Kuffar, especially when they are not, as the criteria to be a Kuffar is not met by the shias. Please check your information. Calling them kuffar makes you equivalent to one, as per hadith of the Prophet (pbuh&f). And if you have enquiries and doubts on the ruling of the Ayatollah i suggest you ask him directly the reason for his fatwa, if you still find it objectionable please provide your evidence as to why it is wrong and discuss it with him, rather than spreading hatred and befouling your tongue on others. Many people are wrong in this world, but we dont call them bad names. Assalaam.

    • salam
      1. whole surah must be recited!! plz support ur argument with SAHIH hadith.
      2. Combining prayer in sahih muslim, the sheikh replied like this + my extract after debating with shia’s: refer this: https://islamistruth.wordpress.com/2010/08/01/praying-3-times-rather-than-5-times/
      3. According to imam malik[rah] those who curse sahaba’s[ra] are kuffar, & this khameini cursed ummul-moninin aisha[ra] & called her zania. So khameini is top class kufar.
      4. i hardly waste my time with shia marjia, bcoz i already ask them many things, they never gave me straight forward answer. Anywz, if u r unsatisfied then no problem. it is ur choice bcoz u can select other marjia!
      5. i.e. why i used clear cut fatwas from ur marjia’s rather than reding from other sites. & if u think he was wrong, then u r free to contact him.
      6. No hater from my side: my duty is only to expose shia’s & their beloved ayatullah’s; nothing else. =)

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