Haram to recite some quranic surah’s in Shia Salat

Another unIslamic Downright STRANGE Fatwa by the Shia scholars.

اليعقوبي – الأربعاء 23 شعبان 1431

كراهية قراءة بعض السور في الصلاة

س28- هل هناك سور قرآنية يكره قراءتها في الصلاة؟

ج / بسمه تعالى
‏ يحرم قراءة سور العزائم (العلق, فصلت, النجم, السجدة) والأحوط تجنب الضحى والانشراح ‏والفيل والايلاف.‏

Fatwa by the Shia scholar al-Ya’aqoubi on Wednesday 23th, Sha’aban 1431:

Question (28): Is it disliked to read some chapters of the Quran during prayer?

Answer: Bismillah,
It is HARAM (means forbidden by Allah) to recite the following chapters:
-al-‘Alaq (chapter 96)
-Fussilat (chapter 41)
-al-Najm (chapter 53)
-al-Sajdah (chapter 32)

Also by obligatory precaution it is Makruh (means disliked by Allah) to recite these chapters:
-al-Duha (chapter 93)
-al-Inshirah (chapter 94)
-al-Feel (chapter 105)
-Eelaf (chapter 106)

Link: http://www.yaqoobi.com/arabic/artc/576/news/default/index.html


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5 responses to “Haram to recite some quranic surah’s in Shia Salat

  1. Firoz Patel


    i need your help, can you please help me…one shia told me following thing is it true…can please send me print screen of bukhari sharif mukaddima with translation please

    when i was reading in the index (mukaddima) of sahih boukhari then i was really shocked bcoz the sunni scholar said that this book was called the book of the prophet saww and he wrote if u have any problem big problem and u do a khatm (read from start to end) of the book then ur problem will be over. and if u travel with the boukhari in a plane or ship then bcoz of the boukhari nothing will happen to the plane of ship. subhanallah
    now my friend think by urself is this really what u believe? i hope not!!!

    • salam akhi;
      1. first thing; whatever version he[shia] read: Ask him to give complete info of that text.
      2. As far as i knew; no-one from reputed early ahle-sunnah ulema claimed such things. So he[shia] atleast provide the name of that sunni scholar, so that we can do tahqeeq about his words; most probably he may be barelwi ulema.
      3. One ur point catches my attention: “if u travel with the boukhari in a plane” <– this wording shows this was not the thought of early scholars bcoz planes invented only 100yrs back!!
      4. lastly; we have lots of deviant sufi's in our category & shia alwz confuse ahle-sunnah with sufi barelwis!! So better ask him to give complete info of that.

      & what we ahle-sunnah believe: whatever shia fellow claimed is full of rubbish. & we are far-far away from this deviant beliefs in sahih bukhari.. We consider bukhari only a simple book like others but difference is that imam bukhari collected very strong hadith bcoz of strong sanad [chain of narrators] & i.e. it…
      Ofcouse in my view whatever shia fellow claimed is either full of lies or he quoted the non-ahle-sunnah & tried to show; see what ahle-sunnah believe!


  2. Firoz Patel


    i understand what u say…same thing i told him but he says he read by itself if you dont believe go and buy bukhari sharif and read by urself…i am requesting one thing to you is it possible you to take screen shot of bukari mukadima and post here or mail me so i can show him

    allah hafiz

  3. unknownmuslim

    Asalumu Alaikum warahmatullah,

    please dont write wrong information about shias. Shias can pray long surahs and they can recite verses in prayer. But in the 2nd rakah there should be one complete surah! Dont call shia belief rubbish…. its rubbish to follow the 4th khalifa, the cousin of Pr. Mohammad pbuh?? There is no question why sunnis and shias hate each other. Its thanks to some jobless sheikhs and stupid people who dont want to live in peace

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