Sunni vs Shia narrations from ahlul bait, who narrated most?

Sunni vs Shia narrations from ahlul bait, who narrated most?

This finding compare the narrations of ahlul sunnah from ahlul bait in their most authentic books that with the narrations in shia’s most authentic books.

Also narrations of ahlul bait vs narrations of the best sahaba Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman (ra).

Narrations of Ali Bin Abi Talib (ra)

Ahlul Sunnah depended on narrations from Ahlul Bait on a large scale, the narrations of Ali Bin Abi Talib from Messenger (SAW) in Bukhari with repetition (98) and with non-repetition (34). And his (ra) narrations in Sahih Muslim (38).

So that makes 72 narrations in Ahlul Sunnah’s most authentic books.

That makes the narrations of Ali from messenger (SAW) more than the narrations of Abu Bakr (ra) from Messenger (SAW).

And more than the narrations of Umar (ra) from messenger (saw).
And more than the narrations of Uthman (ra) from messenger (saw).

So will the shia now tell that Sunnis are enemies of Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman?

In shia’s most authentic Book:

As for as narrations of Ali from messenger in shia’s most authentic Book Al-Kafi is just 66not to forget out of that 2/3 are fabrication according shia standards.

Narrations of Fatimah (ra)

Ahlul Sunnah’s most authentic Books:

As for narrations of Fatimah (ra) from Messenger (SAW) in sunni’s authentic books than there is one narration in Sahih Bukhari no.(4462)

Shia’s most authentic Book:

While there is ZERO narration in the whole kafi of fatimah (ra) from messenger (SAW). A book (kafi) that is divided into 9 volumes contains Zero narration!!!

Narrations of Al-Hussein (ra)

Ahlul Sunnah’s most authentic Books:

There are total 4 ahadeeths in Sahih Bukhari and Muslim… Hussein from Ali from Messenger
Book Juma No. 1127, and Book Five obligatory No. 3091. The same in Sahih Muslim.

In Shia’s Authentic Book:

And in Kafi than there is just one narration, same for Hassan also.

Muhammad Al-Baqir (rh)

Now coming to Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (rh), the great Imam, the unique one, great narrator. His narrations in 9 Books = 240 narrations.

Now let us compare the narrations of Al-Baqir that with whom?!? The Best man after messengers in the eyes of Ahlul Sunnah, Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq (ra) the truthful.

By Allah that you should know the justness of Ahlul Sunnah, for truth is very dear and justice is difficult, so what is with these people know not and from the truth they turn!!!

Narrations of Muhammad Al-Baqir in Sahih Muslim (19) narrations. Whereas narrations of Abu Bakr as Siddiq (9) narrations.

So which justice is after this!!

But narrations of Baqir in Sunan Al-Nisai (56) whereas narrations of Abu Bakr (ra) is (22).

So is it right for an equitable person to charge Ahlul Sunnah for neglecting traditions of Ahlul Bait!!

Jaffar As-Sadiq (rh)

Now we come to narrations of that unique Imam Jaffar As Sadiq. His narrations in 9 hadeeths books = 143 narrations

* Some* Books and sayingings of Scholars. There is lot to translate on this but due to lack of time I sufficed it with this only.

Let us quote the sayings of a Sunni scholar Ibn Kathir who said: “The most sound link is that of Jaffar from Muhammad from Ali from Al-Hussein from Ali (ra), this is the GOLDEN CHAIN.” Look in his Book “Al Baith Alhathith Gair Ma’moor” (الباعث الحثيث غير مأمور)

Ahlul Hadeeths (of Ahlul Sunnah) have written on Virtues of narrations from Ahlul Bait, books like ‘Virtues of Ali (فضائل علي) or Great specialities (الخصائص الكبرى) by Al-Nisai and Virtues of Fatimah by Al-Suyuti, whereas in Al-Bukhari there are many chapters on virtues of Ahlul bait and also in Muslim. Not to mention many other sunni books that speak on virtues of ahlul bait.

By brother Umar bin Khatab (IA forum)

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9 responses to “Sunni vs Shia narrations from ahlul bait, who narrated most?

  1. It is not that important what one said , the matter may be misinterpreted , misquoted and may be plain fabrication , what is important what one did , and to quote many ahadees e Ahle sunnah at the Kausar pond When some sahabah , all of us know who , will be brought and refused entry, Rasool Allah (saaws) will protest , ” my sahabah, my sahabah , and the Subhanahu wa Ta’ala will say , ” Dont you know what they did after you departed ” ? and they will be taken away . So one can know the fate of these evil sahabah who even when the Rasool e Akram (saaws) was alive , rebuked him, raised their voices against his , ignored his orders , refused to comply his request even abused by saying ” He is talking non sence ” ma’az Allah , and then after his martyrdom , left him unmourned , un attended , killed his grandson in the womb,grieviously injuring his daughter that she could not survived for long . The history and the ahadees say it all and they still rever him , eulogise him and respect him . How naive? , unfortunate and residents of Jahannum. Let those counting the number of ahadees know it all .
    Against this , our souls be sacrificed , there were Sahabas, only a few to quote , like H.Salman , Miqdaad , Hazrat Mukhtar’s father, Janab Ovais e Qarni etc ,some of them sacrified their lives in Jamal and in Karbala too . They were in fact the real sahabas , who would not only go to Jannat but will become a vaseelah too for other less sinners.

    • Shani

      Blah blah blah uv been fed this crap since you were born why don’t you take a closer look at nahj ul balagah sermon 226 talks about a companion who did good then left this world. In shark nahj ul balagah it says the person is Umar r.a.

  2. zubair

    @zaheerhussain…the problem with u shia’s is that u always say fairytales….prove it…and bring authentic narrations….all world knws the history…and if anyone wanted to see wat islam is…they look at ahle sunnah..and the names u mentioned of sahaba ra….if they are the only sahaba ra….then why ALLAH SWT helped other sahaba ra….why ALLAH SWT helped abu bakr ra ? anyways bring those sahih narrations and prove ur claim…ok?

  3. Dr.GJ

    @zaheerhussain…. well said.
    @zubair….yes indeed all know the history….
    just answer this one question ….

    Why Didn’t the prophet (SAWW) take along at the Mubahila , those so called “companions”?? and why was your “mother of the believers” also not taken alongside???

  4. john wightner

    hey dude this is john i was christian then Sunni then Shi’ite cuz of alot of stuff if u wanna have a debate (whoever made this website) please email me u have my email so please and praise Jesus lmaooo jk 😀

    • When you were Christian you worshiped Jesus (peace be upon him) and now you become a Shiite so you have to worship 12 Imams (who have the attributes of Allah). When you were Christian, you asked Jesus (as) for help now you are a Shiite as you claim so you have to call Ali (ra) for help. I don’t see where is the guidance.

      I pray to Allah for your guidance.

    • Shani

      i’l debate you, Shia are the easiest people to humiliate in a debate.

  5. bkazmi

    shias dont worship the imams,IMAMS ARE NOT DIVINE.AS for asking for help from ali (a.s.)Allah gave him this honour,He made him Muskil kusha and with Allah’s help Ali(a.s.)helps everyone now you pray and pray hard to be guided because ALLah gave ali(a.s.)this status and you doubt itAllah is all powerful and qadir on everything why cant you get this concept?

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