Did Ali[ra] Fought any Battle during the era of three khalifas

The famous question by shia is: Did Ali[ra] Fought any Battle during the era of three Khalifas i.e. Abu bakr[ra], Umar[ra] & Uthman[ra]?

& you know this question has no basis at all. But still shia use this question, just to show layman sunni’s that: see Ali[ra] hated the first three khalifa’s.

Shia says: We have famous stories of battle of badr, khaibar etc. [Imam Ali did engage in battle during the time of his caliphate and at prophet mohammad(s.a.w)’s time]. But why we don’t have any single narration which shows Imam Ali fought any single battle during the era of first three khalifas!

The only thing is that you shia’s are blind enough to read anything in sunni books.

Who told you Ali[ra] didn’t fought? He fought and there are narrations about this and let show you one here:

كان رأي علي رضي الله عنه مقاتلة المرتدين، وقال لأبى بكر لما قال لعلي: ما تقول يا أبا الحسن؟ قال: أقول: إنك إن تركت شيئًا مما كان أخذه منهم رسول الله فأنت على خلاف سنة الرسول، فقال: أما لئن قلت ذاك لأقاتلنهم وإن منعوني عقالاً
المختصر من كتب الموافقة بين أهل البيت والصحابة للزمخشرى: ص (48)، الرياض النضرة: ص (670).

Translation/explanation of Narration: Caliph Abu bakr RAA consulted Ali RAA about his Opinion regarding the Murtadds, He said: “O Abu al Hassan [i.e. Ali[ra]], what say you (About this)? Ali replied that “if you were to leave with them something which Rassul Allah took then you’d be going against the Sunnah of The Prophet PBUH”, Abu bakr RAA then said: Now that you say this I’ll have to fight them no matter what.

Source: Al Riyadh al Nadirah fi manaquib al Asharah Page 670, Mukhtasar min kutub al muwafaqah bayn ahlulbayt wal Sahaba, al Zamakhshari page 48.

Ali RAA even led some battle himself as mentioned in “Al Murtada” for Al Nadwi, Page 97.

Ibn Umar RAA even talks to Ali RAA as Ali was on his way to a battle and tells him To Come Back to madinah (After the battle) as the Prophet PBUH had told Ali RAA on the day of Uhud, Abdullah Ibn Umar RAA continues and tells Ali RAA that they don’t want to hear news of his death because that will be a disaster for Islam. Then Ali RAA came back.

Here’s the arabic Narration:

فعن ابن عمر، رضي الله عنه يقول: «أقول لك ما قال رسول الله يوم أحد: لم سيفك ولا تفجعنا بنفسك، وارجع إلى المدينة، فوالله لئن فجعنا بك لا يكون للإسلام نظام أبدًا»، فرجع

Source: البداية والنهاية (6/314، 315).
Al Bidayah wal nihayah 6/314,315.

In the book AL-`AWASIM MIN AL-QAWASIM by QADI ABU BAKR IBN AL-`ARABI he mentions that: Fatima lived for six months after the death of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, withdrawn in her house. `Ali was with her. He did not cease to pray the prayers behind the Siddiq. He [Ali[ra]] went out with him when Abu Bakr went out and unsheathed his sword to fight the apostates (Ahl ar-Ridda).
( its is written under the chapter The Disaster of Dhuhr)

more importantly you shia have a bad habit that when you want to Attack the companions you end up defaming Ali RAA, you’re saying Jihad is a Godly order but ali RAA didn’t do jihad with the companions? Isn’t that actually against Ali RAA and not for ali RAA? arn’t you clearly saying he disobeyed Allah’s orders?

And Let’s say The Infallible Imam Ali RAA didn’t fight, on the other hand The Infallible Imam Al Hassan Bin Ali RAA fought to defend Uthman bin Affan’s RAA caliphate and he was wounded in battle as stated in SAHIH HADITHS in the Book “Tabaqat Ibn Sa’ad” 8/128… Hussein RAA Fought as well “Tarikh al Khalifah” page 174.

refer: https://islamistruth.wordpress.com/2011/01/19/ibn-alira-defended-the-door-of-uthmanra/

No even ali RAA offered to Fight to defend The Caliphate of Uthman bin Affan RAA as Ibn Asakir narrates:

أخرج ابن عساكر عن جابر بن عبد الله، رضي الله عنه، أن عليًا أرسل إلى عثمان فقال: إن معي خمسمائة دارع، فأذن لي، فأمنعك من القوم، فإنك لم تحدث شيئًا يستحل به دمك، فقال: جزيت خيرًا، ما أحب أن يهراق دم في سببي

Translation: Ibn Asakir from Jabir bin abdullah RAA that Ali RAA sent a Letter to Uthman RAA during the siege saying: “I have with me five hundred Fighters give me your permission and I shall defend you from Those folks, because you did nothing so they can claim your blood as Halal”. Uthman RAA replied: “Jazakallah Khayr, I Hate for blood to be spilled in my cause”.

Source: Tareekh Dimashq, page 403.

More info is here: http://gift2shias.com/2009/10/28/a-shia-question-why-didnt-ali-fight-in-any-of-the-battles-during-the-first-three-caliphates/

Note: Most importantly the shia argument can only be pondered upon when they provide a narration where any of the khaliph asked hz ali(ra) to join a battle but he denied it. Unless and until they provide this their arguments is baseless.

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