Hadith narrated by: Abu Huraira(ra) vs Shia narrators

The Shia always make a big deal of the companion Abu Huraira (RA) narrating 1,500 Hadiths [without repetition] {& 5374 with repetition} from the prophet PBUH and they say that this number is very very huge (According to them of course) and thus they must be all lies by Abu Huraira (RA) as a result of this..

But see what is written in this important Shia book written by one of their top Scholars and they are talking about those “trustworthy” companions of their Imams and they mention:

وكان من بين أصحاب ( الامام الصادق ) عليه السلام من فقهاء الكوفة : ( أبان بن تغلب بن رباح الكوفي ) نزيل كندة روى عنه عليه السلام ( 30000 ) حديثا .

And from the companions of Imam al Sadiq PBUH a Man who was a Faqih from the city of Kufah in Iraq, he is Abban bin Taghlub bin Rabah al Kufi and he narrated from al Sadiq 30,000 Hadiths.

ومنهم : ( محمد بن مسلم الكوفي ) روى عن ( الباقرين ) عليهما السلام ( 40000 ) حديثا

and amongst them was Muhammad bin Muslim al kufi who narrated from the two baqirs PBUT 40,000 Hadiths.

Source: Al Rawdah al bahhiyah by The First Shaheed Muhammad bin JamaluDeen al Makki al Amili & Al Shaheed al Thani, volume 1 page 33.

الروضة البهية في
(شرح اللمعة)
للشهيد السعيد
محمد بن جمال الدين مكي العاملي (الشهيد الأول) قدس سره

Comment: Now what rafidi will say about these shia truthfull narrators? A liar or worst liar?

These rafida will always curse sahaba[ra], these rafida want one minor issue no matter it is a lie.


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15 responses to “Hadith narrated by: Abu Huraira(ra) vs Shia narrators

  1. Brother what about the thiqqah narrator of Shiites who narrated 70,000 narrations from Imam Baqir only?

    Hur al Amily says:
    إن جابر بن يزيد الجعفي روى عن الإمام الباقر سبعين ألف حديث وعن باقي الأئمة مائة وأربعين ألفا

    Jabir bin Jafi narrated 70,000 ahadith from Imam Baqir , and from other Aimmas, he narrated 140 ahadith.

    Khatima wasael al shia Vol. 20 , p. 151

    Similarly we read in Rijal Kashi that Jabir bin Jafi said:
    عن جابر بن يزيد الجعفي قال حدثني أبو جعفر بسبعين ألف حديث

    Rijal Kashi, p. 128

    • Khorasani

      روى سبعين ألف حديث عن الباقر عليه السلام وروى مائة وأربعين ألف حديث، والظاهر أنه ما روى بطريق المشافهة عن الأئمة عليهم السلام.

      حرعاملی, وسائل الشیعه 151.20

      Akhi, is it 140,000 or only 140?

      And about this narrator:

      رجال کشی ص191

      (سألت أبا عبد الله عليه السلام عن أحاديث جابر ؟ فقال ما رأيته عند أبي قط إلا مرة واحدة، وما دخل علي قط )

      Narrated by Zurarah ibn Aen: I asked Abu Abdullah (as) about the hadiths of Jabir Al-Jafy, he replied: I saw him only once with my father and he never met me.

      This man after meeting Imam Baqir (ra) only once narrates 140,000 hadiths. The so called followers of Ahlulbait (ra) accuse us for not following Ahlulbait (ra) while they themselve follow such people.

      What do you think Akhi?

  2. another reference for Muhammad bin Aslam is
    Rijal Kashi, p. 109

  3. salim

    Assalamalaikum warehmatullahi wabarkatahu
    very nice page and Allah reward you for your efforts and dawah
    recently i have discussed some issues with a rafidi
    he allaged that nauzbilah hazrath umar radhiallahuanhu raped a women in ramadan he is qouting some narations from sunni books. please clarify what
    will be our defence against these rafidis
    jazakallah khairan

  4. neither sunni shia, islamia

    wow!! you play the number game, but lets be fair, abu hurraira became between 3 (most records) and 5 years before demise of prophet, he was an unemployed handyman and story-teller etc, nothing wrong with that, he was best known inhabitant of the shelter for destitute at masjid, nothing wrong with that, sayydina abu bakr made him governor of bahrain, after a short while sayyidina umr removed him from the post taking away all his vast embezzled and ill-gained wealth which went back to the baitul maal, then he went to join muawiyya in sham where he got fame and wealth again through rope of narrating tons of hadith to please his master muawiyya etc, want to know more?

    • Going by your name you seem to be confused as shiaism has nothing to do with islam in order for you to claim not to be either one and islamia what ever that means….
      By the way Abu hurraieh spent 7 years with the prophet the best teacher of all mankind and thats why we have this noble sahhabie.
      As far as your info goes that needs to be looked at seriously and in details i sense hate and enmity towards abu hurraieh and muawiyyah raa in your comment.
      Next time you want to be fair get your facts right.

  5. salaams,
    we have such discrepancies among all collections, the shi’a similarly, but i believe they dont call their collections “sahih” . they do not accept the veracity of the nonsense hadith but like us they dont throw the whole collection away either, only those in tune with quran, other hadith and aql etc are accepted and narrated. imam bukhari collected 700,000 plus yet he threw everything away except 1% in his collection of about 6,500, he didnt throw away duplications, without the duplications in his collection it numbers less than 5,000. the 99% of fabrications etc he threw away were.not narrated by yahud, nor nasara nor kafir etc, it was narrated by so-called sahaba, remember, hadith written and oral was banned by both sayyidinas abu bakr and umr

  6. sorry for my bad english:)

    Drunker Shia-Rafidi Narrator:

    1)Auf Al Uqaylee-He was drunker and he narrated hadith how he heard(Rijal Ul Kasshi page 90,Mujam Rijal ul Hadith volume 11,page 160)

    2)Mohammad Ibn Abu Hammad-Shia Muhaddith El Khoi has said about him-he was famous with drinking wine and narrating hadith(Mujam Rijal ul Hadith volume 15,page 278)

    3)Abu Hamza Sabeet bin Deenar-Shia Abdulhossein Al Musavi has said about him in his own book “Al Murajaat” :”Abu Hamza was the most saleeh,knowable, and Siqa among us.he has taken his knowledge from three imams-As Sadiq,Al Baqir and ZeynoolAbidin(“Al Murajaat page 309)
    *Ali Ibn Hassan Ibn Faddal has said about him-Abu Hamza was a drunker(Tanqihul Maqal volume 1 page 191,”El Khoi in his “Mujamu Rijalil Hadith” volume 3,page 389)

    Shia Books has added him as a Siqa(thrutful) in this books-(Tusi “al-Fihrist” page.70, Al Ardabili“Jamiur-roovat”1/134, Rijalul-KAsshi page.176, Hurr Amili “Vasailus-shia”20/149, Abbas al-Qummi “al-Qune vel-Alqab” 1/118, Mamaqani“Tanqihul-maqal”1/189, Rijalul-Hilli page.59)

    326 hadith has been narrated from Abu Hamza in 4 most authenticshia books(Qutubul Arbaa)

    4)Abdullah İbn Abu Yafoor-Jafari Sadiq(r.a) has said about him,from our shias nobody accepted and obeyed me except Abdullah İbn Abu Yafoor(Rijalul-Kasshi page .215, Tanqeehul-maqal 2/166, jamiur-ruvat 1/467)

    he was a drunker(Rijalul-Kasshi page .214, Tanqeehul-maqal 2/166, Mujamu rijalil-hadith 10/98.)

  7. 398 hadith has been narrated from those drunker ravi in the most authentic 4 shia books

  8. V

    They will be called to account for the lies they invented and preached against the Prophet, His companions and the believers. They resemble the Jews and Christians and the fire worshippers in many of their practises. May Allah protect us and the Ummah from their whisperings. Ameen

  9. Abu-ihsan

    Jazakumullahu bi khair

  10. Abu-ihsan

    Thanks you a lot for your exposure to those ignoral shiites

  11. fst of all this article donot proove any thing and its a nonsensical crap
    1 وكان من بين أصحاب ( الامام الصادق ) عليه السلام من فقهاء الكوفة : ( أبان بن تغلب بن رباح الكوفي ) نزيل كندة روى عنه عليه السلام ( 30000 ) حديثا .

    2 ومنهم : ( محمد بن مسلم الكوفي ) روى عن ( الباقرين ) عليهما السلام ( 40000 ) حديثا

    does that proove any thing ? against these narrators? and it doesnt mean two bakirs means baqir and sidique

    2nd Shias donot consider their every narration SahiH but the one which agrees akl and HolyQuran unlike AhlSunnah who consider their sihah sittah to be fully sahih which includes 1000s narrations from abu hurera who spended just 2 yrs with Prophet sas

    3rd this so called sahih narrator abu hurera is mudalas according to ibn kasir AL BIDAYA and DAHABI proof with scans
    [Link Removed]
    (video for the postor and azarbaijan sunni)

    4th khorsani proove ur claim And about this narrator:

    رجال کشی ص191

    (سألت أبا عبد الله عليه السلام عن أحاديث جابر ؟ فقال ما رأيته عند أبي قط إلا مرة واحدة، وما دخل علي قط )
    with sahih chain

    5th shiacult does that proove anything?

    6th azerbaijansunni proove the claim with sahih chain about drunk narrator
    no chain no use and before that reffer to the 2nd point and this
    muawia is a drunk and ahl sunnah took their deen from this drunk
    musnad ibn hanbal al juzvul tasi page 399 musnadal ansar
    abdullah zaid bin habab hussain then=>narrated bureeda one day me and my father went to mawia we sat on floor he offered us food THEN ”SHARAAB”
    my father said i never touched my mouth to SHARAB SINCE RASUL SAS MADE IT HARAM

    and this ahlsunnah has taken their deen from this drunk mawia
    azarbaijan sunni

    7th below
    7th see the reality of so called rijal of sahih bukhari [Link Removed]

    funny nasbis write something before that donot forget to check your books

    • Turkmani.ahmetshah@yahoo.com

      90% of sunnists hadiths satan worshipers proven lies by quran !!!!!
      If you want i show hadith by hadith and verse by verse !!!!!!
      Sunnists satan worshipers
      Sunnists god 100% satan
      Sunnists sunnah is 100 % satanic
      Sunnists caliphate made by satan !!!!
      Anything any single thing sunnists satan worshipers doing are against quran
      Sunnists satan worshipers want to mix their falsehood with truth the way satan done and doing ,,,
      Please dont block me thanks !!!!!

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