Sample of the Disrespect of Shia’s towards Fatima[ra]

وكان بنو هاشم وفي مقدّمتهم علي عليه السلام لا يقدرون على المطالبة بحقوقهم المغصوبة بأنفسهم ، فجعلت الزهراء من نفسها مطالبة بحق بني هاشم وحقها ، ومدافعة عنهم اعتماداً على فضلها وشرفها وقربها من رسول الله ، واستناداً إلى أنوثتها حيث النساء أقدر من الرجال في بعض المواقف . ومعلوم أن الزهراء إذا استردّت حقوقها استردّت حينئذ حقوق بني هاشم معها . كتاب الأسرار الفاطمية ص507

So Bani Hashim and especially Ali PBUH were not capable of asking for their stolen rights, So Fatima Al Zahra made herself the one responsible for asking for the rights of Bani Hashim and the defender of Bani Hashim, she used to depend on her virtue and her honour and her closeness to the Prophet PBUH and on her Femininity because women are more capable than Men in some Situations.

source: Kitab al Asrar al fatimiyah p507.
Shia library link:

Comment: Astaghfirullah, Since when Does fatima al Zahra RA who was known to be very Shy Go and use her womanhood and femininity to get what she wants!?

ومقالاتها المتضمنة لتظلّمها من القوم وسوء صنيعهم معها مثل خطبتها الباهرة الطويلةالتي القتها على المهاجرين والأنصار، وكلماتها مع امير المؤمنين (عليه السلام) منالمسجد، وكانت ثائرة متأثرة اشد التأثر حتى خرجت عن حدود الآداب التي لم تخرج منحظيرتها مدة عمرها. كتاب جنة المأوى لمحمد كاشف الغطاء – فاطمة الزهراء عليها السلام

And the Bad way that they treated her and she gave her glorious long Sermon to the Mouhajirun and the Ansars, and her word in the mosque with Ameer al mumineen PBUH, She was rebellious and driven by her emotions so much that she stepped outside the boundaries of Adab (good manners) and this is something he never did during her entire life.

source: Kitab Jannatul Maawa by muhammad Kashifal Ghataa – Fatima al Zahra PBUH.

Comment: By Allah this is a horrible thing to say about the daughter of our Prophet PBUH, not even the Nawasib said things like this.

وهي ام الأئمة النقباء النجباء، وأنجب الورى من بين النساء، ساطعا عطر الجنة ورائحتها من بين ثدييها، ورسول الله (صلى الله عليه وآله) كان يمس وجهه لما بين ثدييها كل يوم وليلة يشمها ويلتذ من إستشمامها، ولذا كانت تسمى ريحانة نفس النبي (صلى الله عليه وآله) ومهجتها وبهجتها. كتاب اللمعة البيضاء للتبريزي ص235

She is the respected mother of the Imams (…) the fragrance and smell of Jannah is spreading from between her breasts, the Prophet PBUH used to bury his face between her breasts each day and night and he used to take pleasure in smelling her, this is why she was called the Rayhanah of the Nafs of the Prophet PBUH.

source: Kitab al lama’ah al Baydaa by al Tabrizi p235.
Shia library Link:

Almost similar narration shown before in bihar-ul-anwar by allamah majlisi: click here.

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لهذا قلت : إن الزهراء اتّخذت من فدك ذريعةً للوصول إلى استرداد خلافة علي عليه السلام ، وإلا فما الذي حداها وهي تطالب بميراثها أن تشيّد بمواقف الإمام وأحقّيته بالخلافة. كتاب الأسرار الفاطمية ص509

For this I say: Fatima Al Zahra took Fadak as an excuse so that she can retrieve the Caliphate of Ali PBUH, if not then what stopped her from mentioning the superiority of Ali and his right in Imamah when she was asking for her inheritance.

source: Kitab al Asrar al Fatimiyah p509.

Comment: Funny thing is the Shia always insult their Imams while trying to show that they were oppressed, what the Rafidhi scholar is talking about is a really important point which proves that there was no such thing as Imamah in the first place. According to Shia the most important thing that was taken away from Ahlul-Bayt was the Imamah, So what does Fatima RA do? she goes to caliph Abu bakr RA and instead of asking for the most obvious and fundamental godly order (Imamah) she goes and asks for some small ephemeral material gains like the land of Fadak while completely ignoring the alleged Imamah of Ali RA in the process.

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