Aisha[ra] was not murdered by any sahaba

Many shia ask & many claim that sahaba or muawiyah[ra] killed hazrat aisha[ra]! i.e. One day, he  deceitfully invited her for dinner as a pretense and threw her in a cavity, in which he had placed bare swords and daggers. She was very elderly and weak, became wounded and passed away due to the concussion caused by the wounds.

But this is not true.

This is the narration use to oppose the fact that Aisha[ra] was killed by Muawiyah[ra] or any other sahaba.

It is a meeting of Ibn Abbas[ra] with Aisha[ra] in her final hours. i.e. she died the natural death.

Source: Musnad of Ahmad bin Hanbal, vol. 4 (Musnad of Ibn `Abbaas), pg. 297 – 298, hadeeth # 2496

According to the Rijaal and Science of Hadeeth, this Hadeeth is considered Sahih.

Here is what Shuy`ab Al-Aran’ut has said concerning this hadeeth:

“The isnaad (of this hadeeth) is strong on the condition of Muslim (author of Sahih Muslim), the men (in the isnaad) are (all) trustworthy, and they are all men found in the Shaykhayn’s (Bukhari & Muslim) other than `Abd Allaah bin Khuthaym, and he is `Abd Allaah bin `Uthmaa bin Khuthaym, and he is from the men of Muslim (sahih muslim), and he is trustworthy.”

Here is some more research on `Abd Allaah bin `Uthmaan bin Khuthaym:
Taken from Ibn Hajr’s Lisaan Al-Meezaan:
– بن خثيم اسمه عبد الله بن عثمان بن خثيم القاري المكي عن صفية بنت شيبة وأبي الطفيل وعنه السفيانان وثقه يحيى بن معين والعجلي
– He is said to be thiqah (trustworthy) by Ibn Ma`een and Al-`Ajalee

Source: Al-Mizzee’s Tahdheeb Al-Kamaal, vol. 5, pg. 279 – 282 (this is page 281), person # 3417 – Under `Abd Allaah bin `Uthmaan bin Khuthaym’s name

Here is what the Rijaal Scholars of the Sunnees say about `Abd Allaah bin `Uthmaan bin Khuthaym:
Ibn Ma’een – Thiqah
Al-`Ajalaee – Thiqah
Aboo Haatim – maa bihi ba’as, Saalih Al-Hadeeth
Nisaa’ee – Thiqah
In Ibn Hibbaan’s Kitaab Al-Thiqaat

By nadir zaveri


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11 responses to “Aisha[ra] was not murdered by any sahaba


    Dear our muslim brothers and sisters, If what the shia said is not true, so where is the actual grave site of Ummul mumemeen Aisha RA?

  2. ddd

    Dear Ismail the gaves name ist Jannetul Baqi

  3. Muawiyah Son Of A Bitch

    My Abu Sufian, Muawiyah and Yazeed live forever and Burn In Hell For Ever !

    • Bu Ali Shah

      Why we don’t tell our children that these were three generations who fought
      Three generations of hashmi’s I. E
      Muhammad resul Allah, Ali his son (in law) & grandson Hussain.
      Abu sufian fought our Prophet at Uhad.
      Muawah rebelled against Ali at battle of saffain
      Yazid malaoun forces versus Hussain at Karbala.

      As for Muawah’s mother – why we hide that she was hind or hinda the only person that
      The Prophet never forgave despite her becoming a Muslim. When she would come he
      would turn his face. He once said to his companions- is it possible that this woman does not come face to face with me ? HIND was also daughter & sister of utba & sheba resp. who master minded the Prophets exit & dishonour from Taif migration. & later both were slain by Ali in one of the ghazwas.

      May peace & blessings of Allah be upon the Prophet Muhammad & upon his descendents
      & cursed be their enemies.

      • Stop lying upon the Prophet (saw). You have lied enough about the Ahlulbayt who are free from your lies. The Prophet (saw) forgave hind when He entered Makkah. He was a man of mercy. Or is the Prophets (saw) judgement is not enough for you?

      • Qalandar

        Bu Ali Shah, you are absolutely right

  4. tahir

    Muawiyah Son Of A ….. please remove these lines.

  5. habib ali

    If bibi aisha was died natural death so where is,grave of bibi aisha i m waiting for your reply?

  6. Anonymous

    could you please translate that arabic into english

    waiting for response!

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  7. Suleman

    Sa salaam aleikum. You consider muawiya as deserving of R.A ?

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