Nahjul-balagha & its authenticity

Nahjul Balagha is not a religious book, the guy who collected these Sermons never intended on writing a book of Fiqh or Aqeedah and this is mainly why he didn’t care about the authenticity of the Texts inside his book, The purpose of this book is to show Eloquent Arabic literature, this is why he named it the “Peak of eloquence” or “Nahjul balagha, It is categorised by the scholars as a book of “Adab”… meaning a Book of Arab literature and No one with his right mind would use an Isnad-less book to build his religion. Shia Scholars were trying their best to dig up and find correct Sanads for such Khutbas unfortunately They never came up with anything convincing.

We ask the Shia for a Sahih Isnad to Ali bin abi talib RAA and they give us pathetic chains from God knows where, as if we’d accept a Shia isnad. The Shia scholars have been digging hard trying to find ANY source or anything which resembles these Khutbas of Nahjul Balagha in order to claim that the book is authentic, They tried to find and come up with any Isnad for the book so they can statisfy their followers and what they came up with was quite laughable and unacceptable to any man who has intelect, one of these scholars

who tried to defend this book is Abdul Zahra al Khatib, he writes in his book:

[ ان الشريف لم يجمع النهج لجعل منه مصدراً من مصادر الفقه ، او مدركاً من مدارك الاحكام ، بل كان جل قصده ان يخرج للناس جانباً من كلام امير المؤمنين الذي يتضمن من

عجائب البلاغة ، وغرائب الفصاحة ، وجواهر العربية ، وثواقب الكلم الدينية والدنيوية ما لا يوجد مجتمعاً في كلام ولا مجموع الاطراف في كتاب ، لذا تراه لم يذكر الاسانيد ، ولم

يتعرض للمصادر الا فيما ندر ]
[ مصادر نهج البلاغة واسانيده / عبد الزهراء الخطيب ص 27 ]

“Al Shareef did not collect Nahjul balagha to make it a book of Fiqh/Jurisprudence or a book to extract rulings from, But His aim was to reveal to the people a sample from the speech of Ameer al mumineen and to show the rare eloquence and the wonders of Arabic tongue and its jewels, This is why he never mentioned any Asanid or even sources unless very rarely” Source: [Masadir Nahjul balagha wa Asaniduhu/ Abdul Zahra al Khateeb page 27]

So it’s not even a religious book but a Book of Arab literature with absolutely no Isnads whatsoever Unlike the four ancient Main Shia books which are full of thousands of hadiths with and without Isnads, thus we cannot take anything from such book and build our religion or better yet build an entire Madhab based on such ridiculous book. As far as scientific Value, it has no scholarly or scientific value.

And this Guy who wrote an entire book to defend Nahjul Balagha’s Authenticity stated at the beginning of his book (and I want you to notice their Tactics):

فهل يطمع طامع بعد تلك الحوادث والكوارث في العثور على جميع مصادر نهج البلاغة بجميع مفرداته وفقراته ؟ كلا ثم كلا ]
[ مصادر نهج البلاغة واسانيده / عبد الزهراء الخطيب ص 24 ]

So would anyone be greedy enough after all of these distaters and incidents to ask for ALL THE SOURCES of Nahjul Balagha with all of its vocabulary? NO and Then NO!
[Masadir Nahjul Balagha wa Asaniduhu / Abdul Zahra page 24]

then he mentions in page 25
[ وما لحق مكتباتهم من التحريق ، حتى اضطر شيخ الطائفة اخيراً في سنة (450 هـ ) ان يهاجر الى النجف ]
And the burning of the Shia libraries until the sheikh al Taefa(TUSI) had to finally move to Najaf in 450 hijri“.

Note: So basically he’s telling the reader that the Shiite books have been attacked over and over and the Shiites have been oppressed and the sources of their books have dissapeared over time so it’s not logical for us to ask for the Sources of the Sermons Word per Word. although everyone knows that Tusi’s Library was burned 50 years after Nahjul Balagha was written and Tusi’s library was not the only one with this book in it. So it doesn’t affect the sources of Nahjul Balagha.

Then the Nahjul Balagha defender who Already stated that the sources of these Sermons had been burned and disappeared Said in Page 26:

[ وعلى هذا فليس بضائر فيما نحن فيه اذا كان فيما ننقله عما جعلناه مصادر للنهج ما يختلف معه اختلافاً يسيراً بزيادة عبارة او نقصان اخرى او اختلاف كلمة او سقوط جزء ]

[ مصادر نهج البلاغة واسانيده / عبد الزهراء الخطيب ص 26 ]

And It’s not harmful in this situation if we return to these sources of the Nahjul Balagha which we specified and if they have a little conflict with what’s in our book by addition of a phrase or deletion of a phrase or having different words or missing parts

Note: So Now he’s saying That there are Sources to these Sermons and Those sources Conflict (but by a Small amount) with what’s written in Nahjul Balagha…

Mashallah how academic. 🙂

He mentions in Page 25:
[ ذهاب معظم الاثار التي كانت في عهد الشريف الرضي بسبب الفتن والمحن كما المحنا لطرف منها انفاً ]
“The Disapearance of MOST of the sources during the Life of al shareef al Radhi because of Fitnah and hardships that we mentioned earlier”

Any Muslim with intellect knows that he’s paving the way to some of the weakest and most unreliable sources and the most unacceptable of Isnads ever.And God knows what his proof is when he says That The time of NahjuL Balagha was full of Fitnah.

From what we understand until now is that The Sources are different then what’s written inside the Nahj and some of them are missing phrases and adding phrases or missing Paragraphs or changing words and that we can’t get all the sources for these sermons and That even if we get sources the Isnad needs to be authentic and Sahih.

So until now the conclusion we draw is that we cannot attribute this book to imam Ali RAA by Jazm.

For detailed examination of the book Nahjul Balagha please visit this really useful website:


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13 responses to “Nahjul-balagha & its authenticity

  1. Diyaa110

    Thats just anti-shia propaganda I guess and I give you credit that you’re doing a great job of propagating false beliefs regarding the shia sect.

    You’re talking about the sources of all the sermons, I’ll give you ten sources just for the first sermon

    (1) Al-Harrani, Tuhaf, 57;
    (2) al-Kulayni, Usul al-Kafi, I, 140;

    (3) al-Qadi al-Quda`i, Dustur, 153;

    (4) al-Razi, Tafsir, II, 164;

    (5) Ibn Talhah, Matalib;

    (6) al-Zamakhshari, Rabi`, I, bab al-sama’ wa al-kawakib;

    (7) al-Wasiti, `Uyun, see al-Majlisi, Bihar, vol.77, 300, 423;

    (8) al-Rawandi, Sharh, see Kashif al-Ghita’, Madarik, 69;

    (9) al-Tabarsi, al-‘Ihtijaj, I, 150


    It is another thing if your sunni sources never mention sermons of nahjul balagha – which is not our problem, since sunnis cannot propagate the fact that Hazrat Ali had divine knowledge. As for scientific validity of Nahjul Balagha, just read the first sermon alone – and if you have any real scientific knowledge you’ll see how marvelously Imam Ali hints towards the modern scientific theories regarding the formation of the universe. That is a proof in itself for Nahjul Balagha’s validity.

  2. scheherzade

    @ diya110 Iman ALi even knew that brazil will be football champiom.LOL

    • Can Sacrifice for ALI A.S

      I believe and have enough resourse,just think a moment why are so many fiqah created it is just because of lack of information… As quran said that leave these kafir … cuz they will be happy when u convert to their religion….
      I must say that for a moment forget all narrated hadiths.Use your wisdom and think why maula Ali A.s born in Kabba ,Why nabi saw real daughter was married to maula ali, why didnt he fight against those who were wrong after saw death…. U will find answer. Iam so proud that we are lover of ali maula cuz his father in law also loved him . ….
      My father in law loves me too,this mean my son and grand sons are going to love him too. ANd iF suppose he is Bravest Army officer ever then my So on will also love army..
      SO PLease leave shaitan cuz ,maula and proht(saw) are both on sirat mustaqeem..And Shaitan is sitting below it .. And He know how can he make u a heller if u believe in prophet ….

      AND Yes EVEN IMAM ALI A.S KNOW THAT WHO WILL WIN 3014 Worldcup or whatever lolz…. NOt to mention how..

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  4. sabat jamal

    (1) Al-Harrani, Tuhaf, 57;
    (2) al-Kulayni, Usul al-Kafi, I, 140;

    (3) al-Qadi al-Quda`i, Dustur, 153;

    (4) al-Razi, Tafsir, II, 164;

    (5) Ibn Talhah, Matalib;

    (6) al-Zamakhshari, Rabi`, I, bab al-sama’ wa al-kawakib;

    (7) al-Wasiti, `Uyun, see al-Majlisi, Bihar, vol.77, 300, 423;

    (8) al-Rawandi, Sharh, see Kashif al-Ghita’, Madarik, 69;

    (9) al-Tabarsi, al-’Ihtijaj, I, 150


    Who are all these people??? are they all part of your man-made religion, which is founded on the basis of committing shirk with Allah swt by saying O Ali help us!

    Why none of these sources ever mentioned in any of the historic book of Islam?

    PS: Nahj ul Balagha was publish 400-500 years after Prophet SAW’s demise, their must be 4-6 generations in between, how about disclosing the name of all those chain of narrators and the credibility of their character?

  5. Bang-i-Dara

    @Sabat Jamal

    Just copy and paste on google you will find the information of each of individual referred above. All of above were Muslim Scholars.

    Sahih Muslim, Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj, was born into a Persian family in 204 AH (817/18 CE) in Nishapur (in modern-day Iran) and died in 261 AH (874/75 CE) in the city of his birth.

    Likewise, Muhammad ibn Isma`il al-Bukhari al-Ju`fi was born after the Jumu`ah prayer on Friday, 13 Shawwal 194 AH.

    Al-Hadiths/sayings are transferred/conveyed from generation to generations these all reputable scholars guys had just gathered some which they feel authentic/credible.

    All are worthy and renowned personality and will obviously be found in History of Islam. All you have to just search ….which is quiet easy nowadays on your finger tips:)

    Take Care,

  6. Saiyed Vajih

    How much saudi gov have paid you to write this??
    This is not arabian nights from Khalifa harun al rasheed to degrade ahlulbayat (a), its Nahjul balagah of Maula Ali(a).
    Stop such nonsense acts.

  7. Nadeem

    Prior to study of Nahj al-Balagha I had doubt in my chest regarding Big Bang theory, but after reading the Peak of Eloquence, I come to the conclusion that Big Bang theory is a copy concept {By reading this Book I got a clue of Quantum Mechanics that Math does not apply to God}. If you have doubt I request you to please read it out. If you do not find then please ask me reference in English language. For your doubt about Literature please trace out what is Ilm ul Kalam. Did not this branch teaches the science in the past (Golden age Muslim Rules in Middle East).

    • Malik

      Brother can you elaborate the point about Math not applying to God?? I would love to read more on it, specially from the standpoint of Maula Ali (AS).. Regards. iltamas-e-dua..

  8. norma

    This post made me so sad!!! So if all the books in the world are destroyed right now and someone tried to rewrite the Quran as best they saw fit are you going to investigate your beliefs???? No one is taking away your belief so maybe just stick to yours and allow shia’s to stick to theirs. Either way you will both rewrite YOUR own knowledge and in the end, you all follow the same God! So sad you began such a post the ugliness in your heart is what you should be questioning. Born sunni or shia in the end it’s up to Allah, if he wants to reveal the truth to you, he will. YOU cannot play Allah’s role and simply state what YOU think is authentic. HARAM!!!!!!

  9. norma

    Everything in this book cannot be faulted, in fact, you cannot contradict it at all. The only thing you can do is pick at it’s authenticity because you could not fault a single sermon or single verse!!!

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