Zurarah died the death of ignorance

Warning the biggest Narrator of the Shia Zurarah bin Ayyun who was close of Al Baqir and al Sadiq, He dies without recognizing the Imam of his time and dies the death of ignorance!!

ولما وقع الموت في زرارة واشتد به …..
قال لعمته : ناوليني المصحف ، فأخذ المصحف وفتحه ووضعه على صدره وقال : يا عمة اشهدي أن ليس لي إمام غير هذا الكتاب …..
رجال الكشي 139

And when the coming of death became harsher on Zurarah…
He said to his aunt: Hand the Quran over to me, So he took the book and opened it and placed it on his chest and said: O Aunt bear witness That I have No Imam except for this book.
Source: Rijal Al Kesshi 139.

This means he’s a Kaffir according to Shia.

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