Tahreef in Quran – 2

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Now lets move to further & see what other shia alims said about tahreef al-quran. Does they really mean abrogation!

Below is a self-charging document showing that rijal expert grand ayatullah al-Kho’ei believes the Qur’an to be altered and messed with by contributing such a belief to Ahlul-Bayt.

The following evidence is from his book Al-Bayaan fi tafseer al-Qur’an, published by Al-‘Alami Foundation, Beirut, Lebanon, 3rd ed. 1974, p. 226

الشبهة الثالثة : أن الروايات المتواترة عن أهل البيت – ع – قد دلت على تحريف القرآن فلا بد من القول به : والجواب : أن هذه الروايات لا دلالة فيها على وقوع التحريف في القرآن بالمعنى المتنازع فيه ، وتوضيح ذلك : أن كثيرا من الروايات ، وإن كانت ضعيفة السند ، فإن جملة منها نقلت من كتاب أحمد بن محمد السياري ، الذي اتفق علماء الرجال على فساد مذهبه ، وأنه يقول بالتناسخ ، ومن علي بن أحمد الكوفي الذي ذكر علماء الرجال أنه كذاب ، وأنه فاسد المذهب إلا أن كثرة الروايات تورث القطع بصدور بعضها عن المعصومين عليهم السلام ولا أقل من الاطمئنان بذلك ، وفيها ما روي بطريق معتبر فلا حاجة بنا إلى التكلم في سند كل رواية بخصوصها

Which says:

Shubha 3:
The mutawatir narrations from Ahlul-Bayt [as] indicate that tahreef has took place in the Qur’an, and therefore it must be adopted.

There is no indication in these narrations pointing to the fact of tahreef as in the disputed meaning of the word. To explain that: a great number of these narrations, though they are of weak isnad, a good number of them were copied from the book Ahmad b. Muhammad al-Sayyari, whom the scientists of Rijal have a consensus on the invalidity of his mazhab, and the fact he believes in the incarnation, as well as from Ali b. Muhammad al-Kufi who has been charged by the scientists of Rijal to be a liar and pointed to his invalid mazhab. However, the multitude of these narrations force us to believe that some of them have definately been issued by the infallibles [as], that is the least we can be sure of, and some of them have been narrated with a considerable Isnad, and therefore there is no need to examin each and every Isnad of them.

Source: Link to 3rd ed. 1974, p. 226


Now move to second grand rafidi shia alim namely majlisi:

“and traditions from the ways of the elite (i.e Shia) and the public (i.e Sunnah) regarding omission and change are numerous (mutawatir), and logic dectates that if the Quran was seperated and spread amongst people, then if a fallible has tried to collect it, then it is highly unlikely that its collection would be complete and in compliance with reality. However, there is no doubt that people are obliged to work with what is included in the Mushafs and to read it until Al-Qayem appears, and this is known through numersous traditions (mutawatir) from the way of Ahlul Bayt and most traditions relating to this topic point to omission and change, and many of it will be related in the chapters”

Note: Again he believe in tahreef not abrogation.


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  1. Shani

    Where are the Shia who still claim 2 b on right path

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