Sunni/Shia: Date of some famous book publications

SUNNI Books:
1. Bukhari Sharif: Imam Abu AbdULLAH Muhammad Bin Ismail Bukhari. 256 Hijri
2. Muslim Sharif: Imam Muslim Bin Hajjaj Bin Muslim Qasheri. 261 Hijri
3. Tirmizi Sharif: Imam Abu Eesa Muhammad Bin Eesa Al-Tirmizi. 279 Hijri
4. Abu-Daood: Imam Abu Daood Sulaiman Bin Asha’t. 275 Hijri
5. Sunan-Nisai: Imam Abu Abdul Rehman Ahmed Bin Ali Nisai. 303 Hijri
6. Ibn-e-Majah: Imam Abu AbdULLAH Muhammad Ibn-e-Majah Al-Qazwaini. 273 Hijri

SHIA Books:
1. Al-Kafi: Abu Jaffar Muhammad Bin Yaqoob Al-Kulayni. 339 Hijri
2. Man-La Yah Zarh-ul-Faqeeh (Fiqah-e-Jafriya): Abu Jaffar Muhammad Ali Qami. 381 Hijri
3. Al-Istabsar: Abu Jaffar Muhammad Bin Al-Hassan Tusi. 460 Hijri
4. Tehzeeb-ul-Ahkaam: Abu Jaffar Muhammad Bin Al-Hassan Tusi. 460 Hijri

Note: The first book of shia published when shia 12th imam went into GHAIBAT-E-KUBRA!
GHAIBAT-E-SUGHRA (when 12th imam talkes to their supporters): START IN YEAR 260 HIJRI UNTILL YEAR 329 HIJRI
GHAIBAT-E-KUBRA(when 12th imam hides): START IN YEAR 339 HIJRI STILL ON….

Comment: I want you to think on the dates of Shias and Sunnis.
Why the dates were so late in SHIA? What were they composing? Which weak Hadith?
The answer is simple. Every one knows what they were doing!

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