Some fabricated/weak hadiths regarding Ameer-e-muawiyah(ra)

Layman Shia always bark that when their  is any sunni hadith in the favour of ahul-bayt(as) then your sunni alims graded them weak! i.e. why you sunni’s are nawasib (i.e. hater of ahul-bayt of rasoo-allah) & lover of ummayyad!

Let me show you some hadiths on hazrat ameer-e-muawiyah(ra) from sunni source graded weak/fabricated by sunni alims:

1) The hadith of Anas bin Malik that the Prophet said, “Oh Mu’awiyah, this is a pen given to you by your Lord.” This hadith has been called a fabrication by Ibnul Jawzi in his Mawdoo’aat 2/250, Al-Thahabi in Al-Siyar 3/129, and Al-Shawkaani in Al-Fawa’id Al-Majmoo’a #403.

2) The hadith of Abdullah bin Omar that the Prophet said that Mu’awiyah will receive ajir every time someone reads Ayatul Kursi because he wrote it. This hadith has been called a fabrication by Ibnul Jawzi in his Mawdoo’aat 2/251.

3) The hadith of Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari that the Prophet said after Mu’awiya wrote down Ayatul Kursi, “May Allah forgive your sins up until the day of judgement O’ Mua’wiyah.” Weakened by Al-Thahabi in Siyar A’alam Al-Nubalaa’ 3/129.

4) The hadith of the Prophet , “Those that are trustworthy are three, me, Jibreel, and Mu’awiyah.” This has been called a fabrication by Al-Nasa’ee, Ibn Hibban in Al-Majrooheen 1/160, Ibn Adi in Al-Kamil 1/315, Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdaadi in Tareekh Baghdad 8/12, Ibnul Jawzi in his Mawdoo’aat 2/253, Al-Thahabi in Al-Siyar and Mizan Al-I’itidal 3/130 – 1/126+503, Ibn Katheer in Al-Bidaya 8/123, and Ibn Hajar in Al-Lisan 1/568.

5) The hadith of Abdullah bin Bisr that the Prophet said, “Mu’awiyah is strong and trustworthy.” This hadith is mursal (weak) according to Ibn Abi Hatim in his Ilal 4/46.

6) The hadith of Jabir bin Abdullah, Ali bin Abi Talib, and Ibn Abbas that Jibreel came to the Prophet and told him to let Mu’awiya write because he is trustworthy. A fabrication according to Ibnul Jawzi in his Mawdoo’aat 2/252+254, and weak according to Ibn Adi in Al-Kamil 2/99, Al-Thahabi in Al-Mizan 3/630, Al-Zayla’ee in Takhreej Al-Kashaf 1/445, Ibn Katheer in Al-Bidaya 8/123, Al-Haythami in Majma’a Al-Zawa’id 9/360, Al-Suyuti in Al-La’ali’I Al-Manoo’a 1/419, and Al-Shawkaani in Al-Fawai’d # 404.

7) The hadith of Anas and Abu Huraira that the Prophet gave Mu’awiyah an arrow and said to him, “Take this arrow until we meet in heaven.” Weak and fabricated by Ibnul Jawzi in Al-Mawdoo’at 2/258, Ibn Adi in Al-Kamil 8/375, Al-Thahabi in Al-Siyar and Al-Mizan 3/130 – 3/332, Ibn Hajar in Al-Lisan 6/297 + 8/377, Al-Shawkaani in Al-Fawa’id #405, and Al-Ma’alami in Al-Anwar Al-Kashifa #209.

8 ) The hadith of Huthaifa bin Al-Yaman in which the Prophet says, “Mu’awiya will appear in cloak of light.” Fabrication by Ibn Hibban, Ibn Al-Qaysaraani, and Al-Thahabi.

9) The hadith of Anas in which the Prophet says that he meets his companions in heaven with the exception of Mu’awiya who he meets after seventy to eighty years. Then Mu’awiya says that he was in a garden under the throne of Allah. A fabrication according to Ibnul Jawzi, Al-Thahabi, Ibn Adi, Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdaadi, Ibn Asaakir, and Al-Shawkani.

10) The hadith of Uthman bin Affan that the Prophet said, “Congratulations O’ Mu’awiyah, you have become trustworthy of the news from the heavens.” Fabrication according to Al-Thahabi in Al-Siyar.

11) The hadith of Al-Shadad bin Aws that the Prophet said, “Mua’wiyah is the most generous from my ummah.” A fabrication according to Ibn Asakir, Ibnul Jawzi, and Ibn Hajar.

12) The hadith of Abu Sa’eed Al-Khudari that the Prophet said, “Mu’awiyah rises from the grave on the day of judgement wearing a cloak from sundus…” A fabrication according to Al-Thahabi in Al-Siyar. 3/130

13) The hadith of Abdullah bin Omar that the Prophet said, “A man will appear from this door and he will be one of the people of paradise,” then Mu’awiya entered. A fabrication according to Ibn Adi, Al-Thahabi, and Ibn Hajar.


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7 responses to “Some fabricated/weak hadiths regarding Ameer-e-muawiyah(ra)

  1. sonia

    all the refrences given above are weak one as all of the referencee are oponent of Hazrat Amir Mu’awiyah. do not refer any biased reference

  2. tausif

    Its funny how a man who fought against Mohammad sm. And killed his grand children’s still considered as a saint.muyawiya was a god know..Read the history u bloody fools

    • Shani

      Actually brother u need to do the reading.

      Ameer mawiyah fought prophet s.a.w prior to becoming a Muslim once a person becomes a Muslim all sins are forgiven without exception.

      Which grandson did he kill??

      Your lack of knowledge amazes me, the only ones who murdered ahle bayt were Shia.

      You murdered imam Hussein by calling him to kufa and you murdered imam zayd ibn Ali because you abandoned him on the battlefield, why? Just because he refused to curse Sunni caliphs and instead said I’ve never heard any of my family say anything but good of them.

      • ghostrider2014

        Mr Tauseef you should go and read one of the most famous and authentic book of Shia “RAJJAL KASHI”. In this book there is a hadees regardin the tranfer of Khilafat from Hazrat Imam Hassan R.Z to Hazrat Ammer Moavia R.Z. That how Hazrat Imam Hassan R.Z did Bait and gave the Khilafat to Hazrat Ameer Moavia R.Z.

      • Russel

        If you want to know Karbala , you need to look at 20 years rule of Ameer Muawiyah.

        Prophet said that khilafat will last 30 years after that cruel Monarchy.

        Now should we accept words of prophet or you ?

      • Prophet (saw) didn’t say “cruel Monarchy”, that is something you just made up.

  3. ghostrider2014

    one thing more Mr Tausif. Shia has killed Hazrat imam Hussain R.Z and Ahl e bait in the Karbala. It is also proved from Shia Books

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