Some earlier sunni books on Musannaf and Musnad

Hadith Literature 110-330 AH / 728-941 AD:

Scholars who composed major Musannaf and Musnad works:

Makhul al-Shami (d.116/734), author of a Kitab al-Sunan.

Abd al-Malib b. Jurayj (d.150/767), author of al-Jami’ and/or al-Sunan; these works of his were copied by his student Hajjaj b. Muhammad (d.206/821).

A small work entitled Juz’ Ibn Jurayj has by this Imam been published by Dar al-Kawthar, Riyad 1412. It contains 73 narrations with full Isnad.

Ma’mar b. Rashid (d.153/770), author of al-Jami’

The Jami’ has been discovered by Fuat Muhammad Sezgin, author of the Tarikh Turath al-‘Arabi, and edited. The work can be found also at the end of the edition of the Musannaf of Abd al-Razzaq, ed. by Habib al-Rahman al-A’zami. It is a major source with more then 1600 narrations with Sanads.

Sa’id b. Abi ‘Aruba (d.156/773), author of a Kitab al-Sunan

His book Kitab al-Manâsik has been published and is one of the oldest existent works. It contains besides ahâdith also athâr of Companions and Followers. But the biggest part are questions and answers by the author and others. A major authority in this book is the well-known late Follower Qatâda b. Di’ama al-Sadusi, that some thought that Qatâda is the author but that is not correct. The book has been edited by ‘Amir Hasan Sabri and published by Dar al-Bashâ’ir in 1421.

al-Awza’i, Abd al-Rahman b. ‘Amr (d.157/773), author of a Kitab al-Sunan

There exist a book published by Dar al-Nafa’is in Beirut in 1993 known as: Sunan al-Awza’i: Ahadith wa-Athar wa-Fatawa. This is not composed by Imam al-Awza’i himself. For quotations from his books see also Abu Yusuf’s Radd ‘ala Siyar al-Awza’i and al-Shafi’i’s K. al-Umm.

Ibn Abi Dhi’b (d.159/776), author of a Kitab al-Sunan.

The book mentioned as al-Sunan by Ibn al-Nadim is probably a book authored by this Imam under the title al-Muwatta’. This Muwatta’ has been compiled before that of Imam Malik. The work(s) have not been found.

Sufyan al-Thawri (d.161/778), author of al-Jami’ al-Kabir and many other works; al-Thawri dictated this book of his own to Abdallah b. al-Walid al-‘Adani.

No book of his has been found, beside a small Hadith manuscript and the Tafsir published in Pakistan.

Ibrahim b. Tahman al-Khurasani (d.163/780), author of a Kitab al-Sunan.

Part of this lost Sunan has been found and published from a manuscript, Zahiriyyah, bearing the title “Mashyakha”, which is a mistake by a copyist. The hadiths (208) contained in this ms are probably part of his Chapter Radd ‘ala’l-Jahmiyyah, similar to the Chapters of the Sunan Abu Dawud, Sunan Ibn Maja etc. This part has been edited by Muhammad Tâhir Mâlik and published in Damascus 1403.

Za’ida b. Qudamah (d.163/780), author of a Kitab al-Sunan which was transmitted by Mu’awiya b. ‘Amr al-Azdi (d.214/828).

Hammad b. Salama (d.167/783), author of a Musannaf and other books.

None of his works have been recovered.

al-Rabi’ b. al-Sabih (d.170/786), author of a Musnad which is published.

al-Layth b. Sa’d (d.175/791), author of several works

A Juz’ fihi Majlis Fawâ’id al-layth b. Sa’d has been published from him by Dar ‘Alim al-Kutub lil-Nashr wa’l-Tawzi’, Riyas 1407. The Risalah send to Malik is published many times, the latest in a nice collection by Abu Ghuddah.

Malik b. Anas al-Asbahi (d.179/795), author of al-Muwatta which is a Jami’ and well-known.

al-Nasa’i (d.303) authored the Musnad Malik. There are other Masânid to, published also.

Isma’il b. Ja’far b. Abi Kathir (d.180/796)

Hadith Isma’il b. Ja’far is a fine collection of 473 narrations, published in 1418 by Maktabat al-Rushd. Many narrations in it are Thulatiyyât (that is: narrations containing just three narrators till the Prophet).

Abdallah b. al-Mubarak (d.181/797), author of a Musnad and many other books

Published as: Musnad Abdallah b. al-Mubarak, wa-yalihi Kitab al-Birr wa-Silah. Edited by Mustafa Uthman Muhammad, Dar al-Kutub al-‘Ilmiya, Beirut 1991. An earlier edition by Subhi al-Badri al-Samarri, published by Maktabat al-Ma’arif in Riyad, is also fine. Ibn al-Mubarak authored beside the Musnad also K. al-Jihad and K. al-Zuhd, both edited. The K. al-Jihad has been published in 1972 in Tunis and edited by Naziha Hammad. The K. al-Zuhd has been published in 1419 by Dar Kutub al-‘Ilmiyyah by Habiburrahman al-A’zami. The K. al-Zuhd contain much more narrations than the Musnad (272 ahadith).

Isma’il b. ‘Ayyash (d.181/797), author of a Musannaf and other books.

Abu Yusuf Ya’qub b. Ibrahim (d.182/798), author of many books

The Imam and Qadi Abu Yusuf, student of Imam Abu Hanifah, is the author of the Kitab al-Athar published many times. It contains many ahâdith (especially on the authority of Abu Hanifah) in the form of a Sunan (i.e. starting with al-Tahara etc); at least 1000 narrations it contains. An early publication – and the first – is the 1355 Hyderbad ed. by Abu’l-Wafa al-Afghani.

Hisham b. Bashir (d.183/799), author of a Kitab al-Sunan

He’s one of the first major teachers of Imam Ahmad, and he reported much from him. He also authored a Tafsir and a book on Qira’at.

Ibrahim b. Muhammad Abu Yahya al-Aslami (d.184/800), author of al-Muwatta’ – a larger book than that of Imam Malik.

al-Mu’âfa b. ‘Imrân al-Mawsili (d.185/801)

His Kitab al-Zuhd contains 268 ahâdith and is edited also by ‘Amir Hasan Sabri and published by Dar al-bashâ’ir al-Islamiyyah in 1420.

Muhammad b. al-Hasan al-Shaybani (d.189/805), author of many works

Another famous student of Imam Abu Hanifah, al-Shaybani is the author of a Kitab al-Athar. Also edited by Abu’l-Wafa al-Afghani and published several times it incl. some 266 narrations with Isnads. He published also Malik’s Muwatta’ in his own amended version.

Isma’il b. Ibrahim al-Azdi, known as Ibn ‘Ulayyah (d.193/809), author of K. al-Tafsir, K. al-Taharah, K. al-Salat, and K. al-Manasik – probably part of a bigger Musannaf-work.

Muhammad b. Fudayl (d.195/811), author of a Kitab al-Sunan

His Kitab al-Du’a in manuscript can be found at the Zahiriyyah, Syria.

Waki’ b. al-Jarrah (d.197/812), author of a Musannaf transmitted by ‘Abbas b. Warraq (d.233/847) and quoted by Imam Ahmad in his Musnad.

Part of the lost Musannaf consist probably of his Kitab al-Zuhd, which has been published by the Mu’assasat al-Kutub al-Thaqafiyyah, Beirut 1993.

Abdallah b. Wahb (d.197/812), author of al-Jami’, al-Muwatta and a Musnad, the latter being transmitted by Muhammad b. Abd al-Hakam al-Misri.

As for the Jami’, a part of it which has been found recently, then it has been published in Germany by Miklos Muranyi as: al-Gami’. Die Koranwissenschaften, in Wiesbaden, 1992. As for the Muwatta’, then it isn’t Malik’s Muwatta in the riwaya of Ibn Wahb, but another book of Abdallah b. Wahb in which he made use of the famous Mu’watta. This book has also been published – partly – by M. Muranyi in Wiesbaden, 1992.

Sufyan b. ‘Uyayna (d.198/813), author of al-Jami’

A small collection of his narrations is published.

Rabi’ b. Habib al-Farahidi (d.2nd century), author of a Jami’.

The book is known as al-Jami’ al-Sahih, used in particular by the ‘Ibadiyyah. The work reports Hadiths from Abdallah b. ‘Abbas, ‘Aysha b. Abi Bakr and others, mostly through Basran Shuyukh. The work has been published more than once; the latest is the 4-volume edition by Dar al-Hikma, Beirut, and Maktabat al-Istiqama, from Oman, in 1995.

Abu Dawud al-Tayalisi (d.203/813), author of a Musnad

One of the earliest preserved Musnad-compilations. The first modern publication is from Hayderabad, dated 1321. The newest publication is the 1999 4 volume edition from Muhammad b. Abd al-Muhsin al-Turki with the help of the Markaz al-Buhuth wa’l-Dirasat al-‘Arabiyyah wa’l-Islamiyyah of Dar Hajar.

Muhammad b. Idris al-Shafi’i (d.204/820), author of many works incl. a Musnad and Sunan

The book al-Sunan al-Ma’thur by Imam al-Shafi’i is authored by him and narrated through al-Tahawi from al-Muzani. It contains 625 ahâdith and is publsihed by Dar al-Ma’rifah in Beirut 1406.

Abd al-Razzaq al-San’ani (d.211/d.826), author of a Musannaf

The major collection of Hadiths, Athar and Aqwal known as al-Musannaf Abd al-Razzaq al-San’ani, has been edited by Habib al-Rahman al-A’zami of India and published in Beirut, 1390-1392/1970-1972, by the Majlis al-‘Ilmi in 10 volumes. The K. al-Salat is not yet published, as far as we know; a manucript is housed in the Zahiriyyah, Syria. The so-claimed newly found lost part of the Musannaf edited in 2005 by the Jahmite and lying ‘Isa al-Himyari, wherein he asserted that the hadith of Jabir on Muhammad being the first created being is Sahih, is a modern day forgery! So take heed of that. Refer to:

Abu Ishaq Ibrahim al-Surini al-Nishapuri (d.213)

Abdallah b. Zubayr al-Humaidi (d.219/834), author of a Musnad

Published in two volumes by Habib al-Rahman al-A’zami in: Manshurat al-Majlis al-‘Ilmi, in Karachi, 1963, also by the Majlis al-‘Ilmi.

Abu ‘Ubayd al-Qasim b. Sallam (d.223/837), author of a Musnad

He has other works published, such as the most important Gharib al-Hadith.

‘Ubaydallah b. Musa al-Kufi, author of a Musnad

Sa’id b. Mansur (d.227/842), author of a Kitab al-Sunan which is also known as an Musnad

The Sunan Sa’id b. Mansur has been published by Dar al-Sumay, Riyad, in five volumes in 1993. The editor is Sa’d b. Abdallah b. Abd al-‘Aziz Âl Humayyid. The publication of this Sunan edited by Habib Abd al-Rahman is in a volume is outdated.

Abu Ja’far Muhammad b. Sabbah al-Dulabi (d.227/842), author of a Kitab al-Sunan

Musaddad b. Musarhad (d.228/843), author of a Musnad

Yahya b. Abd al-Hamid al-Himmani (d.228/843), author of a Musnad

Nu’aym b. Hammad al-Khuza’i (d.228/844), author of a Musnad

Only the Kitab al-Fitan has been found and edited. Unfortunetaly, 80% of all narrations are weak and many are spurious.

Waki’ b. al-Jarrâh al-Ru’asi (d.229/845), author of a Musannaf

He has a Kitab al-Zuhd published by Dar Ibn Hazm 1424 and before. It contains 539 narrations, many of which ara ahâdith. There is also a Nuskhat ‘an al-A’mash published from him in 1986 containing 41 narrations.

‘Ali b. al-Ja’d (d.230/845), author of a Musnad

The earliest publication, as far as we know, is by Maktabat al-Falah, Kuwayt, in 1985, in 2 volumes as Musnad Ibn al-Ja’d. The editor is Abd al-Mahdi b. Abd al-Qadir b. Abd al-Hadi. Later published also as: Musnad Ibn al-Ja’d, in Beirut, 1990, by Dar Kutub al-‘Ilmiyyah. The editor ís ‘Amir Ahmad Haydar. There exist an hadith-collection of his in manuscript-form in Koprulu, Turkey.

Abu Rabi’ Sulayman b. Abi Dawud al-Zahrani (d.234/849), author of a Musnad

Zuhayr b. Harb al-Nasa’i, Abu Khaythama (d.234/848), author of a Musnad

Nothing has been found of his Musnad, but the Kitab al-‘Ilm – maybe part of a Musannaf book – has been published in 1966 and edited by Muhammad Nasir al-Din al-Albani.

Abu Bakr b. Abi Shayba (d.235/849), author of a Musannaf and a Musnad.

His book al-Musannaf has been published for decades now, as: al-Kitab al-Musannaf fi’l-Ahadith wa’l-Athar, in 15 volumes. Edited by Abd al-Khalqi Khan al-Afghani, Mukhtar Ahmad al-Nadwi and ‘Amir al-‘Umari al-Azami, in Bombay 1399-1403/1966-1983. There are also two later published editions, both from 1989. Besides this voluminous work he authored alo many other books, incl. a K. al-Iman, published in 1966 by Muhammad Nasir al-Din al-Albani, and a K. al-Adab, Zahiriyyah, Syria.

As for the Musnad, which is less known with the general public, then it has been published in two volumes by Dar al-Watan in 1997, Riyad. The editors are Abu Abd al-Rahman ‘Adil b. Yusuf al-Ghazzawi and Abu’l-Fawaris Ahmad Farid al-Mazidi.

Sahl b. Zanjala (d.238), author of a Musnad

Ishaq b. Ibrahim b. Rahawayh (d.238), author of a Musnad

The part of ‘Aysha b. Abi Bakr has been edited by Jamilah Shawkat, and published by Kulliyat al-‘Ulum al-Islami wa’l-Sharqiyyah of the University of Punjab in 1991 as: Musnad Aisha bint Abi Bakr al-Siddiq. There exist also an earlier publication of the Musnad Ishaq b. Rahawayh, edited by Abd al-Ghafur Abd al-Haqq Husayn Burr al-Balushi. This edition has been published in adinah by Maktabat al-Iman in 1990. Its not known to us whether this is the same work, or a larger recovery of the Musnad of Ibn Rahawayh.

Khalifah b. Khayyat al-‘Usfuri (d.240/854), author of the famous Tabaqat and Tarikh.

There’s a book published in 1985 by the well-known scholar Akram Diya al-‘Umari as: Musnad Khalifah b. Khayyat: ahadith majmu’ah. Whether this is a new found collection or a reconstructed one by the editor is not known to us. It is in 115 pages and published in Beirut.

Ibn Kasib (d.241/855), author of a Musnad

Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Hanbal (d.241/855), author of a Musnad

Imam Ahmad’s al-Musnad is famous. Its real author is his son, Abdallah b. Ahmad (d.303), who edited the Hadiths of his father in one book. The 30.000 hadiths collected in it has been published many times; the best publications are that of Ahmad Muhammad Shakir, Cairo 1949-1955, by Dar al-Ma’arif, and Shu’ayb al-Arna’ut, Beirut. There’s also a nice edition by Abdallah al-Darwish and Abu’l-Fida al-Naqid, published in 10 volumes by Dar al-Fikr in 1991, Beirut. If I remember well: Shu’ayb counted 27.000 narrations.

Ahmad b. Mani’ al-Marwazi (d.244/857), author of a Musnad

al-Asamm, Muhammad b. Ya’qub (d.246/860), author of the Musnad al-Shafi’i.

al-Dawraqi, Ahmad b. Ibrahim (d.246/860), author of a Musnad

His Musnad Sa’d b. Abi Waqqas has been published by Dar al-Basha’ir al-Islamiyyah in 1987, in Beirut. The editor is ‘Amir Hasan Sabri.

‘Abd b. Humayd (d.249/863), author of a Musnad

Part of his book has been published as: al-Muntakhab min Musnad ‘Abd b. Humayd by ‘Alam al-Kutub, Beirut, in 1988. It has been edited by Subhi Badri al-Samarra’i and Mahmud Muhammad al-Sa’idi.

Abdallah b. Abd al-Rahman al-Darimi (d.255/869), author of a Kitab al-Sunan

The Sunan al-Darimi, edited by Fawwaz Ahmad Zamarli and Khalid al-Sab’a al-‘Alami in 2 volumes. Published in 1987, Beirut, by Dar al-Kitab al-‘Arabi. There is a Tartib of the Sunan al-Darimi publsihed by Maktabat al-Rushd, Riyad, in the same year.

Ahmad b. al-Furat al-Dabbi al-Razi, Abu Mas’ud (d.258/872), author of Musannaf and Musnad-books

Nothing of his many Musnad and Musannaf-books ahve been found, but there exist according to Sezgin a manuscript in teh Zahiriyyah, Syria, entitled: Juz’ fih khabar Ahmad b. al-Furat.

Ya’qub b. Shaybah, Abu Yusuf (d.262/875), author of the Musnad al-Kabir al-Mu’allal

Part of it: al-Juz’ al-‘Ashir min Musnad Amir al-Mu’minin ‘Umar b. al-Khattab ‘an al-Nabi, has been published, as Musnad Amir al-Mu’minun ‘Umar b. al-Khattab. The editor is: Kamal Yusuf al-Hut; publisher: Mu’assasat al-Kutub al-Thaqafiyyah, Beirut, 1985. The publication entitled as al-Juz’ al-‘Ashir.. has been published earlier on in 1970, but the editor is unknown. There seems to exist also an early 1940 Beirut publication.

Abu Zur’a al-Razi, Ubaydallah b. Abd al-Karim (d.264/878), author of a Musnad

His Kitab al-Zuhd has been quoted in the Isaba of Ibn Hajar; many of his hadiths have been recorded by Ibn Abi Hatim al-Razi in his Taqdima, Jarj wa’l-Ta’dil and other works.

Abu Umaya Muhammad b. Ibrahim al-Tarsusi, (d.273/886), author of a Musnad

A Juz’ min al-Musnad of his, see Sezgin, can be located in the Zahiriyyah, Syria.

Ibn Abi Gharza al-Kufi, Abu ‘Amr Ahmad b. Hazim al-Ghifari (d.275/888), author of a Musnad

His Musnad ‘Abis al-ghifari wa-jama’a min al-sahaba, see Sezgin, can be loacted in the Zahiriyyah, Syria.

Baqi b. Makhlad al-Qurtubi, Abu Abd al-Rahman (d.276/889), author of the great Musnad

The fahrasa (index) of this lost Musnad, may Alllah recover it!, has been edited in a short work based on Ibn Hazm and other sources. His hadiths (as quoted from the Musnad) can be found in the works of manu Andalusians, in particular Ibn Hazm and ibn ‘Abd al-Barr. A work known as al-Muntaqa min hadith Baqi b. Makhlad wa-Hannad wa’l-Farisi wa’l-Jawhari wa-min amâli Ibn al-Samarqandi mentions in all probability the lost riwayat of Hadith of this Imam; the work can be found in the Zahiriyyah, Syria.

Abu Hatim al-Razi, Muhammad b. Idris al-Hanzali (d.277/890), author of a Musnad

A Kitab al-Zuhd can be located, according to Sezgin, in the Zahiriyyah, Syria. For references to his hadiths, see Ibn Abi Hatim al-Razi’s books.

Abu’l-‘Abbas al-Bartî, Ahmad b. Muhammad b. ‘Isa (d.281/894), author of a Musnad

He authored a Musnad, part of it discovered, published as Musnad Abd al-Rahman b. ‘Awf: Riwayat Abu Sahl Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Ziyad al-Qattan. It has been edited by Salâh b. ‘Ayid al-Shallâhi, and the publisher is Dar Ibn Hazm, Beirut 1994.

al-Harith b. Abi Usama, Abu Muhammad al-Tamimi (d.282/895), author of a Musnad

Part of this Musnad is al-Muntaqa, a manuscript in Cairo, and al-‘Awali al-Mustakhraja min Musnad al-Harith, in the riwayat of Abu Bakr Ahmad b. Yusuf b. Khallad (d.359/969), a manuscript in the Zahiriyyah, Syria.

Ibrahim b. Harb al-‘Askari, Abu Ishaq (d.3rd century), author of a Musnad

His Musnad Abu Hurayra is in the Zahiriyyah, Syria.

al-Bazzâr, Abu Bakr (d.292/905), author of a Musnad

al-Musnad has been edited and published.

Abu Bakr al-Marwazi, Ahmad b. ‘Ali al-Umawi (d.292/905), author of a Musnad

His Musnad Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, part of a greater Musnad in all probability, has been published in Beirut, in 1390; the editor is Shu’ayb al-Arna’ut. Another hadith-collection of his, known as Hadith Abu Bakr al-Marwazi, can be found in the Zahiriyyah, Syria; the same counts for his K. al-Wara’, which has been edited and published.

al-Hasan b. Sufyan al-Nasawi, Abu’l-‘Abbas (d.303/916), author of a Musnad

His Musnad has not been found yet, but quoetd by Ibn Hajar in the Isaba. A collection of his Forty Hadiths has been located in the Zahiryyah, Syria.

Abu Ya’la al-Mawsili (d.307/919), author of a voluminous Musnad

Musnad Abu Ya’la has been published more then once. The latest, and greatest, publication is by Dar al-Ma’mun li’l-Turath, Damascus, in 16 volumes, edited by Husayn Salim Asad, between the years 1984-1994.

al-Rûyâni, Muhammad b. Harun (d.307/919), author of a Musnad

Musnad al-Ruyani in 3 volumes is a precious collection of Hadiths, collected by Abu Bakr Muhammad b. Harun al-Ruyani. Editor is Ayman Ali Abu Yamani, published by Mu’assasat Qurtubah in 1995.

Abu Hafs al-Bujayri, ‘Umar b. Muhammad al-Hamadhani al-Samarqandi (d.311/923), author of al-Jami’ al-Sahih

His Jami’ al-Musnad can be found in the Zahiriyyah, Syria.

Muhammad b. Ishaq b. Khuzaymah (d.311/923), author of the Sahih

Ibn al-Baghandi, Abu Bakr Muhammad b. Muhammad b. Sulayman (d.312/925), author of a Musnad

He authored the Musnad Amir al-Mu’minun Umar b. Abd al-‘Aziz, edited by Muhammad ‘Awwama, published by Maktabat Dar al-Da’wah, Aleppo, in 1397. There’s also another publication of this Musnad by the Maktabat al-Thaqafah al-Diniyyah, Cairo, in 1986. The editor of this publication is Abu Hajar Muhammad al-Sa’id b. Basyuni Zaghlul. Ibn al-Baghandi is also the author of other recently found books.

Abu’l-‘Abbas al-Sarraj, Muhammad b. Ishaq al-Nisaburi (d.313/925), author of a Musnad

Part of this Musnad can be located in the Zahiriyyah, Syria.

Abu ‘Awana al-Isfara’ini (d.316/928), author of the Musnad al-Mustakhraj ‘ala Kitab Muslim b. al-Hajjaj

For the first time, al-Musnad, published by Da’irat al-Ma’arif al-‘Uthmaniyyah, Hayderabad, in 1362/1943. In 1995, Maktabat al-Sunnah, in Cairo, published an additional part of this Musnad as: al-Qism al-Mafqud min Musnad Abi ‘Awana: al-mustakhraj min Sahih Muslim; the editor is Ayman ‘Arif al-Dimashqi.

Abu Bakr b. Abi Dawud, Abdallah b. Sulayman b. al-Ash’ath (d.316/928), author of a Musnad

Part of this work is: Musnad ‘Aisha, see Sezgin, in the Zahiriyyah, Syria.

Abu’l-Qasim al-Baghawi, Abdallah b. Muhammad (d.317/929), author of a Musnad

Published as Musnad al-Hibb b. al-Hibb Usama b. Zayd by Dar al-Diya’, Riyad in 1989, and edited by Abu Ashbal al-Zuhayri Hasan b. Amin ibn al-Manduh. Sezgin, mistakenly, ascribed the work to Abu’l-Qasim al-Baghawi, Yazid b. Bint Ahmad b. Mani’, born in 213/828 and died in the same year as the well-known Imam al-Baghawi. al-Baghawi is also the author of a Mu’jam, Tarikh, Masa’il Ahmad b. Hanbal and other works.

Ibn Sâ’id, Abu Muhammad Yahya b. Muhammad al-Baghdadi (d.318/930), author of a Musnad

The Musnad Abu Bakr al-Siddiq has been located in the Zahiriyyah, Syria.

Ibn Abi Hatim, Abu Muhammad Abd al-Rahman al-Razi (d.327/938), author of a Musnad

His ‘Ilal al-Hadith has been published in 2 volumes in Cairo in 1926, also his K. al-Marasil in Hayderabad in 1341. Hadiths of his can also be found in his great Jarjh wa’l-Ta’dil, the Taqdima, and a single manuscript entitled as: Hadith, in the Zahiriyyah, Syria.

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