Fear of Shia imam mehdi(as)

Lets see what shia alim believe about the bravery of the only personality namely shia imam mahdi(as)!

Why Does the Mahdi of the Twelvers not appear??? Let me tell you Why, According to about 90% of their Scholars Al Mahdi does not appear because he IS AFRAID of Death, Even the Biggest Shia Scholar Sheikh al taefa SHEIKH Al TUSI says that There is NO explanation/excuse as to why he doesn’t appear except that He fears for his Life!

Source 1: this Shia imam Mahdi has many Names, The Shia scholar Al Noori Al tabrasi writes down 182 names in his book Al Najm al Thaqib in the chapter:

الباب الثّاني
في أسماء المهدي وألقابه صلوات الله عليه

Funny thing is his 14th name according to the book is “Abu bakr” and it is written in the notes that it was one of the titles of Imam al Redah RAA, He has Quite a FEW Persian names (Guess why that is) and some of the names of Allah as well… Point is one of His names in “Ziyarat Alu Yasin” or “زيارة آل ياسين” is al Kha’ef or The FEARFUL/Scared (He who is afraid/scared) (المترقب الخائف) and that is his 27th title:

يَا وَلِيُّ يَا حَمِيدُ اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى [مُحَمَّدٍ] حُجَّتِكَ فِي أَرْضِكَ وَ خَلِيفَتِكَ فِي بِلادِكَ وَ الدَّاعِي إِلَى سَبِيلِكَ وَ الْقَائِمِ بِقِسْطِكَ وَ الثَّائِرِ بِأَمْرِكَ وَلِيِّ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَ بَوَارِ الْكَافِرِينَ وَ مُجَلِّي الظُّلْمَةِ وَ مُنِيرِ الْحَقِّ وَ النَّاطِقِ بِالْحِكْمَةِ وَ الصِّدْقِ وَ كَلِمَتِكَ التَّامَّةِ فِي أَرْضِكَ الْمُرْتَقِبِ الْخَائِفِ وَ الْوَلِيِّ النَّاصِحِ سَفِينَةِ النَّجَاةِ وَ عَلَمِ الْهُدَى وَ نُورِ أَبْصَارِ الْوَرَى وَ خَيْرِ مَنْ تَقَمَّصَ وَ ارْتَدَى وَ مُجَلِّي الْعَمَى [الْغَمَّاءِ] الَّذِي يَمْلَأُ الْأَرْضَ عَدْلا وَ قِسْطا كَمَا مُلِئَتْ ظُلْما وَ جَوْرا

Link to the Ziyara: http://www.montazar.net/montazar-ara/selecttext.php?ic=10&subid=8

Comment: Not only that, This Mahdi will never appear because his fear will persist as his enemies are literally everywhere from the Wahhabies LOL of Saudi to the US government…Not only that but They claim the abbasides were tracking him down ad seeking his blood with spies and whatever … Yet He had FOUR FAMOUS emissaries walking around and claiming to talk to the Mahdi and giving fatwas and taking people’s money … Yet No One decided to spy on one of these four emissaries and track his mvmnts to get to the Mahdi. NOT only that but Many GIANT STRONG Shia states appeared and disappeared and he never showed up or asked for their protection, Like the Fatimi state and the Safavid State and the Obaidi State and the Bahlouli state and the Khomeini state ect… yet the guy never showed up and never helped these states or joined them.

So next time you twelvers Ask Him for HELP against your enemies and you Say YA MAHDI Adrikni or Ya Mahdi Help Me, remember That he needs your help more than you need his and we say in islam that He who Lacks something cannot offer it to others! Indeed your Mahdi Is a coward who fears for his life So Why Would he come to save you??? Although the funny thing is that in Shia narrations of Ghulu The Mahdi is so strong as to make the mountains SHAKE and he can lift a giant tree with his pinky finger… But Since he’s a coward his strength is pretty much useless.

Source 2: In Kitâb al-Ghaybah, Bihâr al-Anwâr vol. 51 by Majlisi in which he narrates the argument of sheikh al-Tûsi.

Query: We suppose that some of the narrators concealed the Shari‘a and the word of the Imam is needed and the truth may not be known but through him, and on the other hand, the fear of life from his enemies continues. So what is the solution? If you should say that he will appear despite his fear for his life, it follows that his fear for his life does not warrant his occultation in the first place, and thus, he must appear. If you say that he will not appear and the duties that have not reached the Ummah are not binding, it is an assertion against the consensus (ijmā‘), which says that everything the Prophet (a.s) has introduced in his Shari‘a and has explained it, is imperative and binding to the Ummah until the Day of Judgment. If you say that the duty is still binding, you are suggesting a duty that is beyond our capacity and an obligation to perform a task, which we do not know.

Answer: We have answered this question in Talkhīs al-Shāfi in detail. In brief, if Allah knows that some of the narrations pertinent to the biding religious laws have not reached the people in a situation of Imam’s taqiyya and fear from his enemies, He will annul their imperativeness from the people who do not have access them. However, if consensus (ijmā’) proves that religious duties are continuously binding over all of the Ummah until the Day of Judgment, it can be inferred that if such an interruption in transmission of narrations occurs, it will be only in a situation when the Imam is able to appear and make declarations and clarifications. Al-Syed al-Murtadhā (a.s) was lately saying that it is possible that there may be many things that have not reached us and are entrusted with the Imam and the narrators have concealed them and have not narrated them. However, it does not follow that people are not bound by these religious duties, because if the reason of occultation is his fear for his life from the people who have threatened him, the people who have forced him into hiding are ultimately responsible for the missed teachings of the Imam and his leadership, as they forced him into occultation. And if should these people end threatening him, he will appear and the lutf of his leadership will materialize and the teachings he has to offer will manifest. Therefore, he has not caused this concealment of the religious teachings. However, if the enemies do not end the fear and it continues, they are responsible for both cases. This argument is strong and supported by principles.

Refer: (page number 289-290)

Comment: So the Twelth Imâm who is supposed to bring justice by fighting the oppressors flees into hiding because of the oppressors he is supposed to fight in order to bring justice?

Source 3:

Brief translation: reason of his (shia imam mehdi) gayba is his fear of opressors. 

Comment: Shia Mehdi afraid/fear of opposers i.e. sunni’s!!

& there are many more proofs. 😛


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2 responses to “Fear of Shia imam mehdi(as)

  1. Khorasani

    Then Allah sent down His tranquillity upon His Messenger and upon the believers and sent down soldiers angels whom you did not see and punished those who disbelieved. And that is the recompense of the disbelievers. [Quran 9:26]

    It is He who sent down tranquillity into the hearts of the believers that they would increase in faith along with their [present] faith. And to Allah belong the soldiers of the heavens and the earth, and ever is Allah Knowing and Wise. [Quran 48:4]

    Allah (swt) sent Sakina upon the Prophet (SAW) and the believers (Sahaba) and sent down soldiers to help them.

    We ask the shia, why Allah (swt) is not sending tranquillity and soldiers upon your divinely appointed Mahdi, the so called Imam of the time, if he is a Mumin (believer)?

  2. Abcdefg

    As we all knw that prophet revealed about his prophet hood after 40 years . he was a prophet from the day he was born but revealed after 40years on command of ALLAH same is with IMAM MEHDI(AS) when ALLAH command him he will reveal him self to the world( he is in this world but people won’t recognize him ). So he is waiting for ALLAH command .

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