Imam musa creating lion from picture

Till yet we have seen imam raise people from dead! Know i am going to show you imam can also create lion from pictures! 😛

Sheikh sadooq in ayoon akhbar ur raza, vol 1, chapter 8, page 95,96;narration 1:

1- حدثنا محمد بن الحسن بن أحمد بن الوليد رضي اللهعنه قال حدثنا محمد بن
الحسن الصفار و سعد بن عبدالله جميعا عن أحمد بن محمد بن عيسى عن الحسن بن علي بن يقطين عن أخيه الحسين عنأبيه علي بن يقطين قال استدعى الرشيد رجلا يبطل به أمر أبي الحسن موسى بن جعفر ( ع ) ويقطعه و يخجله في المسجد فانتدب له رجل معزم فلما أحضرت المائدة عمل ناموسا علىالخبز فكان كلما رام أبو الحسن ( ع ) تناول رغيف من الخبز طار من بين يديه و استفز منهارون الفرح و الضحك لذلك فلم يلبث أبو الحسن ( ع ) أن رفع رأسه إلى أسد مصور على بعضالستور فقال له يا أسد خذ عدو الله قال فوثبت تلك الصورة كأعظم ما يكون من السباعفافترست ذلك المعزم فخر هارون و ندماؤه على وجوههم مغشيا عليهم فطارت عقولهم خوفامن هول ما رأوه فلما أفاقوا من ذلك قال هارون لأبي الحسن ( ع ) سألتك بحقي عليك لماسألت الصورة أن ترد الرجل فقال إن كانت عصا موسى ردت ما ابتلعته من حبال القوم وعصيهم فأن هذه الصورة ترد ما ابتلعته من هذا الرجل فكان ذلك أعمل الأشياء في إفاتةنفسه .

8-1 Muhammad ibn Al-Hassan ibn Ahmad ibn al-Waleed – may God be pleased with him – narrated that Muhammad ibn Al-Hassan al-Saffar and Sa’d ibn Abdullah quoted on the authority of Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Isa, on the authority of Al-Hassan ibn Ali ibn Yaqteen, on the authority of his brother Al-Hussein, on the authority of his father Ali ibn Yaqteen, “Harun Ar-Rashid was looking for someone who could make fun of Abil Hassan Musa ibn Ja’far (s), belittle him and defeat him in arguments in a meeting. A magician volunteered to do so. When they spread the table to eat, the magician put a spell on the bread so that whenever Abul Hassan wanted to grab a piece of bread to eat, it would fly away from his hands. Harun was very pleased and laughed a lot at this. Then Abul Hassan turned to the picture of a lion which was on a portrait and said, “O Lion! Seize this enemy of God!” The narrator of the tradition added, “Then the picture of the lion turned into a big lion, jumped on the magician, and tore him up.
Then Harun and all his companions who were present were watching got scared, fainted and fell down. When they regained consciousness, Harun told Abil Hassan (s), “I beg you by the right I have over you to ask the picture to return that man.” Then the Imam (s) said, “If the Cane of Moses (s) returned the canes and the ropes which it swallowed, this picture will also return that man.” The narrator of this tradition added, “This was one of the most important reasons why the Imam (s) was martyred.”

Lets examine the chain of narrators of this hadith:

1. Muhammad ibn Al-Hassan ibn Ahmad ibn al-Waleed

no need to define him, since sudooq said he is razi-allah, and you know its significance.

2. mohammad bin hasan assaffar

he was thiqa


3. & along with him is saad bin abdullah
he is also thiqa and a great faqih

4. Ahmad bin mohamad bin Isa
he was thiqa, and great faqih

5. Al hasan bin ali bin yaqteen
he was thiqa and faqih

6. Hussein bin ali bin yaqteen
he is also thiqa

7. Ali bin yaqteen, he is also thiqa

So as we can see all narrators are thiqa. So sanad is extremely sahih.

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