Imam Ali was not Infallible

In his Khutbah recorded in Nahj-Al Balaghah # 216, Ali RA Said:

فلا تكفوا عن مقالة بحق ، أو بعدل مشورة ، فإني لست في نفسي بفوق أن أخطىء ، ولا آمن ذلك من فعلي

“Do not evade me as the people of passion are (to be) evaded, do not meet me with flattery and do not think that I shall take it ill if a true thing is said to me, because the person who feels disgusted when truth is said to him or a just matter is placed before him would find it more difficult to act upon them. Don’t stop saying the Truth, or Just Advice, As I am not above making Mistakes, and I am not safe from making Mistakes in my Actions”.

Source: Nahjul Balagha, Sermon 216.


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9 responses to “Imam Ali was not Infallible

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  2. Shani

    Bye bye Shiism lol

  3. Lover of Hazrat Ali(r.a)

    hhahahah…shiasm exposed

  4. Muslim

    THis is an AWESOME find.

    I personally do beleive that the Propeht preferred Ali to be the next leader but I think Shia Muslims exagerrate Ali.

    Please distribute this finding often.

    • I understand that it is your personal believe but it is not true brother nor is based on facts. The Prophet (saw) didn’t prefer Ali to be the next leader. There is no evidence for this claim. The fact is that the Prophet (saw) in his last days appointed Abubakr as the prayer Imam in Masjid Nabawi. Not only that but even when another companion wanted the lead the prayer the Prophet (saw) stopped him and said no one but Abubakr lead the prayer. These are established evidences proven from Mutawatir (in layman’s term it means super-Sahih) narrations.

    • Fatima

      Yes, I think exactly the same and it has been bothering me for sometime. I love all sahabah but I do agree that Ali (ra) should have been first. Could anyone please advise me?

      • Salam Alaikum,

        This should not bother anyone as it has nothing to do with Aqeedah. Does it really matter which of them became caliph first in this age? You are talking as if there are elections going these days and Abubakr and Ali are living right now? Allah will not ask you on day of judgment who was the first caliph.

        You better stick with the Quran and Sunnah. Perform your prayers, read the Quran, give Zakaat, do good deeds because these are the things that matters for a Muslim and Allah will ask you about these on the day of Judgement.

        You love all Sahaba but these ‘all Sahaba’ including ALI HIMSELF appointed Abubakr as the successor of the Prophet (saw) so you shouldn’t oppose what the Sahaba and ALi did.

        Please come to this Shia-Sunni discussion forum:

        Brothers/Sisters will help you.

  5. Qaiser Hamadani

    Shiahs were beating their chest and and bleeding from their backs during British rule in India. One of English men was wondering what is going on. A bystander explained the martyrdom of Imam Hussain. The Englishman asked when this incident happened? Answer more than thousand years ago. The Englishman has puzzled look on his face and asked are they just now getting this sad news?

  6. zeeshan

    Brother admin i can not locate this statement of ali ra in my copy of nahjul balagah

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