Imam Ali better than prophet (nauzubillah)

I really want to ask this zero IQ rafida’s: There imams are better than prophet but not a prophet? How it is possible!

These rafidi shia’s always use this verse Quran 2.124 to prove that imam is better than prophet. But allah never said our last prophet S.A.W. as imam anywhere in the quran!

So directly or indirectly shia claim that imam are also better than prophet S.A.W. (pbuh). :X

The shia alims like Grand Ayatullah Roohani’s believes that it is true:

السؤال: هل تعتقدون أن علياً كرم الله وجهه أفضل من الأنبياء؟
الجواب: باسمه جلت اسمائه
هذا من الامور القطعية الواضحة .

Question: Do you believe That Ali PBUH is better than The Prophets?

Answer: Bism Allah al Rahman Al Raheem,

This is from The Clearest Certainties and most Obvious things.


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